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So I have run across something interesting in AD&D I have never noticed before. I think there is an Easter egg hidden in 1E. In a Facebook group for 1e a player was grumbling about seriously bad luck. Like rolling up a character using Method II and ending up with 2 3’s and nothing over a 9…

Horrible, right? The odds were pretty low of that even happening (but still possible, just like having 2 18’s and nothing lower than a 16 is possible. Not likely, but possible). I didn’t like his tone but something more than that was off. Most of the 1E rules makes a great deal of sense and yeah there is a price for low stats. I’m not sure that Gary ever had 0 encounters with someone who had abysmal stats or terrible dice luck. Especially after the success of the basic games and feedback of people who had never met a DM before they picked up the rules.

Maybe, just Maybe, he had a plan for people who could roll amazingly well AND for those who couldn’t roll higher than a 2 on any one of 6 dice.

Now I need to get some Abysmal stats to test out the theory. here is the next post