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Heroic Tourney Participation Rules:


First off thank you for your interest in being a contestant/player on the show Heroic Tourney.

Heroic Tourney at the base level is a television/podcast show dedicated to finding and showcasing the ‘best’ players being their most skilled (those skills for being a good, better, or great player) for Roleplaying games.  It isn’t about the system, genre, edition or many other things.

Are you an AD&D (1st edition) or Brown books ‘Grognard’ Player who hates anything made from 1989 on?  Good!  Only play the latest incarnation of top of the line systems? Excellent!  A New player who not only wants to learn but can bring new ideas to the table? Wonderful! Love Gurps and Hate HERO (Champions)? Great!  When we have an opportunity for a show with systems you like/love we want you!

But no matter anything else (from preferences to system/edition wars), a good player should naturally have a balance of the traits that make a person a great player in some quantity.  During the game show keep an eye on these Five Categories:


(Play, Immersion) this is getting into and expressing being someone else both in thought and deed, action and reaction.  Players should frequently without conflicting with or showboating others use their time to display actions that exemplify, even subtly, the art of Roleplaying as someone else.

Minds Eye

(Imagination and Story Support) This category is not only keeping track of things such as relative positions but comprehending the other characters and the GM’s creation. Asking questions the fill in the details for others is also a part of this.


(group/party support and cooperation) A top notch gamer can provide support no matter the position to both the GM and their fellow players.  Even positions considered typically a non-support position (thieves and fighters as a potential example) by letting others shine or letting their preferred choice go when it is better to act cohesively than delay of game to argue for the personally preferred direction.


(presentation and humor) Different than needless drama, other phrases include panache and delivery.  Making the game more exciting by using dramatic skills as well as influencing fellow players responsibly.

Problem Solving

(Resource Management) This category more so than supply mastery, this incorporates tactical utility and puzzle solving.  A great deal of this can be prompted by the pre-generated character design.

These are set up to reward and reinforce what an ideal player does.

-Recusing: If a Player, Gm or Judge feels that they cannot fairly fulfill their roles for whatever reason please immediately speak with the Host.  There are back up plans in most cases but faster is better.  If a situation is making someone uncomfortable signal one of the non-players preferably the Host or the Technical staff but the GM is also a good choice.


Most etiquette should be ‘fairly obvious’. In person strive to be clean and presentable.  Virtual presences should try to be uninterrupted (but we understand issues can crop up) as well as comfortably presentable.   Clothing notes: Solid color shirts/ dresses. Stay away from stripes, Red tends to bleed a bit but I can work that out in post, but prefer not to.

In interaction, be honest and respectful to the best of your ability.  Part of the theme of the Show is players should want to play better after watching a show so driving people away is a negative.  Positive reinforcement is preferred.

The caveat to this is: if two people can agree to be disagreeable, preferably in character, then go for it.   Keep it mild, explainable and entertaining.

Important point: If it is not yours Don’t Touch it. We are graciously lent space, trusted with much valuable equipment and the most important thing: time. This applies to cameras, laptops and more expensive down to a penny lying on the floor, a pencil nubbin, mass produced characters sheets and Dice.   Respect that you may encounter Dice taboos that are wildly different from rituals to non-existent.

-Table Etiquette:  The honesty and don’t touch rules apply just as much here as elsewhere.  In all reality, there are (and will be) too many eyes and cameras available for anyone to realistically get away with much.  But better to err on the side of caution.

-Family: If a member of the crew addresses someone as family (especially uncle or auntie) they are probably also the Host/Producer’s family.   Be respectful.

-Business: For some people involved this is a business as well as a hobby and in many cases family.  Many negative social actions (like vulgarity or rudeness) can poorly repay everyone else involved.


There are a few things I would like from a prospective attendee of the show:

  1. A list of three favorite systems.
  2. Top three if any significant gaming contributions.
  3. Mundane job, if existent.

Contact Me if you want to be a player or Read the GM Specific Rules.