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Llowgain the Incompetent: Str: 5, Int: 9, Wis: 6, Dex: 6, Con:6, Cha: 6 Hp:2 AC: 11, Llowgain is near the bottom in his class of adventurers. He should run from a single kobold if by himself. -2 to hit, -1 damage 250 coin weight (25#’s weight carry) max encumbrance before being encumbered as a sickly 98 pound weakling of a Half-Elf who is Neutral Good.

Intelligence is his best stat giving him 35% chance to know a spell, minimum of 4 spells per level and a maximum of 6 knowable spells per level. His Wisdom leaves much to be desired making him vulnerable to mental attacks involving will force.

Dex 6, Con 6 making him easier to be hit and taking -1 per die for his poor health. he only has a 50/50 chance of surviving a shock to his system and slightly better chances of being resurrected.

HIs Charisma does him little in the way of favors giving him 2 henchmen at maximum who are likely to be disloyal and most are likely to react poorly to his limited social abilities.

He has four spells in his spell book (that he lifts with a obnoxious grunt) Read magic, Light, Jump, Unseen Servant. Aside from a backpack and 6 darts, a wineskin, tinderbox and a dozen torches he carries little of interest.

This is about as ‘terrible’ as a character can get from an AD&D 1E POV See here, here and Here )