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Ice Monster?

Ice Monster?

Introducing Down Duckson, a mage who is a bit of a combat monster.

Str 14, Int 15, Wis 11, Dex 9, Con 11, Charisma 17, AC 9, 18 hit points.

7th level Magic-users draw upon arcane powers in order to exercise their mighty spells of offensive, defensive, and informational nature, they have the least favorable table and progression as regards missile and melee combat. Furthermore, they can wear no armor and have few weapons they can use, There are many powerful items of magic which only this class of character can employ. Most magic scrolls, wands, staves, and many of the miscellaneous items of magic are usable only by this class. When a magic-user attains certain levels or higher, he or she may craft potions, enchant items or scribe magic scrolls.

Human, skilled with Wool-combing. Proficient with Daggers and Darts (mage), learned in Khopish Sword, Mace, Longbow, Weaving, Paper-maker (planning on developing scrolls and making that a basic part of the plan for the characters advancement, a successful roll of any Scroll he builds himself by hand gives a -5% to any chance of scroll scribing failure).

Khopish Sword and Scabbard, longbow, quiver, 4 cloth wrapped arrows, 12 normal arrows, Arrow, silver, 4, Oil, flask of, Backpack, leather, 3 Candles, wax, Case, leather, scroll, Cloak, Belt, Boots, low, soft, Cap, Robe, Girdle, broad, Pouch, belt, small, Rope, 50′, Sack, small, Skin for water or wine, Belladona, sprig, Mirror, small, metal, Pole, 10′, Rations, iron, 1 week, Wine, pint, watered, Dog, hunting, Donkey, Harness, Saddle Blanket, small Wagon, Boat, small, spellbook (Dry, Dust, Chill, Spill, Tunnel Transcender, Blink, Shadowcloak, Fools Gold, Invisibility, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Enlarge, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Forget, Fire Veils, Melt, Mount, Fireball, and Write),

Combat Monster: (3 Minor, 2 Major) Down, unlike a Berzerker, is instead granted certain specific abilities as a stone cold calculating combat analyst.  Though this could be minor psionic abilities or magical abilities this is really honed skill in Ducksons case.

At this level of discipline once per day Down can sacrifice their next combat action in order to take half the damage from a spell or blow that will drop them to 1 or less hit points if they make a save vs paralysis.

Tricky: the character can force one miss per round (that is not a fumble if those rules are used) to be rolled by the character as an attack against an opponent of the combat monster.

as a final minor ability for Down, he can generate some Critical effects: In combat any time Down strikes with a to hit roll make a d20 Check on each target damaged in a round, any roll achieving an 18 or greater also allows a second damaging effect dealing as much damage as their best weapon carried (not spell).

As a major ability Any strikes (with weapon or spell) achieving an 18 or greater also allows a secondary effect dealing 1d8 more damage of the same type. Note that spells without to hit rolls cannot benefit from this special ability, Magic Missile being the most obvious example.

In Ormegarten Grind of Whet and Grind is also a possessor of the Combat Monster Discipline with two minor abilities: Ac 4 to be unseated, Immunity to Wyvern poison and the major ability to hand raise Whet, as well as teach him tricks. Other ideas could include a greater number of armors, or even access to other class abilities such as the ability to stun or kill like MOnks do in Open hand Combat but instead with a single weapon chosen per Major ability spent to develop this ability.  Note that even with this broad selection of abilities Down is still a glass cannon.


J.A.D.E. Ed .01

J.A.D.E. Ed .01

So I was thinking about the concept one of my friends (Matthew Keyes) was thinking about of redoing Paranoia and had a few thoughts about what makes us truly afraid.  Paranoia is a game I don’t like, but it seems like we have dystopian societies galore… perhaps as way to parody this I should call it J.ust A.nother D.ystopian E.mpire Ed(ition) #

People aren’t afraid of computers, heck, people aren’t afraid of Algorithms that will encase them in their own bubble worlds where they are helpless to enact any real change because they at best have a choir to preach to.  Literally building their own social media cages or tribes where their group of little more than bobble heads hit the like button on occasion.

