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Meet Bernie Macram

Str 10, Int 15, Wis 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Charisma 14,  Ac 8,

Recognized as 5th level Fighter/5th level Thief.

He can wear any armor and use any weapon when not performing as a Thief. They can choose to specialize in any single weapon. . They can choose to specialize in any single weapon. Pick Pockets 50%, Open Locks: 42%, Find/Remove Traps: 40%, Move Silently: 40%, Hide in Shadows: 31%, Hear Noise: 20%, Climb Walls: 90%, Backstab multiplier: x3, Read Languages 25%,

True neutral in alignment. Bernie is a loyal follower of Thoth he only uses his thieving abilities in the pursuit of knowledge or those who are fleeing the church for which he is a summoner for and to capture those who need to be investigated by his superiors.

Halfling (+1 per 3 1/2 points of Con to saves vs magic, speak the 8 Halfling languages, Infra vision 60′, detect grade or slope 75%, determine direction 50%, if concentrating, Conditional Surprise others bonus), Skilled Summoner (officer who brings people to episcopal courts) for Thoth. Specialized in Lasso, Proficient in Sling, harpoon, club, sap, Speaks Thieves Can’t, is proficient in Religion, Tracking, Swimming, & Etiquette.


Sling, 15 sling stones, 4 harpoons, 40 ft two headed lasso, club, shield, studded leathor, Helmet, small, backpack, pouch, small with 4 Dragons, 4 gold lions, 3 coppers 6 boars, 6 pins, 3 bags of caltrops, 3 bags of marbles, 1 snap trap, 3 aniseed vials, tree bed, 4 lethal hunting traps, 4 bladders, hunting knife (left boot), pitons (10), hammer, Thieves’ picks & tools hidden behind the pitons, Beads: Prayer, Symbol: Holy, wooden, Ankh, Water: Holy, vial, Donkey, Saddle, Saddle Bags: small, Bit and Bridle, Harness, Saddle Blanket,


Berzerker: (4 Minor, 1 Major) Bernie suffering from a fading ancient family curse that only strikes members of thief class. As such they are able to tap into deep reserves of hostility rarely seen in halflings. The curse was once called Thieves Honor.

Members of the Macram clan have learned to fly into directed rages lasting 1 round per level of Thief once per day. This rage grants one additional attack attempt and all are at +2 to damage. Such hostile abilities however spoil any sort of concealment attempts during their duration.

Advancing in controlling and directing the curse Bernie can now move at 9″ base rate (+3″ to the halflings base movement) for the same duration as his rage would last, using a separate emotional fuel. Any round he chooses to end his fleetness of foot with an attack he may deal damage upon a successful hit and use his current thief backstab damage multiplier to determine the final base weapon damage. This does count as a charge and has those advantages and restrictions applied.

For a minor ability Macram now can activate a kiai like the Bushi ability and has a -2 to be hit while charging.

Macram can now attack in a bare handed frenzy resulting in the same effect as a monk of half the level of his lowest character level rounded down. This effect can only be maintained as long as his rage would last.

As a major ability he can incite a number of others equal to his thief level to participate in one charge with him per day. His furious fellows can traverse as long as his rage would last, they gain +3″ movement, and ending a moving charge allows them to use their backstab multiplier (if any) to increase base damage.