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I am going to blog about sort of where the show is currently going.  At this point from my blog posts you might not be able to tell if I was alive or dead. Had a very busy couple of months, breaking two, no three households apart and getting everything settled.  Still getting everything together, not finalized in the set up and after a very exhausting period all sort of things we had to get done.

In addition I was getting settled into my new New Job, parts picker for a medical facility just something I will be doing to bring in household income.  Because Heroic Tourney isn’t bringing in money.  I will be working to bringing in money in order to get the show going in the right direction. Its fine I haven’t got everything done yet and set the way i want to go.

Looks Like I will be doing a Kickstarter.  Not finalized yet. Speaking of Heroic Tourney it isn’t getting things done or paying bills to replenish money.  So I need to be ready for the Kickstarter. I am not happy about where I am

It has been almost a year since we got some filming.  I think i will post the raw footage in a series format just to help get on a release schedule.

It won’t have the flavor taste or focus of the final product but it is ok. it probably won’t be ready for a while. i wish I was further along and where everything is where it needs to be.

Something like looking at a puzzle before it is completed.  Which is basically where i will sign off but a last few things.  I do need to tell everyone good job.  Also added a person to the group who is helping get things done.

if you catch this at this point just know that there is a struggle going on.  It isn’t a success yet. it will be one day.

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