So in order to express the new generations fears (or to make them afraid) I was thinking one of the JADE details being married to one of 12 celebrities chosen by “Aptitude Tests” (whip out your d12!)  pulling writing from the Zodiac to make things easier.

Everyone wears body cams, but every positive action by the PC’s when reviewed shows their celebrity doing it while any negative action shows one of the three celebrities on the opposite side of the Circle of Celebrity friends performing the action.  Keep in mind unless the game is featuring all the players following the same celebrity they can figure out that every action is redistributed the same way up to 12 different ways on all 12 media feeds. All of which is indistinguishable from “reality”.

A world built on Media gods who don’t even have to work at it, because they have everyone else to do it.  and every success is given freely to the Celebrity while all failures are blamed on others in a parody of the Peace symbol by drawing a line from.  And the reason why the population is around is in order for the clones of the celebrity to never have to suffer from replication stress or failure.  And so they don’t have to actually create/think/do anything for they are the figurehead of a mass mind.

1d4 Games I don’t like.

1d4 Games I don’t like.

Sadly there is a kind of games both RPG and non- RPG I don’t like.  They can be designed this way or modded to meet someones desires but the ones I primarily mention are designer built with this play style in mind.

They are Toon, Paranoia and Screw your Neighbor although there doesn’t seem to be much of a common unifying theme betwixt these, yet the basic concept is is essentially one and the same Even though Toon and Paranoia are RPG’s while Screw Your Neighbor is a Card game in the end the Players are basically going to harm their fellows at the table a la PVP (Player Vs Player).

Though not named there are other RPG games like when Benoist Poire waxed fervent over a Sabbat high stakes game (though a Camarilla game is not immune to this) and insisted that if I try it I would love it.  Tried it before. Hated it before.

I have to admit i struggle with just the basic issue with putting these games into Heroic Tourney but I feel I have to solve this because it is a role people can take on.  Even if I feel that they are more playing the anti-heroes than what we really want to be.  Something akin to playing someone trying to avoid the forces of their own misdeeds Karma as both a mystical force and a non-mystical force which I call Newtonian Karma, for every (mis)deed there is an equal and opposite reaction.

People play this kind of game and I’m sure the people would enjoy it… so what does this mean talking specifically about  speaking I also think that people can be good or bad at these games and especially if they only had a team each other in disorder environment so what we need to do is figure out how we’re going to provide the players with the ability to conflict with each other without giving him a free pass in a v a three-year one is 0 in in the store

Do we reward player A & B for working together to screw over player C?  If player A kills player B you know what happens. Player B is usually out of the game for a least a little while (possibly only long enough to build a new character).  and down time is something I don’t really enjoy.  I am here to game.

Yet one of the five basic concepts of heroic tourney is teamwork so how does games in which you’re going to have player versus player conflict be resolved fairly for those who prefer and play those games, quite possibly even exclusively.

One of the basic philosophies that I need to work on how I’m going to allow those players to interact within the constructs of the game show!  I mean that it’s a design feature of this style of play.  It’s certainly is not a flaw or on accident if they’re playing like politics level 11 we still need to face the fact they enjoy it and incorporate that style of gameplay or else the entire show falls apart ethically for me.

Man, even building a Show about RPG’s is like a dungeon filled with traps.

Even in certain levels of ad&d there’s a point at which your fellow players have so much magical items and you know if they have something to covet you can turn around come up with a way to kill him or let him die or something and then it’s over with except for picking up the body and dividing up the dead guys loot.

However else I feel I also believe Betrayal is ultimately a human thing and something that must be covered by an RPG.  These games found popularity and markets and may show off the best there is for their style and may have points for a well rounded RPGer to consider.

Ultimately the decision I have come to is that I am going to have to respect hierarchy. Translation: if a designer or DM assigns the Betrayal then good RP or role-playing equals betrayal.  but keep in mind Judges, Players and GM’s if it is a “power move” (read jerk move) to try and win the game it will and should cost the player performing the action (and brought up for discussion), unless built into the game by the designer or the session by the GM.

Drams of Dreams

Drams of Dreams

Technically gaming is in part an expression of our inner selves, as is dreaming.  Considering how much I enjoy gaming I really don’t like being asleep but I enjoy dreaming for the most part.

