So I saw this on YouTube, by Matthew Colville. 

I think it does do a decent job of explaining what sorts of rewards most Gm’s get from running a game.  That point where a player or group finally sees the hole card the Gm has been keeping under wraps for long enough to where the reveal forces something out of the players is an amazing thing, and much harder to pull off at a convention than at a home game.

It also ties in with my post about what makes a Good Gm especially the statement: A good Gm is first and foremost a thinker.  The Gm came up with a way to turn an otherwise no name character into a

Flexible but not too flexible is a fine balancing point for a GM marking it as a good skill for a GM to hone.  That needs to be as sharp as it can be, because that is a way to have exciting dramatic events, that are believable.

How animated is your Gm?  Some Gm’s have different styles.  Many of which are laid back some of which can be in a players face.  that isn’t what this is reaching out to.  This is reaching out to

How Notable is your GM?  In some ways this is a misnomer.  I do think a GM takes good notes because this can stop problems in their tracks.  Remembering what was actually said vs. what one person or another thinks is actually quite important.  Here is a sample of my notes:

Echo is a cyborg with a LOT of guns and evil detecting glasses. I don’t remember how he was attracted to the area…. Mr. Zero is a doctor with Shape shifting abilities he has dealt with William and others including Shimigami who was given info from his mentor that there was something spiritually going on with the area around Sloan’s Lake in Wheat ridge.  Lilly/ Archaeopteryx is a shape shifter that has multiple forms of an Archaeopteryx, mouse & trout.   William Falcon is an empath who was driven away by a small band of children who were trying to separate him from his friends he then was burned by a flaming Gorilla.  Neighbors spotted the kid dropping like a fly and called 911 the ambulance went to the St. Anthony’s hospital (four blocks away).  The players discover him and ask questions.  Teaming up they go back and discover that the Gorilla has a path and seems to be increasing in ferocity/manifestation….

If you think you have the goods?  Contact me!  I want more Gm’s (and Judges and Players!)

Photo credits for the picture of Scott Field as Gm go to Wendy Reischel.