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1d5 thoughts about the skill of Style

1d5 thoughts about the skill of Style

Explorations of the internet can be interesting.  Especially when you are looking for various things through the lens of Heroic Tourney.  Tumblr can be wonderful and terrible in parts so move with caution is a part of the game I suppose.

I did find someone who I think would likely fail the category of Style.  Not because of a lack of but an apparent excess of drama. The reason why is there is sort of a triangle of skills, knowledge’s and talent that makes someone a 5 in Style and if they have those balanced in all five Skill categories they are a top notch player every category.  I of course can be wrong.

Basically if you think of a triangle as sort of a hill then by building skills you climb the hill.  Once someone gets to the top though they have to stay on it, rein back, display skills in maintaining a leadership position in that area and perhaps even acting a little as a king of the mountain.  People can also go over the top and end up on the back side of the hill essentially dropping from a 5 to a 4 a 3 or less. The person I found seems to be more interested in taking drama too far than acting in their own best interest.

And before someone accuses me of being anti-drama, keep in mind Mythica can be flamboyant, dramatic and as over the top as anyone else. (heck I’d put a 20$ on her vs. Rupaul) She can also shut it off at a moments notice and get busy doing whatever needs to be done.  Because for her it is a tool, not a core belief or lifestyle choice.  Once she has tested and honed different skills and elements as a part of upgrading her Style she uses those elements as tools integrating those into her skill set.  And like any tool she uses the right one when needed.

Not necessarily just for fun.