1d8 Invisibility or Waitaminute… powers

Invisibility: Since it covers the general concept of being undetectable or of limited detection this power provides a variety of uses in and out of combat some of which are considered the logical effects of being invisible/undetected by opposing individuals.

A:  The standard Invisibility power provides -1 to be hit, +1 to hit cumulative per turn spent invisible and undetected/not attacking (a successful Detect Hidden roll or using an attack power negates all advantages but the first combat bonus).  This power costs only 1 PR per hour.  Though it does provide mechanically combat benefits this is almost an after the fact consideration because this is not the focus of the power.

B: When the character can render himself invisible to detection by some sort of phenomenon he can sense or control or just cannot be detected by they then can accrue all the logical benefits and or possible disadvantages thereof. Then the targeting a character becomes an impossibility thus in essence a very high defense.  Examples could be mental invisibility (unable to be targeted by Telepathy, Emotion Control or other purely mental powers without first being successfully found via a Detect Hidden roll even if in plain sight for other senses), Camera Invisibility (the character does not appear on recording media such as television and photographic cameras, this could include other forms of indirect vision) concepts such as ‘Casts no shadow’ or ‘cannot be reflected in a mirror’ are other examples of this power if they can be controlled, if they are uncontrolled they may be more accurately Challenges to the character.

C: Since Invisibility is connected to the sensory realms is unlikely to generate a movement ability, excepting that an Invisible character who chooses to leave first can gain some distance on his opponents or if a vehicle of some sort was invisible to detection abilities like radar or normal sight it could maneuver further/better than an easily detected (and countered) encounter.  Some forms of invisibility may revolve around being in another realm and projecting in and out of that area may have travel benefits as well as increased ability to remain undetected.

D: Since this is essentially a Stealth based ability the character has the ability to collect incredible amounts of information and safely return.  In some cases like the Astral projection power the character may need to sidebar the play of the power to simply show the effects of this power for ease of play.  Like other sense altering powers there may be limited abilities related to detecting unusual phenomenon. In some cases, the invisibility may allow the sensing of other realms, or unusual phenomena because of how information is received while invisible.  The character could comprehend faster or be better at picking up subtle clues that something is amiss because of familiarity with how others react to the unseen would be another option.

Examples of Invisibility Powers (1d8)

  1. Change your number: The character has the ability to be incredibly difficult to track by technological means, even when they deliberately expose themselves to others who can track most from an initial location there are either countermeasures previously set in place or they simply leave nothing to track even when there should be.  Other Versions of this power could include being untrackable by certain forms of heightened senses.
  2. Carved in Stone: the character’s destiny is not alterable by most means especially the influence of fore sight like powers.  Perhaps the sacrifice of a close companion or other dramatic event could alter the character’s destiny but even that is both unclear and not guaranteed.  The character is not invisible to prophecy, but invisible to determining means to alter that destiny, because that destiny is forseeable (in many cases easily).  There is no PR, range or other statistics associated with this power.
  3. Invisibility to Prophecy: the character though obviously of importance to the fate of many if not the entire world is not and generally cannot be forseen, prophesied, have precognitive senses used against him or Cosmically sensed.  This also has the ability of negating offensive or defense powers based upon precognition, or any other sort of fore warning of events, instead of the standard +1 to hit/-1 to be hit cumulatively.  This may also negate movement or extra sensory abilities based upon similar sorts of abilities at the GM’s sole discretion.
  4. Invisibility/Camouflage armor: Designed as a combat and infiltration system the ‘armor’ is designed as a platform for stealth infiltration and armored to increase survivability when the insertion is uncovered. The character only gains +1 to hit while invisible but -1 to be hit per level while the character is actively trying to hide/use cover, even if detected.
  5. Magic Man: This Invisibility power provides -1 to be hit, +1 to hit while invisible and undetected (a successful Detect Hidden roll negates this advantage) assuming the character is even pointing the attack in the right direction and the character can conceal other objects generally no larger than a breadbox though with enough set up time he can hide some very large items, including his own voice by making it appear to be coming from somewhere else, usually by the trick of ventriloquism.  This power costs 1 PR per object concealed per hour or fraction thereof (including their ‘voice’ and themselves as separate PR costs of this power).  This ability though seemingly powerful is no greater than any prestidigitation, meaning the items can be found by logic instead of rolls.
  6. Never Seen Before or Since: The character has a superior form of stealth that is useless in combat however is much more difficult to be sensed out of combat.  By gaining no combat abilities and an inability to elude combat for at least two turns from the end of combat only -½ DH/DD rolls can be used against the evasive character.
  7. Off the Mental Grid: In V&V use the following descriptor: the Character is unable to be targeted by Telepathy, Emotion Control, certain (but not all) Psionics or other purely mental powers without first being successfully found via a Detect Hidden roll even if in plain sight for other senses. In HERO use the following power construct: Invisibility to Mental Group, Costs END Only To Activate (+¼) (12 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -¾), Only When Not Attacking (-½), Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to Activate, -¼). 5 real cost.
  8. Secret Fortress: The character themselves isn’t invisible or capable of concealing things any better than characters without this power but the Character has access to a base that is highly undetectable, ranging from a place that is so unremarkable as to be completely ignored by everyone, a far flung satellite, or elevators that access secret floors to some sort of mass hypnosis tied to a location to elven magic protecting the secret shoppe of a big guy in a red suit at the north pole.


The picture is one I took of a bathroom mat we used to have that made me think of invisible characters every time I walked on it after taking a shower.  Posted it on my Deviant Art  webpage quite a while ago.

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