If you can get the differences.

One of the less than optimal parts of dreaming for me is that the theme of my dreams nearly every night feels like an episode of Twilight Zone.  I will admit it could be worse… (Game of Thrones).  But that isn’t what makes it really enjoyable for Dreaming.


So if one of your selling points for a game is “it feels like an episode of Twilight Zone…”  Or worse, like reading A Game of Thrones.  I’ll pass because I get that most nights in 3d color and 3+ senses or at least I am happy I don’t dream that way.

Rarely do I want to pass upon an opportunity to game when possible (I do love my wife more than gaming, shocker I know, so that means I do pass on a lot of gaming)


One of the ways I describe most of the individuals I interact with in my Dreams are NPC’s.  People whom I have no idea who they could be in real life and probably don’t have real world connotations or correlations.

But on occasion someone near me dies.  Now then this may be a brain trick but for some reason I meet those people and generally talk to them in an inexplicable way once or twice then they don’t reappear in my dreams.

Which brings us around to gaming (again?!?!) because it could be an interesting psychic power even if it is an illusion in the real world. (Hey if Steven S. Long estimates his skills in Writing as being in the 10+ point range I can have a psychic power in converting my abilities to game mechanics!)

Which means the powers I should be talking about are Psionics!

Psionics: covers the wide realm of various Psychic abilities that can be manifested in an individual, place or item.  Because there are other powers that are strongly associated with psionics as an explanation for power source or origin the player for the character should come up with something creative and unusual rather than duplicating abilities like telepathy, mind control powers or other phenomenon often associated with the psychic realm, should a character have other powers that might make a good fit in the psychic arena rolling them all together underneath the psychic heading or using this power to tie them together might not be a bad idea though it is easily overused.

A: Offensively there are a wide range of effects from mind blasts, psychically inflicting sensory deprivation, misdirection, Pyrokinisis (fire control), Cyrokinisis (ice control) Hydrokinisis (water control) as well as ego assaults and possession.

B: Defensively Psionic powers are just as impressive ranging from mental defenses to psionic force fields,  hampering others attacks,  more misdirection and illusions

C: Psionic forms of movement are usually related to levitation/flight and teleportation, leaving aside the other forms of movement for the moment (like Astral Projection, a power in its own right!)

D: As a sensory power Psionics are nearly unrivaled Psychometry (receiving images from an items past) Precognition (the ability to sense the future), Post-cognition (the ability to see the past) Clairvoyance (the ability to see things without being present) Clairaudience (the ability to hear without being present) and so on and so forth. The biggest issue with psionic senses may be enabling the character full use of the power while letting certain kinds of stories (such as murder mysteries and whodunits) to be told.


Examples of Psionic Powers

-Blackout Helper Headband: The projector band amplifies the psionic abilities of a mentally normal human to the point the may take over the minds of the unconscious (or those wearing receptor bands) as a way to build a workforce or a small empire.  Though in some ways similar to the Mind Control power the receptor headband leaves the target susceptible to verbal commands of uncontrolled individuals which can lead to a variety of interesting stories to be followed up upon as a campaign unfolds.  The good news about the bands is those under the influence of a band do not appear to recall the events that transpire and each of the 10 charges in each device lasts about 1 hour.  Smart users of this technology will build enough (often with controlled labor) to replace those devices needing recharging in order to keep everything smoothly flowing 24 hours a day seven days a week.

-Fangs for the Memories: The psionic character has the ability to take, review and replace the memories of a target character within HTH range for 4 PR per action attacking on the Mind Control Table.  In addition to rewriting someone’s brain should there be certain events in the characters past that have bonus experience points attached to them then the Psion can drain those away and install them in themselves for half the value.  There is a 1d10xlvl% chance of a random character having such and worth up to 1d10xlvlx10 XP of base value; one can be found per hour of searching upon a contested Id20 roll keeping the victim in a fugue like state.  The character cannot duplicate experience he has had (say from the other side of the same event) or from attacking members of a group that all gained the benefit from the same event (if all members of a team gained +1000 Xp from disarming a secret Nuclear bomb in a villains base then attacking and draining the memory from one would gain the mentalist 500 xp, even if the mentalist drained the same event from two to all of the persons involved in the mission the maximum the psionicist could gain would be the 500 drained from the first target [half of the original bonus]). 

