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11 ways to build a campaign around one character.

Or Grazz a character who defines a world by existing.



So the character I mentioned a while ago (at the start of the blog) is sort of creating a universe around him to support his odd decision tree that makes the character unique.  Combining Asian clan development with Scottish Highlanders… er, well… i don’t recall seeing it before.

Not sure how useful to develop the character for V&V and MSH, they are not well supported for Fantasy campaigns.

he also has a name, a clan name, a few backgrounds and powers as well as an origin that at least makes him unusual for the campaign and marking the world as different than something along the lines of other mutant animal campaigns.

Identity: Grazz Character Name: Grazz Chadinar of Clan Chadinar Player name: Base of Operations:
Sex: M Training Suggestions: Genre: Group Affiliations:
Age and Appearance: 40 He could easily be described as a human-spider-bear mix as terrible in combat as his nightmare form suggests.  He should try to stay away from combat Character Quotes: You only forgot one thing, I’m from the Highlands.  My mother was Bear clan, perhaps they will help. Game master: Campaign name:
Alternate Identities: Rach, Nomhoz, Clan Leader of Spider Clan, Wood Spider, Origin and Background: Originally chosen by his position at birth to be a leader of the Highlander Spider clan an ancient weakness was exploited from his mothers line by a sorceror invigorating a dormant curse resulting in him gaining more beastial features from not only his mothers Bear clan lineage but his Fathers Spider clan also was bound to leave this mark of dark magics.
Weight: Basic hits: Rank Rank or number Characteristics + Powers + Skills, Perks and Talents= Total Character cost Base Points + Available from disadvantages + Experience = Maximum
Agility mod: Fighting Excellent Val Characteristics Cost Base Roll Notes: Points
Strength: Endurance: Agility Good Strength x1 10 HTH Damage in d6’s
Agility: Intelligence: Strength Good Dexterity x3 10 OCV:   DCV:
Char: Reaction: Endurance Typical Constitution x2 10
Hit point modifier:     (  ) (  ) (  ) (  ) = Healing Rate: Reason Excellent Body x2 10
Hit Points (   ): Power (   ): Intuition Excellent Intelligence x1 10 per Roll
Psyche Typical Ego x2 10 ECV
Movement Rates: Health (F+A+S+E) Presence x1 10 Pre Dice:    d6
Comliness x1/2 10
Karma (R+I+P) Physical Defense x1 Str/5 Resistant:    Total:
Energy Defense x1 Con/5 Resistant:    Total:
Accuracy: Damage Mod: Resources Excellent Speed x10 1+Dex/10 Phases: 6 7 8 9 10 11
C. Cap: Basic HTH Damage: Recovery x2 (Str/5)+(Con/5)
Popularity Poor Endurance x1/2 Conx2
Stun x1 Bd+(St/2)+(Cn/2)
Detect Hidden: Detect Danger: Special Abilities: Run x2 6″ x2 non-combat multiplier
Talents: Scottish Highlander Language of Arachnids Swim x1 2″ x2 non-combat multiplier
Inventing Points: Martial Arts A,C, & D Leadership Vertical leap Spl. Str/10 x2 non-combat multiplier
Inventing %: Contacts: Other members of the Bear and Arachnid Clans HLeap Spl. Str/5 x2 non-combat multiplier
Security Clearance: Characteristics Total Cost:
Powers: Powers: Powers: Warrior, Spider Clan, Bear Form
Arachnid animal powers: Bear animal powers: Bear Form: Warrior: typical rank Iron Will Spider Clan Wrappings (Web Powers) can use webbing at the poor rank. 10 Beast Form: Bear multipower 10 point 10 Spider Clan Wrappings 10 point Multipower
1 1 u) Bear Claws: 1/2 d6 HKA, reduced penetration (-1/2), 10/7 1 1 u) Spider move: 5″ leaping, 5″Gliding
