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In some ways there is nothing so scary as movement.

On this day I hit a major milestone in executing a dream.

Blocking and setup.

It doesn’t sound dramatic, but then a lot of serious things don’t can’t and won’t get done without foundations.  And that is what this is. The land is surveyed and scouted the stars are at what appears to be a good alignment. I think I am leading good people in a right direction picking skill sets and wanting to show them at their best.

I also want to pay the artists right.  From the Director down to the lowest guy (which sounds like me some days) I want to do it honorably and ethically. and I’m darn well going to give it my all to make it and interesting run.

Interestingly, this blog is around for a few reasons,

The Heroic Tourney show (more on that later).  Yet I have little public exposure as an RPG gamer and without credit, the show has to move slowly.

Even if that in a ‘worst case scenario’ fails, I like Superheroes and gaming.  A lot.  I have written a ton on this but it likely won’t get published anywhere but here.

I also like drawing, and I am kind of terrible at it.  Pen to paper makes me feel better and the not great piece of art with this blog is there for a reason.  My wife.

We were shopping, I as the purse bearer (much like a torch bearer) was throwing out color advice (long time artist skill that really can be useful in a marriage) and ready to wield the all mighty credit card in pursuit of slaying my wife’s fears of not looking good.  Like a sidekick, golf caddy, or batsman the backup who shows in the moment, understanding for long term difficult decisions while letting them do the job they need to.

And I had access to nigh infinite supplies of paper so I was scribbling on a pad with ink on the counter as my lovely lady made tough choices and I drew that guy with her encouragement.  As I have told others, I am no Storn Cook.  But I make myself happy.

I’ll have to stat him out, but according to our little discussion he is a veteran warrior of the Spider clan of his worlds Scotland…  which sort of explains the shoulder spines and kilt.

But in reality, Drawing, RPG’s even the Show being called Heroic Journey?   It is about doing things for the joy in others and ourselves.  In order to share happiness, we need to move because more often than not in my not so humble experience: comfort involves not moving.