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A while back I posted about AD&D being Post Apocalyptic. I was further thinking about this when I realized the real problem I had ignored with trying to make AD&D strictly Historical.  Gygax had been there done that.  How many hours had he spent pouring over accurate historical battles fields and tactics until he started reaching for the vast sources of imagination found in Appendix N to add them to his play?  I don’t think I’ll ever really know.

But here is something to chew on: Why Go Backwards?  Gary Gygax certainly could have left all the “historical inaccuracies” out but chose not to because that was not his goal and indeed is merely reinventing the wheels he had already played with and found unfulfilling the niche that he turned into D&D.

So if I choose to have a Hengyoki, Ishtar worshipping Shujenka ex fig wearing a turban under his Jingsa hanging out with a Norse Bard and Newhonian Fighter …. well it works.

Because the one ting I don’t think we can really do is go backwards with any real sense of accuracy.  So skip the unfun parts and ‘ave fun with playing with the strange and esoteric because running away from the problems doesn’t really get you any experience.  Trying out ideas is a part of Heroic Tourney,