1 2 u) Bear Strength +10 Strength 1 2 u) Spider Climbing: Clinging normal Str, no
1 3 u) Bear senses: +2 to all Senses, +2 to smell 1 3 u) Spider Gaze
1 4 u) Bear Maw:1/2 d6 HKA 10/10 1 4 u) Webbing: 5 Str Telekinisis, Reactive (+0), material based (-1/2l, 8/6
7 Warrior Deceptions Multipower 10 point OIF (Weapon of opportunity, -1/2) 10/7 1 5 u) Bite of the spider: 1 Pip Hka, AOE(1 hex, +1),
1 1 u) Singing Sword: 1 6 u) Many Spider Bites: 1 Pip Hka 10 autofire (+1),
1 2 u) Spinning Blade: +2 DCV vs all
1 3 u) Exhausting Blows +10 Strength OIF (weapon of opportunity, -1/2), x4 end cost (- 1 1/2),
Physical Challenges Cursed: 1 4 u) Whirling Blade: Missile deflection
1 5 u) Warrior Sense:
Cash: $ Total Powers Cost:
Inventions: Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:
3 Highlander Package Skill Enhancer 3 Spider Clan Package Skill Enhancer 3 Climbing 3 Paramedic 2 TF: multi limbed craft
1 (2) PS: Highlander 11- 1 (2) PS: Spider Clan 11- 3 Concealment 3 Persuasion 3 Tracking
1 (2) AK: The Highlands 11- 1 (2) AK: The Spider Lands 11- 3 Contact: 3 Power-Skill: 3 Trading
1 (2) KS: Highlands Lore 11- 1 (2) KS: Spider Clan Lore 11- 3 Contact: PS: 1 WF: Spider Clan Weapons
Total cost of Inventions: 1 (2) Language: Scottish 1 (2) Language: Arachnids 3 Conversation 3 Riding Bear Style martial Arts
1 (2) CK: Highland Society 11- 1 (2) CK: Spider Clan Society 11- 3 Deduction 3 Security Systems 5 Offensive Strike -2/+1 STR+ 4d6 Strike
2 (3) SS: Warfare 9+I/5 2 (3) SS: Spider Clan Tricks 9+I/5 5 Fast Draw: Spider Clan Weapons 3 Seduction 4 Fast Strike +2/+0 STR +2d6 Strike
1 (2) Survival: Highlands 11- 1 (2) Survival: Spider Clan Lands 11- 3 Forgery 3 Shadowing 3 Martial Grab -1/-1 Grab two Limbs, +10 Str for holding, STR damage
3 Tis a Harsh Fate: +1 With all Highlander Package skill rolls. 3 Tis a Harsh Fate: +1 With all Spider Package skill rolls. 3 Interrogation 3 Sleight of Hand 3 Martial Throw +0/+1 STR+v/5 Strike, target falls
2 True Warrior: +1 w/ all HTH and Powers only Vs Highlander Enemies (-11/2) 2 True Warrior: +1 w/ all HTH and Powers only Vs Spider Clan Enemies (-11/2) 3 Lock-picking 3 Stealth 3 Sacrifice Throw +2/+1 STR+1d6, You fall, Target falls
2 WF: Common Military Gear 1 WF: Spider Clan Gear 3 Mechanics 3 Streetwise 3 Takedown +1/+1 STR Strike; Target Falls
Monstrous 3 Acrobatics 3 Breakfall 3 Navigation 3 Tactics 4 Iron Combatant: No penalties for being in a long combat.
Amazing 3 Acting 3 Bribery 3 Oratory 3 Teamwork 5 Wealthy: clan leadership
Incredible Total Cost of Skills, Perks, Contacts and Talents:
Remarkable Disadvantages:
Physical limitation: Peg Leg Cursed: resulting in him gaining more beastial features from not only his mothers Bear clan lineage but his Fathers Spider clan leave a mark with every healing spell that restores the equivalent of 7 points of body or more.
Physical limitation: Bear and Spider Modifications Sol Lim: Fiscal responsibility
Social Limitation: Highlander Untrusted: not trusted by Bear Clan enough to learn their secrets
Psychological Limitation: Spider Clan Oaths Distinctive limitation: messy
Feeble Total value of Disadvantages:



A Megadungeon

A Megadungeon

I occasionally interact with Benoist Poire he is working on a Megadungeon and I noticed that in a world with Superpowers there seems to be few megadungeons.
Since Superheroes are a branch of from RPG’s I was thinking about why they do not have Megadungeons in the classic sense.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

The Ninja Jackal returns!!

The Ninja Jackal returns!!

