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Knot ART? Wooden found Mysterious magical items….

Knot ART? Wooden found Mysterious magical items….

This post is merely an attempt at showing off a few dramatic ideas for building a few magical items for use in the campaign. Though similar to Figurines of Wondrous Power they are somewhat different in that they give unusual powers simply by being carried.

Mud Whale: this half pound plaque of polished smooth wood which is sealed nearly magically radiates a slight aura of alteration simply carrying the item allows the character to move through mud as if unrestricted.

Were Boar: this quarter pound smooth sanded plaque of wood with a knot that appears to have formed in the image of a were boar head or face enables be character to have twice the resistance to being infected by any WereBeast curses essentially there is a 50% less chance per incident of becoming infected. Should then the plaque be in the room where a removal of the curse is being attempted the magics increase the odds of success by 50%, by 100% against Wereboar curses.

Snow Wading Black Bear: the character while bearing this 8 by 8 half pound thick board can wade through snow as if it was a smooth road. In addition any pressure triggered traps are only 50% (half as common) likely to be triggered by the character.

Falcon in Flight: this rough sawn plaque is less than a quarter pound a 6 by 8 square that appears to have been uncovering the image of a falcon turning in flight. While the plaque is carried the character has half of the penalties associated with levitation and or flight reduced by half as well as an increase in maneuverability class by 1 letter.

Dark Idol: this 4 by 12 smooth Sanded half pound veneration of perhaps a diminutive evil creature of some sort possibly with multiple arms and legs, an elongated skull and evil glaring dark eyes will grant an additional 100 XP bonus anytime an evil character gains experience points bonus for an evil acts. Good characters who destroy this item which can only be done by magical ice will gain 600 XP.

Desert Sands: this 8×9 square exceptionally thin but high quality wood of only 2 coinweights showing a vague sensation of drifting desert sands on the rough sanded wood. increases the odds of finding buried items by 50% by tugging at the characters heartstrings.

Ugly Puppy: weighing in at three coins displaying this 3″x6″x3/4″ board openly increases a Characters sense of smell, tracking if any and dog training results by 10% however all beasts owned or associated with the character are never again seen in their best light reducing their transaction value by 50%.

Mudskipper: This smooth sanded but thick wooden knot of 4x6x1 weighing 3 oz most closely resembles a mudskipper. Once per day this plaque allows the caster to cross mud tracelessly and without hindrance. Additionally once per day the possessor can reduce an opponents movement to 3” by gestures similar to fishing.

Undead Swordfish: This plaque is about 5 by 8 inches by an inch and a polished lacquered finely sanded wood weighing in at 3/4 of a pound  gives a minimum of 2 on all rolls for determining the hit points of freshly created undead. minimum of 3 for monstrous undead and a minimum of 4 and -1 AC bonus for undead created from sea life.