Bodily Differences as Power

This post covers the wide world of having an altered body from whatever source gives the character power.  The artwork is for Mutanic who I developed in response to the annoyance at the commonality of multi limbed characters either operating off of a single joint OR just getting taller.  This guy has a different solution that comes from his own problems.

Body power: The character has one or more enhanced/ additional/ special body part(s), in some cases more than one ability from one or more modified organ(s) could be fitting for the character. There are some similarities and possibly overlap between concepts like Animal/Plant Powers, Bionics etc. and Body parts so there should be an effort to make each distinct from the other especially in a campaign with two characters possessing these powers.  The player and Gm should work together to create a reasonable series of abilities based upon the body part(s) chosen, keeping in mind that this is a true superpower and should be an advantage.

Below are some categorical suggestions and other power description sections could also give inspiration. More so than any other power the character will benefit from an effort to make the power iconic.

A: Attack options: Many parts of the body can be easily modified or grown into more effective combat options than what a baseline human has beginning with finger claws, a mouthful of fangs, tails for grabbing/striking with, growing sharp scales, extra mouths in unusual places, bigger hands, hardened or enlargeable fists/feet, skin that could wrap around a target, hair that can move and grab/attack are all interesting options for offensive capacities.  Mechanically speaking the character could have HTH attacks at range (much like Stretching grants but not identically), bonuses to accuracy or damage from some sort of superior development or rarely seen combat capacity just to begin with.

B: Defense options: easily suggested options include tougher than normal skin, some variant of defense against detection, resistance to analysis of strengths and weaknesses, lack of vital organs (reduced KO %), reduction of or immunity to damage from one source, higher immunity to poisons, never aging, only taking 35-60% (1d6x5% + 30%) of the damage from any attack, increased weight, recovery enhanced to near regeneration, etc. would be some examples of expanded defense capabilities coming from enhanced body parts.

C: The body is the source of all forms of movement to a certain extent since even with the state of mechanized movement except for really rare cases the operators desires are still communicated by muscle interactions.  With the variety of possible alterations to the standard human form the character with this power could have elastic arms/legs (adding some reach in addition to movement benefits though perhaps not nearly as good as the Stretching power), opposable toes and hand like feet (improved brachiating), Wall crawling abilities, increased common movements like leaping and running, gliding or even a limited form of winged flight could be easily provided to the character from alterations to the basic human norm (though it should not duplicate the Wings Power).

D: Many body parts have several interesting possible sensory advantages: larger ears and eyes (improved senses, reduced range penalties) new, improved or more developed sensory organs (more scent sensors, denser collections of taste buds, eyes on eyestalks or other oddly placed or extra sensory organs, the ability to sense and understand various ordinarily undifferentiated emanated energies), skin that identifies nearby chemical compounds, hairs that sense nearby movement etc. are just a few of the possibilities that a human body with expanded or altered sensitivity could gain.

Big guy being held

Examples of Body Powers (2d10-1)

A Rock Star from Mars: The Character is almost literally a Rock (x3 weight) in addition to a significant lack of many vital areas (halve Knock out % chances) the character is non-buoyant (sinking like a stone underwater) yet takes half damage from falling down or being fallen upon, but has chiseled good looks (+1d6 Charisma).

Been Dusted: the character has been dead before so there is a lot that doesn’t faze the character or affect him or her as much as others including those who also have been dead possibly because this character has managed to take something back with him from being dead (use a Cd20 save to check if a certain power does not affect the character) . The character also may not be a viable target for the mindless undead (halve the chances for notice or detection by undead) but of interest to immortals and servants of Death.

Begat: Similar in form to the Allies power the character has the ability to spawn combat efficient allies, depending upon various factors this usually monstrous seeming power can be very useful.  The birthing character can generate a small group of additional low grade of combatants by drawing them one at a time from the character (1 per round for 1 action, all movement, and 10 PR).  These characters have 1/10th of experience and power of the birthing character and all xp gained by these creations goes to their creator.  All of these characters begin play as 1st level characters even if the player character is 1st level.

Big Brain: the character gains +2d12 to Int, plus (+10% to base Inventing % and an additional 1% per level) and any bonus to Charisma gained through events may be transferred to Intelligence instead.  The characters big head however does carry some disadvantages notably that there is a 30% chance any hit that is also a critical is considered a head hit.

Buoyancy Bladder: the character has a rather unusual organ for a humanoid the character can operate as if he could levitate (moving up and down only, horizontal movement is covered by normal swimming rules but the pressure changes aren’t) underwater including changing orientation with very little thought. The character does move at I” up or down while underwater.  There is a second advantage associated with the power though, the character can still get ‘the bends’ taking 1 point of damage per 50 ft. the character is moved vertically without using this power between turns that bypasses most defenses (like any other character susceptible to the bends).   A Normal character can adjust for 10 feet per minute, the character with the bladder can adjust for Ix5 feet (I” essentially) worth of pressure changes per turn. Certain kinds of other powers negate this time frame (Adaption most commonly, though certain total body changes also negate the need though they, like Adaption, typically don’t grant the underwater levitation ability of the bladder).