The Villain you have been waiting for!

I have updated some information about the ninja jackal! Added a few Ideas making him a 5 elements spellcaster with a focus on his 5 elements magic, and a very cunning weapon in the form of a Kullai. Hopfully you can read the information in the pictures.

Here is his powers

And here is the first part of his skills

Followed by the second.

just showing that he is growing. in interesting ways of course.

19 Different ways to think about Deadly Contacts

19 Different ways to think about Deadly Contacts



Death Touch: Considered by some the ultimate form of an offensive power this power really only does one thing well and that is Kill.  Because of the ability of his power to wreak havoc upon a campaign as well as the lack of heroic potential if this is a characters only offensive power it is recommended that this power should be re-rolled or devolved into something less devastating and more interesting.

A: Offensively with a merest touch the character forces two saves against this power.  The First is a save vs. Agility on a d20, the second is a save vs. Endurance on a d20, failure of one roll results in the loss of all power possessed by the target, failure of both results in death (since it drains all power and health) the power cost to the power wielder is 20 for one failed save and 40 PR per touch that the target fails both saves.

B: Defensively, most individuals would consider this power to be only as good as the threat to kill can be made aware to the target.  Though if the attack is composed of multiple living life forms (insect swarms and diseases as a set of examples) there might be some merit of having the death touch ‘on’ defensively essentially to convince the target group they will all die if they continue to attack.

C: Perhaps related to the sum totality of being such a destructive power it is in some ways not a movement power at all, but that would not necessarily be the most imaginative point of view.  Perhaps a fearsome reputation combined with a good faith negotiation could result in an opponent or opponents being reluctant to block passage this could be considered a way to pass obstacles. Or perhaps the character could kill lesser guardians (guard animals, dangerous plants etc…) with ease and impunity allowing the removal of certain obstacles others would face.

D: This power is not incapable of being related to sensory abilities but these seem to be rare, it could grant the ability to tell if something was living or not, thus providing some level of analysis of targets.  It may even grant the sense of various ‘levels’ of ability for such as nonliving/normal/heroic/demigod/godlike/immune to the character as a sort of life sense of sorts.

Examples of Death Touch Powers (2d10-1)

