Building off of ideas

Today was a fruitful day.

Found the following ideas for powers and other gaming elements:

Thermal Printing: the character through his ability to differentiate thermal output by most living beings has the ability to use this to identify persons individually enough that they can use it to recognize individuals like a fingerprinting system.  This can also be used for other potentially unique heat sources.

Crowd Thermal Print: as above but add Rapid sense to identify x10 more individuals at a time.  Multiple levels may be bought in order to rapidly process larger and larger crowds.

There are ways to fool the system of course ranging from thermal barriers to heat sinks.

New Character Idea: Ballistic Gel man!!!

WI-Red notes: Space suit that conceals the identity of the wearer in part with opaque eye covers and face and form altering fit.  It provides space flight, Survival, Lightning control, and invisibility to biometrics and evidence gathering.

Wraith has a similar suit, perhaps remnants of an interstellar war.

A super mutant disguise kit for Fallout Shelter

Just a few fun ideas that ran through my head.



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