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1d3 steps in a New Project

1d3 steps in a New Project

Rather than many others who blog like they have secrets, I don’t.   Here is the New Project broken down in several easy steps:

  1. Quote of the Day/Week: For those who Don’t know a QOTD or QOTW is basically some quote(s) typically taken out of context that are often hilarious.  I’ll, of course post more but Todays Quote is: “Your head is like a Wrecking ball.”  “Hell it does more damage than the one Miley Cyrus rode.”
  2. Facebook Live Interviewing:  I will be interviewing various gaming contacts I have about 1d3 categories in the same general theme Player Improvement and Tournament Play.  the Categories are generally: Player, GMing and Game Designer/Writer.  I have two lined up and I need many more so contact me and I will happily conduct 1d3 interviews.  I am aiming for Wednesdays +1 Random Day, and the results will be placed on the YouTube channel next to what we do for the show.
  3. Doing the Show: finally we have the time to do more about the show.


What Rewards a Good GM?

What Rewards a Good GM?

So I saw this on YouTube, by Matthew Colville. 

I think it does do a decent job of explaining what sorts of rewards most Gm’s get from running a game.  That point where a player or group finally sees the hole card the Gm has been keeping under wraps for long enough to where the reveal forces something out of the players is an amazing thing, and much harder to pull off at a convention than at a home game.

It also ties in with my post about what makes a Good Gm especially the statement: A good Gm is first and foremost a thinker.  The Gm came up with a way to turn an otherwise no name character into a

Flexible but not too flexible is a fine balancing point for a GM marking it as a good skill for a GM to hone.  That needs to be as sharp as it can be, because that is a way to have exciting dramatic events, that are believable.

How animated is your Gm?  Some Gm’s have different styles.  Many of which are laid back some of which can be in a players face.  that isn’t what this is reaching out to.  This is reaching out to

How Notable is your GM?  In some ways this is a misnomer.  I do think a GM takes good notes because this can stop problems in their tracks.  Remembering what was actually said vs. what one person or another thinks is actually quite important.  Here is a sample of my notes:

Echo is a cyborg with a LOT of guns and evil detecting glasses. I don’t remember how he was attracted to the area…. Mr. Zero is a doctor with Shape shifting abilities he has dealt with William and others including Shimigami who was given info from his mentor that there was something spiritually going on with the area around Sloan’s Lake in Wheat ridge.  Lilly/ Archaeopteryx is a shape shifter that has multiple forms of an Archaeopteryx, mouse & trout.   William Falcon is an empath who was driven away by a small band of children who were trying to separate him from his friends he then was burned by a flaming Gorilla.  Neighbors spotted the kid dropping like a fly and called 911 the ambulance went to the St. Anthony’s hospital (four blocks away).  The players discover him and ask questions.  Teaming up they go back and discover that the Gorilla has a path and seems to be increasing in ferocity/manifestation….

If you think you have the goods?  Contact me!  I want more Gm’s (and Judges and Players!)

Photo credits for the picture of Scott Field as Gm go to Wendy Reischel.









Working on the Show

Working on the Show

So I worked on the show on Sunday and I am digesting it.  It looks like a bit of a sea change for the concept.  But it is back to the basic genius of a game show for Roleplaying.


The good news is we are plugging in.


Building off of ideas

Building off of ideas

Today was a fruitful day.

Found the following ideas for powers and other gaming elements:

Thermal Printing: the character through his ability to differentiate thermal output by most living beings has the ability to use this to identify persons individually enough that they can use it to recognize individuals like a fingerprinting system.  This can also be used for other potentially unique heat sources.

Crowd Thermal Print: as above but add Rapid sense to identify x10 more individuals at a time.  Multiple levels may be bought in order to rapidly process larger and larger crowds.

There are ways to fool the system of course ranging from thermal barriers to heat sinks.

New Character Idea: Ballistic Gel man!!!

WI-Red notes: Space suit that conceals the identity of the wearer in part with opaque eye covers and face and form altering fit.  It provides space flight, Survival, Lightning control, and invisibility to biometrics and evidence gathering.

Wraith has a similar suit, perhaps remnants of an interstellar war.

A super mutant disguise kit for Fallout Shelter

Just a few fun ideas that ran through my head.