  1. -A Damaged man: there are different kinds of death in the mythologies of the world, some of which can include the death of honor or a soul death.
  2. -Axe Murderer: Unlike other versions of this power this version does several unusual things ranging from allowing the powers possessor to come back from the dead at the worst possible moment for his opponents and it enables the expenditure of Power and Movement that prevents a target from escaping if they fail one of two saves against this power, if they fail two saves they will automatically die when next the Killer surprises them.  The First is a save vs. Agility on a d20, the second is a save vs. Endurance on a d20, failure of one roll results in the failure of all escape attempts including the expenditure of Inventing points and other powers by the target, failure of both results in death (since it drains all power and health) the cost to the power wielder is 20 for one failed save and 40 per touch (by hand or weapon) that the target fails both saves. This cost is paid out of a pool of potential added to by the character diverting his unused ground movement divided by 4 into the pool each turn after he begins stalking his target plus whatever power he desires, the pool empties at the same rate as the character recovers while resting/unconscious and operating vehicles as well as funding various aspects of this power.  The power has a range equal to the average of his leftover movement during the first turn he stalked his target, and then divided by 4. This power does not work against true innocents, and in most cases the wielder cannot detect these innocents.
  3. -Breathing Nevermore: breathes through nearby characters possibly even active ones in which case it acts like Take her breath away.
  4. -Choke all within my hands: Requires the character to maintain his grip in a contested series of rolls as the power removes PR and Hit points per turn at the characters recovery rate maintained when the character fails their death save.
  5. -Crowd Shock Wave Effect: a rather unusual form of this power has the character start the touch when the target is in a large crowd then uses the wave like forces inherent in human crowding events to selectively cause a crowd to (inadvertently and unknowingly from their point of view) kill the targeted individual, generally by suffocation.  In addition to various special or superhuman defenses (which very frequently eliminate the possibility of the crowd affecting a target with those sorts of defenses) it cannot affect targets not in crowded areas, the power costs and saving throws are the same as listed above. The advantage is that the user of this power needs to be in touch with the crowd, not the target.  In some cases the possessor for this power has a sensory ability tied to the general movements of the crowd and to sensing the locations of crowds large enough to use this power.  The character can also gain a sort of movement benefit by sensing the crowds ebb and flow and move through crowds effortlessly as well as manipulate the crowds to let other targets through for 1 PR per movement phase the target needs to move in the crowd.
  6. -Crush all within my hands: the characters strength is so dangerous it can kill sometimes on accident.
  7. -Deadly Events/Death Traps: The character in question has the ability to cause the target to be exposed to events that by themselves are regularly not instantly deadly but place the target in much danger.  Typically this is an example of Luck or Curse based power concept though someone could devise traps or scenarios of a similar nature. The character should require the power expenditures from the possessor of the power, though at a reduced cost if they could be successfully negated by other events than a simple save.  5 PR per failed roll if they can be both role-played and inventing procedure out of the save and 10 points of power if they can be either role-played or inventing procedure out of the save being called for. Particularly powerful versions that should be strictly controlled may allow for some of the power cost to be expended hours, days or even weeks in advance as well as expending more power in order to make larger areas deadly rather than just individual targets, +5 Power for a 1” area, with +5 power for each doubling of the area affected (particularly useful for major villains with a fondness for Death Traps, Self destruct sequences, and dead-man switches) although having a minion with this power may explain the fondness some villains have for such boot lickers, as well as why the lackey isn’t able to put up much of a fight.
  8. -Kill Zone: Often restricted to touch, a character with this option has the ability to extend the field out about six inches from their hands though to many this would seem the same as a touch range, the extension of the field allows the character to sanitize areas of all living things that do not have characteristics for 1PR per 1” square. Should the character encounter a statted character (such as a cellular sized opponent or smaller) the regular power costs for the power are required for the character to affect the target.
  9. -Kills What Might Have Been: the character can end alternate futures and timelines Each timeline costs as much power as his maximum innate power score.
  10. -Lay to Waste: 20% of critical results result in the death of the target for mooks, against major characters the character is allowed a Death Touch Save. PR must be spent after the success.
  11. -Majesty of Death: % chance (1d4+6% ) to KO or kill outright (2 d% rolls if both fall in the dangerous range (the 6-10% listed earlier) of the attacks the target must save vs. death touch if only one succeeds the character must save vs. Death touch or be knocked out, success at only one causes character to lose half his power.
  12. -Never Will it Mend: When the character deals his HTH damage to another character the targeted character must try to make two saves oer hth blow.  the first is an Ed20 save which if failed causes the Hth damage taken to the Power score to never be recovered and costs the pummeling character to expebpnd 5 pr.  if the Ad20 save is failed the character never recovers the hit point damage taken and costs the pummeling character5 more pr. by expending 5pr the damage so dealt cannot be healed by most ordinary means.  Follow the Death Save rules and Power lost only equals HTh damage but it too is unrecoverable, though quests and artifacts could possibly alter this result.
  13. -Plague powers: Unlike other forms of death touch this weakens first then
  14. -Put to Death: 20% of defeated foes die from mysterious circumstances around the character.
  15. -Stay 6 Feet under: This Death touch makes the targets stay dead resisting returning to a state of mobility such as: undeath, regeneration and revivification like attempts. Touch range 25 Pr per use the reviver must then roll I(revification characters) – I(Stay 6 Feet Under characters) as a % save to resurrect or animate the targeted dead guy.  In addition this power adds 25 pr to the cost of animation or causing the body to be returned as an undead on a per person basis and plus 20 to the costs of revivification.
  16. -Take Her Breath Away: this power removes PR if one save is failed, and Hit points as well as power if both saves are failed at the characters recovery rate, this is on a per blow, failed save and power expenditure basis, so if the deadly master hits three times using this power with two saves made on different attacks then the character would have to spent 80 Power, and the character would lose 3x their healing rate in power and their healing rate in HP in between turns.
  17. -The Deadly Blow: as a master of martial arts the character can rarely cause the death of others simply by calling upon mysterious forces only few have ever mastered.
  18. -The Seal of the Great Presence: those who have passed are marked in their passing by those with even only mundane senses.
  19. -You are the desert: the character has the capacity with each touch by withering targets; this power also deals environmental damage