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Searching for an Easter E.G.G. part two.

Searching for an Easter E.G.G. part two.

The black dice bag for those who have BETRAYED me.

There are a few ways to go about looking for things in an analog code system. One can go through line by line, or after suspicions have been raised create something obviously false. Personally though I’ll just flip Method 2 and use my betrayer dice…. which means the dice in the pic above gave me a seven, not ‘bad’ for the results sought.

I curse your inevitable betrayal.

And that is a Flipping 13 at the lowest…. I guess they are ready to come out of the bag… I may just have to only use straight 3’s for environment testing purposes. I’ll keep on trying though.

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Is there An Easter E.G.G. in First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons?

So I have run across something interesting in AD&D I have never noticed before. I think there is an Easter egg hidden in 1E. In a Facebook group for 1e a player was grumbling about seriously bad luck. Like rolling up a character using Method II and ending up with 2 3’s and nothing over a 9…

Horrible, right? The odds were pretty low of that even happening (but still possible, just like having 2 18’s and nothing lower than a 16 is possible. Not likely, but possible). I didn’t like his tone but something more than that was off. Most of the 1E rules makes a great deal of sense and yeah there is a price for low stats. I’m not sure that Gary ever had 0 encounters with someone who had abysmal stats or terrible dice luck. Especially after the success of the basic games and feedback of people who had never met a DM before they picked up the rules.

Maybe, just Maybe, he had a plan for people who could roll amazingly well AND for those who couldn’t roll higher than a 2 on any one of 6 dice.

Now I need to get some Abysmal stats to test out the theory. here is the next post