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More Historical thoughts

More Historical thoughts

A while back I posted about AD&D being Post Apocalyptic. I was further thinking about this when I realized the real problem I had ignored with trying to make AD&D strictly Historical.  Gygax had been there done that.  How many hours had he spent pouring over accurate historical battles fields and tactics until he started reaching for the vast sources of imagination found in Appendix N to add them to his play?  I don’t think I’ll ever really know.

But here is something to chew on: Why Go Backwards?  Gary Gygax certainly could have left all the “historical inaccuracies” out but chose not to because that was not his goal and indeed is merely reinventing the wheels he had already played with and found unfulfilling the niche that he turned into D&D.

So if I choose to have a Hengyoki, Ishtar worshipping Shujenka ex fig wearing a turban under his Jingsa hanging out with a Norse Bard and Newhonian Fighter …. well it works.

Because the one ting I don’t think we can really do is go backwards with any real sense of accuracy.  So skip the unfun parts and ‘ave fun with playing with the strange and esoteric because running away from the problems doesn’t really get you any experience.  Trying out ideas is a part of Heroic Tourney,



Dice Rolls

Dice Rolls

I asked a contact if he was interested in being on my show and he told me his dice rolls were not good enough. If that was a true metric _I_ wouldn’t be on the show because my dice rolls can be that bad.  In fact just a few weeks ago I rolled a 111… triple critical fumble in my friends new game….  Owww, the dice gods were not liking me that night.

As far as the show is concerned, your dice rolls, luck, what have you, don’t matter for the metagame.  There is no judging category for “luck”. Maybe if you squint really hard you could argue that Style has presentation… and if someone does not roll well then they cannot ‘present’ their character in a good light, perhaps creating a negative/poor impression.

In fact having a bad roll, even a phenomenally terrible bad no good roll… could be the thing that springboards you ahead of the pack.  because the other half of Style is humor, and being able to let others laugh at the characters antics isn’t a bad thing.  Failure is a dramatic thing.  In addition Role playing has a tie in here in finding out how a character deals with failure, or the experience of failure, like the Iconic story in Star Trek: Kobiashi Maru.



Crazed criminal Cadre update!

Crazed criminal Cadre update!

Unlike the other recent character posts (Ninja Jackal and Grazz) , i won’t post the Stats for the Crazed Criminal Cadre because there is so little to info to volume it would not be worthwhile.  They are developing and growing just not quite up to showing anything substantial.  I do know that I would use Jackie the Jester in some of the same places I would use Red Ghost and his apes.  I have an idea for using the Wasp Diving Knife for Diver Dan as a new way to look at an old power. And Marty is pretty much developed, because he is almost a clone of another character.

A Megadungeon

A Megadungeon

I occasionally interact with Benoist Poire he is working on a Megadungeon and I noticed that in a world with Superpowers there seems to be few megadungeons.
Since Superheroes are a branch of from RPG’s I was thinking about why they do not have Megadungeons in the classic sense.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

79+1 members of SPAMM

79+1 members of SPAMM

Spamm is the name for my group of henchmen who have formed a group for self protection/profit.  Short for S.P.A.M.M.: Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Mooks and Minions. in reality though it is sort of nebulous who and what is at the top of this muscle providing organization.  Or their goals, even though their stated/advertised goal is “We may not be the beef, but we can be the meat of your organization.”

SPAMM generally operates as a specialized temporary agency: providing muscle for Supervillians who are not worried about their subordinates.  SPAMM recruits by offering insurance, on the job death benefits and a general moral code agreeable to the less than desirable members of society.  If you understand contract labor/temp agencies then run them as a parody of such.

If you wish to generate which members of this organization are sent on a particular hiring mission simply use 1d8 to select which sub chart to use 1D10 on.  Of course, most of these are minions and mooks for V&V, but the concept of the organization is solid for most superhero universes.   Note: The stats are set to original V&V 2nd edition values, meaning these guys have been around for probably two decades and never altered.  Some themes crop up in the characters names so feel free to sweep those guys up for a particular villain if desired.Spamm1

the first 10 Include Soupy and Chico both nicknamed after comedians, while Mosey and Honcho are more western and Grease and Monkey are oily guys, however you choose to apply that descriptor is quite acceptable, and in fact from campaign to campaign that can be modified.