Steven is my Nosferatu Character who is also the mentor for Lance Ripper, and one of the developers of the interpersonal relationships chart for the While Wolf campaign.

And I can’t find the character sheet.

But here are some Quotes of the Week:
Our team is composed of
-Rani Arjunhati played by Suzanne, she is a member of the Indonesian branch of the Ravanos clan with two retainers (Suzanne)
-Captain Richard Stew, combatant
-Katherine “Katie” Ashford, Computer expert
-Samuel Constantine is a Tremere (Jeff)
-Iosef Petrescu is a Ventrue (Mike)
-just acquired a stripper Ghoul (@40 xp so her count begins @ -40)
-Steven is my name, a nosferatu I have retainers too. (Skip)
-Fing, Rat cam expert and combatant
-Foom, Rat cam expert and combatant
-Ripley, new Rat recruit in training with Fing And Foom (-15xp)
-Mindy Buttons is a gangriel (Molly)
-Luke: Malkavian New primary character for (Adam)
-Robert Sereth: Setite, tolerated but potentially useful “New Orleans Pimp” (Adam) ( I call him Trebor)
-Leopold Groer: primogen for Tremere (Ben)
-Ossario: social Brujah (Darryl)
-He has a new retainer some sort of manservant

New Vampire campaign begins on Oct 31st 2009. I am calling it Las Vegas Vampires II since we had a previous V: TM campaign also set in Las Vegas. As a bit of a background the last campaign dealt with a Sabbat infestation and takeover attempt of the Vegas Strip. This was foiled well by the actions of the previous players in a previous campaign.

—————————–Week one “a Gathering of Strangers”—————————-

Quote of the Week-
“There are no items in Tony’s lingerie drawers.”

——————Week two- “and the Malkavians play on”—————————–

Quote of the Week Goes to Ioseph for “He’s dressed as a lizard you are dressed as a cop they both are pretending.”

_______________________________Week 5________________________________

QOTW: “there are just rats and vampires in the vegas tunnels which one are u?” -Rahni

GM-“He’s stupid but fast in reaction?
Steven-“That’s a paparazzi to me!”

_______________________________Week 6______________________________
-Darylle “they may have ringworms or is afraid of heights”.

_______________________________Week 6______________________________

Quotes of the Week:
“I have Rats and can Fight, of course I have redeeming features”-Skip
“I can dress for this occasion, Black Silk” –Adam
“We now have touchdown lizard”- Gm
“it sounded like a dog, smelled like a dead lizard and looked like empty space”-Adam Sig other
Steven starts writing the script for “Rabid Zombie Whorehouse in 3D” Plot twist: caused by vampire owner.
_______________________________Week 8______________________________

Leopold-“I’m gonna see if I can find a hooker with a pulse.”

Leopold- “I’m sure it doesn’t take a craft skill to wrap a Barbie doll in a black cord.”
Gm “That sounds like the conversation between you two has taken a wrong turn.”
Leopold-“He’s helping me with my back up plan.”
_______________________________Week 9______________________________

“They will be able to say ‘hey Ugly’, not run screaming in terror”- Steven
“The best we have is Circus Circus…”- Leopold
“If you didn’t eat the white board markers you might be the primogen.” -Gm
“I have a binary appearance!!!” – Steven

_______________________________Week 10______________________________

“I want to try to pass myself off as a ….”-Leopold
“Transvestite Hooker?” –Luke
“Someone Has to Lick that”- Mindy
“you may need your car getting repaired…” -Mindy
“After running me over” – Steven
“It was the only game wherein the Missippi could de-pants you.” -GM

_____________________________ Week 15_________________________________

Mugging your way to a Lyger? -GM
_______________________________Week 18______________________________
Steven to Prince: “So what does a Ninja, two guys in a parked car the Channel 7 news van and a Rattlegoose (Rattlesnake/Mongoose sown together with demonic magic) have in common?”
Prince: “I don’t know, what?”
Steven-“All these are waiting around a place you sent me.”
_______________________________Week 19______________________________

“Runs Great, Smells like Mollusk….”-GM

My character having identified himself to his opponent as ‘Wang’ pushes his opponent down the stairs where upon the enemy vampires head collides with the metal safety railing ending his flight. After this nasty fight I feel cheated because now he is “Whangggg!” (the sound his head made striking the railing.)