Fat Power: the powers possessor gains a bonus of +5-30% (1d6x5%) to original weight in addition to all the other benefits of the weight based power the character gains 1 PR per extra pound generated in this fashion. This weight is gained and lost in usage of the additional Power from the weight gain when accessed as a separate power pool that may be used to fund any normal usage of power.  The Player may need to have character sheets for when certain usually combat related specific thresholds are passed (changes in Agility, HTH, BH, HP, or even jumping abilities) which may be necessary things to track sheet wise as opposed to on a single sheet.

Hair power: Though hair powers are mostly restricted to females in the Comics, a hirsute male with control over his hairs not only on his head but also those on his body through a subtle limited telekinesis could be an interesting power concept.  He could use this set to provide a series of interesting advantages ranging from Wall crawling (Move I” up any surface by using his hair to climb), Swimming At S+E+A+I in Game Scale Inches or tunnel through any object of less than 20 DR for 1 PR per DR per hour, additions to HTH combat (+1d3/+1d6 to HTH attacks and +2/10% to Strength saves for 1 PR per turn) plus defensive properties like the ability to shred any HTH weapon or projectile moving at less than 600 MPH on an Ad20 save for 3 PR per attempt.

Liverman: With the abilities of a liver spread throughout the entire body a character could have a very interesting series of effects upon the organism if certain capabilities were left in place. Because the liver somewhat regenerates the character can recover 50% of their lost hit points per night of rest until the character gets within their healing rate at which point they can recover that last bit that same night. In addition the character can shrug off the effects of up to 10 different doses of poison per day without suffering ill effects the next ten doses only operate at 50% effect and any other doses operate at full effect. Venom Drain: In addition the character can draw poisons out of others for 3 ‘charges’ of toxin resistance for each dose the target is suffering from.  Thus if a Cobra bit an ally of Liverman twice it would take 6 doses of resistance to completely remove the poison from the target. Liverman can risk his life by drawing more poison than his resistance can compensate for.

Living Memory: the character gains a percentage (1d6%) of the experience as weight gain in addition to the other benefits of gaining experience.  Loss of one or the other of these statistics also alters the other.

Master of the Worn/Wear you like a suit: The character possesses a variety of minor powers making up for a lower potency with greater versatility.  A wax artist could gain a single remarkable attribute from wearing the wig of a wax figure that has worn the hair for quite a while, while a cobbler could walk in others shoes apparently becoming the one for whom the shoe fits  gaining the ultimate in disguises. The items might be challenging to garner, may be gifted by others or even traded in campaigns where there is a commonality of the information about the type of abilities possessed.

Nineflesh membrane: this character has a suit of pseudo flesh not of this world but from the Nth world wherein many amazing materials exist.  Typical benefits of nineflesh include the character cannot suffocate in any environment with oxygen (including being knocked out with choke holds etc., The character has a secondary healing system that can recover 30-90% of their health internally at 5x their healing rate per hour of sleep. PR expenditures are halved and the character gains +1d10 to movement checked before each battle and for each type of movement.

Onions Have Layers: Because of the characters multiple layers of skin all attacks deal -1 damage per die and when attacked the character exudes an odor that will cause anyone in HTH with the character to take -2 to all accuracy for one minute unless sealed away from the airborne toxins somehow.

Orphan Disease: the character has a unique viral agent that they have a varying amount of control over. The character has an I% chance of using as a low-grade spy a little better than a tracking beacon within E/2 miles.  It can also be used as an infective viral system, cure or cause health issues.  I% chance of recovering HPm in an hour by meditating. Infecting others up to C” away subtracting their hpm from their hp per attack lasting E number of turns for 6 pr per attempt.

Super Stomach: A character with this bodily ability could have several options in a combat environment when they have a selection of storage and/or digestive abilities. Stomach Acid Attack: the character can expel his digestive liquids, ordinarily this is just disgusting though a potential skin irritant or minor biohazard.  In some cases it attacks as a Chemical attack doing up to 1d12 damage plus modifiers for 6 PR per attack up to End/9″ range.  In addition to being fairly disgust inducing it also causes issues with transport and requires all actions taken to need a successful Ad20 save

Tooth and Maw: the character can bite into anything dealing a base damage equal to his HTH capacity calculated without gains from any super powers (Heightened Endurance or Strength, etc… this damage bypasses any structural Defense the item in question has at the same rate as the Disintegration power does enabling the character to chew candy bars, Allmetal (similar to Adamantine) or Diamonds with equal ease.  part of this power protects against the effects of ingestion of the matter/energy but in very rare and special cases the character may still have repercussions but at a much lesser level than someone else without this power but another defense.  Certain of these characters have storage capacity ranging from normal stomach capacity (about the size of the characters fist) to extra dimensional spaces (that could be really huge).

Vampire Body: The character appears to be something akin to a blood sucking fiend from out of ancient legends or modern romance stories. Typically, the character is dead, granting both a level of increased endurance and strength (+1d10 to each) as well as immunity to certain powers and abilities (Many if not all Death touch for example).   If the character has other powers they should be subtly shifted to match a particular viewpoint on these mystical legendary creatures, some of which may have inspired other powers in these and many other rules. They also often have supernatural charm (Trade one power slot for either Mind or Empathy Control), as well as shapeshifting (One Power slot for Transformation into two forms between Wolf, Bat, Rats and mists, gain the Animal Control power for the beasts or Darkness Control at half efficacy) and Increased Charisma and Agility (trade one power slot for +1d10 to both stats, but they are considered horrific) but these are slightly rarer powers.

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