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Kross Deadman, this character has spent part of his life and his fortune building unusual weapons and devices as a way to further combat the monstrosities he has seen from the Borderlands.

Str 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Dex 11, Con 8, Charisma 10, Ac: 3, Hp 43

As a 5th ranked Bushi, Kross can wear any armor and use any weapon. They can choose to specialize in any single weapon. Bushi automatically start with the proficiency in weaponsmith, armorer, and bowyer. A bushi’s armor class improves by one step for every five experience levels. A bushi in a friendly or neutral village or town can always find employment, food, shelter. They have a chance to find “loose”equipment 20% to 90% chance either be at half-price or free. Bushi are also known to liberate cash off the unwary. They have a base 20% chance of success and gain an additional 2% per level. On a dice roll of 95 or higher their attempt has been noticed. Once per day for 1 turn fight at +2 levels by using a kiai, gaining temporary hit points as well as other benefits.

Human, proficiencies in weaponsmith, armorer, and bowyer. Chu-ko-nu, skilled in chandlery/grocer skills. he can attempt his cash liberation skill as a price reduction in the cost of grocer/common goods if he succeeds in his roll (used a proficiency slot). He has also learned the knack for handling Agriculture.

Deadmans Chu-ko-nu :5/2 fire rate, 1d4/1d4 5/10/15 12 round clip, reload 2 per round no reload and fire same round, Armored Shoulder Plates, Armguards, Armored Apron, 2 large belt pouches, boots, Dual bandoliers, tabard, Bracers, Buckler, Goggles, breeches, 2 cakes of soap, 10 lbs firing coal, 16′ hair rope, 4 Torches, 6 Iron Spikes, Chisel, Working Hammer, Whetstone, Crowbar, Ranger Bred horse + tack, Armor Repair Kit, Portable Forge, Flint And Steel

Gifted Inventor: (3 Minor, 0 Major) Deadman can make intuitive leaps that result in any sort of weapon, trap or spell development costing half as much in both time and resources needed/expended than other characters would need. Use the spell costs as guideline for how expensive weapon or trap design is by a character for truly dramatic ideas.

Kross can develop weapons that are faster including reducing weapons speed and potentially in case of certain missile weapons a better rate of fire, he can also develop later versions or ones that can do additional effects or more damage although there may be certain trade-offs made.

In the first round of any combat where his side is not surprised, Kross can check by using his combat action for an opportunity to cause a ‘mishap’ using an identical check to a set traps by an assassin of the same level as he currently is. If the check is succesful Kross triggers the ‘trap’ to where it deals at least 1d6 per level spread among selected opponents. if there is a special effect in the room any roll made by less than half adds the effect to the damage dealt (examples could include poisions, spores/molds and fungi, etc…). If the side with Deadman wins surprise he can check and use an action for each surprise segment availible. Consider his ac to be 2 lower for any attempts to be disarmed.

In his home base, Kross can create one potential for a ‘mishap’ per level using the same set traps check as by an assassin of the same level as he currently is. If the check is successful Kross triggers the trap to where it deals at least 1d6 per level spread among selected opponents. Unlike his fortuitous mishap poison and other questionable moral actions may not be added to these because they are deliberate. These ideas still could include flaming oil etc…

For Major abilities should something occur or as an example for those who have major abilities. Kross could expend the effort to develop Specialization in any weapon he improves upon or builds from his design (after following the invention process). Gain move devastating trap-like abilities or the ability to develop items based on science of weapons beyond current tech.

In Ormegarten both Franco Illitern and Frostbeard might benefit from this discipline, Though Franco obviously has a higher probability of actually possessing this discipline. There might be some who accuse an inventor of being or working with Ninja which could be a problem…