Little Joe, Hoss, and Tiny of course continue the potential western theme while Savignon is a drunkard, Great Ape has long arms and Cue thinks he is a great pool player.  Lars is some sort of Swedish descent, and Ching is called that because he spouts off Tommy Chong quotes, typically while everyone else is trying to watch the same movie and just before Tommy Chong really says them on screen.


Matches and Striker could have interests in fire while Springer could be a fan of Jerry Springer while Shaker, Hellion, Roughhouse and Troublemaker could be playfully interested in fighting with Shaker liking to shake his opponents (no combat mods for the unusual combat style) While troublemaker and Fade like starting things troublemaker stays in the middle and Fade goes away after it starts.


Spud and Tater could be Idahoans or fans of Ron White, Potatoes or just quoting Samwise Gamgee.  Bowler likes wearing the classic hat (sometimes found crushed under the required helm for some supervillains), while Pins has a few stashed in his hideout (and if he has a club for a weapon it will be a bowling pin) Snappy likes snapping his fingers and Bling likes flashy things to wear.  And Marker, Cards and Deck have a card game theme.


Sharkey, Cards, Spades, Clubs, Shuffle (for his walk not his randomization abilities) and Diamond continue the Card theme.  While Whiner, Needler and Snake evoke their namesakes appropriately.   Roughshod wears beat up steel toed boots.


Leach, Barnicle and Rockey hang out too much with the other guys so they are likely to get sent out first to investigate a mystery noise.  Sniper isn’t any better with guns than anyone else, he is better at videogames though of that theme.  And Silent Sam should avoid even grunting when taken out. while Singer should badly singsong his answers to questions.


Most of these have a musical theme, not a surprise since they were recruited out of the Organ Grinder Gang and took their names from musical cues while the Club they took their name from fell into disrepute.  Six strings doesn’t play the guitar, he wears extra shoelaces, because he like all the rest have no real musical talent (even for games like Guitar Hero).


Shift, Notes and Keys can be part of the Organ Grinder Gang at the option of the GM. Dade is from the county so named like may others because of a similar name conflict.  Shirts wears at least two, Red is named because of his hair and Herring because of a suspicious fishy smell. (although they could be teamed up by a jokester villain).

Note that even though most of the characters names appear male the actual incidence of females in the organization is 50/50.  The occasional throwing off of a player by encountering “Hoss” a 192# 6-foot even African American female who is fighting fit might just be a little fun, even if in my description it says “he”.

As a second note here is the random weapons table if you need the people mentioned above to be encountered without assigned equipment.  Think of it as a Minor Weapons table.

Spamm 10

Finally, I hope you all enjoyed a look at one of my parody organizations,  Have fun with SPAMM when you need some filler meat for another organization and aren’t ready for the players to dig deep behind the previously unnamed characters in your campaign.

I have to admit…

I have to admit…

I’m not certain the streamlining Steven S. Long was going for in HERO 6E was quite as effective as intended.

Here is the Problem: during the Shadow Angelius game at the charity event I had an Autofire weapon.  I had no clue how many shots I could/would/should fire.  In 5E HERO I would look for the max # and work down from there.  Typically for my own characters I buy 3-5 Autofire max and don’t worry about it, but another may view and deal with things from a different style.

But with a pregen I’d like to know the numbers of Charges and Autofire rate because yes I have seen weapons with a Autofire and charges rate that does not support sustained rates of fire.  While it was not likely the case I like to be certain while playing a character who sensibly is not going to blow through all of their ammo but in dire situations could.

Thus putting this consternation on me worrying about acting without the information I like to have.  And these are the sort of things I think a character would know and a Player should know.   It also stops the flow of the game because I should be thinking on this while others are acting/resolving instead of using my spotlight time to ask questions.