Rough Entrance to the…

CAVES OF MENACE: This labyrinthine area houses a number of nasty things, but the worst is a fiendishly clever Minotaur who abides herein. Immediately upon entering the place, adventurers will feel slightly dizzy from the effects of a powerful innate ability of the Minotaur which will cause them to lose all sense of direction. The Minotaur will agree to help the bugbears against invaders at the cost of one human slave every three days of service. Of course, the slave is eaten in that period. The Minotaur keeps only the choicest of treasures, tossing unwanted loot to whoever happens to find it at the mouth of the labyrinth.

(DM Notes: Players are able to find if a careful search is made, a coin or item every round: 1-2 = 1d4 pins, 3-4 = 1 copper piece, 5 = 1 Silver Boar, on a 6 remove one item from the following list as they have found the item:

  1. ¼ of a suit of man-sized plate mail (can be found 4 times)
  2. ¼ of a suit of dwarf-sized plate mail (can be found 4 times)
  3. ½ of a suit of man-sized chain mail (can be found twice)
  4. ½ of a suit of elf-sized chain mail (can be found twice)
  5. suits of man-sized leather armor (can be found twice)
  6. shield (can be found twice)
  7. dagger (can be found 4 times)
  8. 1 battle axe
  9. 1 mace, 1 flange of which is Silver but appears to be identical to the others until cleaned doubling its value.  Against enemies known to be vulnerable to silver the user may choose to strike with that flange in order to take advantage of their susceptibility.
  10. Sword (can be found thrice)
  11. bows (short, no bowstrings, can be found twice)
  12. longbow (no bowstring)
  13. crossbows, though they have strings there is a 20% chance they will snap.  Check upon the first use each day until the wound wire is replaced. (can be found thrice)
  14. 1d6 arrows (1 in 6 arrows have silver heads) (can be found 4 times)
  15. 1d6 bolts (1 in 10 has a silver head) (can be found 4 times)
  16. spears (can be found up to 5 times)
  17. tridents (can be found twice)
  18. helmet (various sizes can be found 4 times)

50% of these items need a good cleaning before use, preferably scrubbing with a harsh soap, 20% smell strongly of urine and need to be cleaned with some sort of mild acid or base in order to remove the smell (the vinegary wine from A3. might work). Wearing/using these urinated items “as is” has a 5% chance per hour of giving a disease to the bearer much to their detriment though the smell will scare anything that is not the minotaur in this cave complex and might even reduce the chances a humanoid will attack the party.  No NPC human or demi human will willingly wear the recovered equipment until it is cleaned and wearing any of these disgusting items to the Guild KEEP before cleaning will result in party members being denied entrance.

After getting 30′ in past the cave mouth, the magical effect of confusion will begin to function, so start off by allowing a save vs. spell with failures resulting in efforts to misdirect the party members by naming incorrect directions, i.e. southeast instead of northeast, east instead of west, etc. Don’t worry about calling the same passage as a different direction should they travel over the same route twice that is part and parcel of the effect of the magic on them. Successful saves vs. spell indicates that the effect has been thrown off for a 1d4 turns. This may lead to inter party fighting as the characters realize they are lost in the maze, the DM should keep a lid on this as much as he should check for drawing the attention of the creatures in the maze while they try to deal with this issue.

I1. MINOTAUR LARDER: There is a Thirst of 2d6+6 Sanges (flying, blood sucking, monsters) here: (AC 7, HD 1, hp 3 each, #AT 1 at +2 to hit, D 1-3 first round plus 1-4 per additional round, MV (60′), Save F 1, ML 9). If opponent is hit, a Sange will automatically draw blood each round thereafter, doing 1-4 hit points of damage due to blood drain until victim is dead or the drinking Sange is killed. The Minotaur loves to catch and devour these creatures, so they avoid him or anything that smells strongly of him (if they carry or use urine coated items for example). The beastly things are so hungry though that their agitation makes it 90% likely that they will be squeaking and hooting to one another, so the party won’t be surprised. They have no treasure.

I2. PYRE BEETLES: 1d6 dwell in this area: (AC 4, HD 1 +2, hp 7 each, #AT 1, D 2-8 (2d4), MV (40″), Save F 1, ML 7). They too are hungry and will hasten to attack any persons entering their area. They have no treasure, but 2 glands above their eyes and one in their abdomen will glow with a red light, 10′ radius, for 1-6 days after the beetle is killed.

I3. PYRE BEETLES: There are 1d4 of these creatures here, in all respects like those in I2 above.  Both groups, unlike the Sanges, are herded here by the Minotaur in the hopes of attracting the Owlbears or something else delicious.

I4. MENOS THE MINOTAUR: This huge monster has AC 4 due to a great chain mail coat he wears, and carries a (Magical Weapon result: ______________________). When he first attacks, the Minotaur calling himself Menos (AC 4, HD 6, hp 35, #AT 1 or 2, D Weapon +3 or 1-6/1-6, MV (40′), Save F 6, ML 12) will rush forward and stab with his weapon for the weapon type + 3 points of damage, due to his strength. The next round he will gore and bite doing 1-6 points of damage with each successful attack. The Minotaur may only use his weapon or his horns and bite. When intruders enter the area, Menos immediately moves to attack. He knows this area so well that the only way for victims to escape is to go through the secret door into area G6, or else to run out of the place and climb a large tree. The cave the Minotaur dwells in has skulls and bones arrayed in decorative patterns. The secret door is actually a slab of stone which takes not less than 3 humans to move. (It will be noticed by careful checking of the walls, but how it is moved requires a roll of a 1 on a six-sided die to indicate the searcher has found where it can be grasped. All of Menos’s Most Treasured items are behind this slab of rock. It hides: 1 locked chest (protected by a poison needle in the lock, with contents of 930 gold and 310 Copper Goats), 1 staff of healing, 1 suit of cunningly designed plate mail +1 that will fit either an Elf or Man. 1 locked coffer with the contents being 3 potion bottles [_________,____________,____________,} and 1 locked chest {contains 3 pieces of jewelry worth [1d12+5]x100, =_______,______,_______} Lions respectively.)

(DM Note: Menos the Minotaur cannot be replaced but the Sanges and Pyre Beetles are at a rate of 1 every d4 days) he eats them at about the same rate supplemented by other things he catches.


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