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GM Rules

Heroic Tourney GMing and Judging rules:

First off thank you for your interest in GMing or Judging.

Though the responsibilities are different For GMing/Judging The rules for both groups are (not so) amazingly similar.  Both are key, but not the ‘real’ focus of the show.  The two biggest differences between Gm/Judges and Players are: The Players can and the Gm/Judges ‘cannot’ for certain definitions of win.   The logic is simple I want to grow the Player base because that is where Authors sell their books and where Gm’s come from.   Thus, the players get the lion’s share of the spotlight as a group, of course the plan is to have part of the incentive for people to judge and Gm is they get a share of the spotlight as well.   The Judges/Gm’s also can return far more easily than players so it will hopefully be a wash in the end.

-The Gm is responsible for not only running a full four hours or so worth of events for the Players to interact with. But needs to somewhat subtly give opportunities for each player in each of the categories.

-The Judges are responsible for keeping in mind and an eye out for both overt and subtle displays of exemplary Play as defined below.  Talk, especially animated lively discussion among the Judges is encouraged both during and session and afterwards, among those both Live and Virtual.

The Categories are:


(play, Immersion) this is getting into and expressing being someone else both in thought and deed, action and reaction.  Gms should encourage covertly and Judges should be alert to actions that exemplify even subtly the art of Roleplaying.

Minds Eye

(Imagination and story support) This category is not only keeping track of things such as relative positions but comprehending the other characters and the GM’s creation.


(group/party support and cooperation) A top notch gamer can provide support no matter the position to both the GM and their fellow players.  Even positions considered typically a non-support position (thieves and fighters as a potential example) by helping others shine or developing and using tactics that maximize the benefits to the team is but one sample of creatively supporting the team as a whole.


(presentation and humor) Different than needless drama other phrases include panache and delivery.  Making the game more exciting and entertaining by using dramatic skills as well as influencing fellow players responsibly.

Problem Solving

(Resource Management) This category is more than supply mastery, this incorporates tactical utility and puzzle solving.  A great deal of this can be prompted in the character design phase but it includes figuring out the environment and playing to the strengths of the character as best as possible.

These are set up to reward and reinforce what an ideal player does.  Rated on a scale of 0 to 5 each session.  When we have 4 sessions that makes a scale of 0-100 points per judge.

Other points of interest:    

-Recusing: If a Player, Gm or Judge feels that they cannot fairly fulfill their roles for whatever reason please immediately speak with the Host.  There are back up plans in most cases but faster is better.

-Etiquette: Most etiquette should be ‘fairly obvious’. In person strive to be clean and presentable.  Virtual presences should try to be uninterrupted (but we understand issues can crop up) as well as comfortably presentable.   Clothing notes: Solid color shirts/ dresses. Stay away from stripes, Red tends to bleed a bit but I can work that out in post. But prefer not to.

In interaction, be honest and respectful to the best of your ability.  Part of the theme of the Show is players should want to play better after watching a show so driving people away is a negative.  Positive reinforcement is preferred.

The caveat to this is: if two people can agree to be disagreeable, preferably in character, then go for it.   Keep it mild, explainable and entertaining.

Important point: If it is not yours Don’t Touch it. We are graciously lent space, trusted with much valuable equipment and the most important thing: time. This applies to cameras, laptops and more expensive down to a penny lying on the floor, a pencil nubbin, mass produced characters sheets and Dice.   Respect that you may encounter Dice taboos that are wildly different from rituals to non-existent.

-Table Etiquette:  The honesty and don’t touch rules apply just as much here as elsewhere.  In all reality, there are (and will be) too many eyes and cameras available for anyone to realistically get away with much.   There are a few finer points I also ask everyone to abide by Don’t disrupt another’s game which means if someone is running a game when we are filming then no poaching the players or Gm from another game.   If a player becomes available because of a failure to get quorum that is fine.

-Family: If a member of the crew addresses someone as family (especially uncle or auntie) they are probably also the Host/Producer’s family.   Be respectful.

-Business: For some people involved this is a business as well as a hobby and in many cases family, this does mean that the shows reputation could positively or negatively impact others bottom line.  Please err on the side of caution


There are a few things I would like from a prospective attendee of the show:

1.       A list of three favorite systems.

2.       Top three (if any) significant gaming contributions.

3.       Mundane job, if existent.