-Linguist Power: The character has the ability to divine information from the interaction of others even if that communication is normally incomprehensible.  The character makes a d20C roll and expends 1d6 pr based upon how far away the language is from human comprehension in the Gm’s opinion. This is a contested roll for cyphers and attempts to pass on concealed information without third party knowledge.  There are some specialized versions of this power and at some higher levels this may be a non-offensive telepathy with a vocalization component or a Willpower skill at lower levels for all computer languages as an example.

-Psi Bolts and Psi Shield: this character has dramatically weaponized his Psychic powers for good or ill.  The character deals 1d10 Damage for 2 PR attacking on the Telepathy chart. In each attack only one pip of which is considered to be physical damage at the most until the targeted character is out of power points, then the damage may be accrued to the Characters HP as normal. Defensively the character may erect his Psi Shield which grants the Willpower defense for 1 Pr per turn it is in use and allowing the character to mechanically ‘evade’ by using his psychic powers as a distraction for 5” of movement per -1 up to his normal movement maximum sacrificing travel for standing still and concentrating.  

-Psial Basic Matter to Energy Conversions: by taking the weight of an Object in pounds the character may convert the singular item into a pool of energy to power a variety of effects ranging from a blast of energy (Ax2″ range attacking on the Power Blast table damaging from d4 to d20 and takes energy from the pool and costs PR equal to the die size divided by 2 rounded up) to a countering force (reduce items knocked back or hurled by 1 pool point per game scale inch per basic hit or SDR) or a propulsion benefit (1 pool point per game scale inch of speed per hour added to the characters base movements or to another person or vehicle movement after the base cost of attaching the power is paid costing 1 pr per 50 pounds the target weighs).  This pool is fairly imperfect it leaks at a rate of 1 point per hour, and may only have one singular defined object in it, at a time.

-Psycho Mechanic: this power determines utility, status, and operation needs of mechanical devices the character is allowed to examine. The character can determine what needs to be done to restore or modify a particular item in order to repair damaged objects or in the case of objects that are in good enough condition what needs to be done in order to start the mechanical item in question.  This does not grant control like the Lightning control power but can determine who is controlling an item via that power or other means.

-Signal Intercept monitors: this device seeks to find psionic individuals by seeking individual who’s signal interceptors are not functioning at optimal levels.  This can help the monitoring person or persons find psions who are suppressing those they control, people easy to control or

-Somnambulist Crystals: the character question has the ability to create a wide variety of effects primarily by using crystals that they have found and experimented with. The character has 1d6 powers that require 50% of their movement and 1d3 pr to power.  Defenses are paid for per hour and attacks cost an additional 2d4 pr per attack action.

-Stardust Based memory: + effect per age category (Age/7) of the targeted individual

-Tried but True Tricks: the character has the ability to use the classic tropes of fiction as if they were unheard of beforehand.  This is a combination of subtle suggestion, probability manipulation and low grade telepathy to pull off these timeworn tricks such as pillow decoy’s, maneuvering opponents into falling down manhole covers and kicking dust in an enemies’ face.

-Underestimated dreams: psychic attacks that have a DH% chance (based upon the users default intelligence) of not being detected upon the first shot.  If hidden the attack may still be detected by a successful Detect Danger roll.  This attack deals 1d12 damage but 1d8 for each following attempt




Rumor Charts for Events not just locations

Rumor Charts for Events not just locations

I was thinking about rumor charts and reflecting on the rumor charts I am familiar with and they don’t have rumors for Events not just locations.  Part of the idea for this is that different events (say in Colorado) have different reputations and those are different among different groups.

A Fairy festival could (and probably should) have a different vibe/perception than a Video gamers convention. The International Dentists and Orthodontics convention will have different things scheduled than a Rotary Club.

And yet there has to be a simple underlying philosophy for the design of the events chart.