1d8 Additional spells or Spell enhancements you have never seen before!!

As seen previously (Here, and Here) I have quite the variety of Spells for making an AD&D campaign world unique.  Wait until we get to Magical Items!!!  For the nonce though, here are old spells for me that should be new to you.


Massfaint (Necromantic)


Level: 5


Range: 1″ per Level


Duration: 1d3 Turns


Area of Effect: A cone 1″ wide at base 10″ long and 5″ wide at terminus


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 1 round (see below)


Saving Throw:


From the segment the spell is begun any spellcasting attempt continuing or begun by a targeted individual has a 25% chance of failure as the spell is resisted and of low impact initially. At the beginning of the second round the targets begin to faint in a number of segments equal to their constitution (if known) or hit dice x2 if not known even if this takes more than one round to actually pass out.


Those individuals who succumb to the spell remain unconscious for 1d3 turns after which they return to normal ability to act.  Unlike the enchantment/charm sphere of spells Elves of course do not have resistance.


Because of the basis in known physiology this spell has the same target determinations as the Cure Light Wounds spell does in targeting opponents, unless determined otherwise by the DM.


The verbal components are making a as low of a hum as possible while somatically the mage takes a dramatic pose before he uses his fingers to indicate which targets are to be the victims of the spell.



Spurned Choice (Abjuration)


Level: 2


Range: 12″


Duration: Permanent


Area of Effect: one spell


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 3 segments


Saving Throw: None


This spell forces a randomly determined spell like power or effect to be redetermined by random choice again this must be a more complex result than a variance of damage dealt.  This spell must be begun casting within 1 segment of the original spell finished being cast.  If there is not a random process involved this spell is wasted and


Part of the effects of the spell functionality has the magical result from the initial spell being delayed in effect until this spell is finished casting which may cause some difficulties.  Casting this spell does not place the caster in position to determine spell effects if the caster determines the options.


The material component is a writing instrument to be snapped in half as a part of the casting then consumed by the magics while a book is opened to a blank page. 




Fire Veils Spell (Alteration)


Level: 1


Range: Touch


Duration: until broken


Area of Effect: Special


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 1 round


Saving Throw: None


This spell stores flaming oil and cloth like ribbons of glass as weapons or traps against future need. The spellcaster may allow another to handle the cloth while weaving the spell but they take 1 pip per cloth made from fire damage unless they have a +4 or better saving bonus against fire from some source.


These frozen flame strokes may be broken by throwing (5″ 8″ 10″ +1″ to all ranges and +1 to hit if the character who hurls the veils has some skill or proficiency in handling nets or cloth).  If dropped or fallen upon from a height higher than 11 feet the Person carrying the fire veils must roll a save for each veil (no modifiers for distance) using the glass saving throws against crushing blow otherwise it breaks dealing the damage remaining to the carrier.  There may only be a number in a 5″ radii equal to 2x the casters level. 


There may only be a number of fire veils in a 5″ radii equal to 2x the casters level, failure to observe this restriction results in half of the fire veils loosening their bonds and becoming the lit oil soaked rags they are: dealing damage to anyone in the same square.  It should be noted that sometimes these are set as traps by wily mages placing them under floorboards or stones where significant pressure will send flames shooting towards the incautious traveler or dropping the frozen veils of flame upon hapless trap triggering explorers.  A spellcaster who expects fiery oil to be used against him or his fellows might carry the components for this spell to siphon away the oil as it is used in an attack to create the fire veils and to turn the tools of opponents into future weapons.


The material components are 10 GP in cloth value at a minimum for each flask of oil used which is another required material component. If the cloth used for components is over 100 GPV per value each as a basis in the spell the damage deals +1 pip per die up to the maximum that may be rolled. 


 Valley overgrowth.jpg


Don the Skins to Reenact the Hunt (Divination)


Level: 3


Range: party


Duration: up to one week.


Area of Effect: Special


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 1 round


Saving Throw: None


Some variant of a shamanistic spell, it has the benefits of doubling the effects of just eaten food and preserving food carried for one week by each participant in the spell.


This spell also requires individuals trying to poison or otherwise negatively impact food subject to this spell to make a saving throw vs. spell or find themselves subtly sabotaging their own efforts in various ways.


The material components for these spells are the skins of animals slain in a recent hunt which must be worn by the participants but these are not consumed by the casting of the spell.




Monoweb (Evocation)


Level: 1


Range: 40″ +3″ per level


Duration: 1 day


Area of Effect: Special


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 1 round


Saving Throw: None


This spell is a lesser version of the Web spell designed to slow or capture a single target.  A single creature is enshrouded by enough webbing to act as if they were trapped in six feet of Web spell, otherwise than noted herein and above treat all effects as that spell was active.




Wheel of Flares (Evocation)


Level: 2


Range: 10″+2″/level


Duration: 1d12 rounds +1 round per 3 levels


Area of Effect: 20-foot sphere diameter


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 4 segments


Saving Throw: 1/2 effect.


This is a mobile toroidal shaped energy force that wheels across a chosen battlefield to cause detriment to the enemies of the caster, and allies if not carefully directed. Each round the force attempts to strike anyone within a 20 feet radius of the directed center point of the force as if it was a fighter 2/3rds of the level of the mage.  Any against whom it makes an attack roll are allowed modified saves (see below) against the effects depending upon their locus to the wheeling fire flares.  Those within 5 feet of the flaring wheel and struck take 1d4 points of damage while those within 10 feet lose their concentration only being able to attack half as often or move half as far as their normal movement allows and anyone struck within 20 feet and failing their save has a -2 to hit all of which last for 1 round plus the rest of the round in which the impact occurs.


Since these effects are halved by saves then those within 5 feet of the flaring wheel and struck take 1d2 points of damage while those within 10 feet lose their concentration only being able to attack three quarters as often or move three quarters as far as their normal movement allows and anyone struck within 20 feet and failing their save has a -1 to hit all of which last for 1 round plus the rest of the round in which the impact occurs.


Equipment born by targets has a significant impact upon the spell propensity to affect targets with shields granting a bonus of +1 to saves and Polearms also carry an additional +1 to saving throws against this spell whilst characters bearing swords suffer -1 to saves per sword and those with slings or Bows readied suffer a -2.  Armor likewise impacts the spell so characters wearing Leather or lighter armors grant a bonus of +1 while banded or heavier armor causes a penalty -1 to the wearer.  The spell also is easier to avoid depending upon how crowded the conditions are for the targets.  If there are less than three individuals in the area of effect then all save at +1 while seven or more afflicted reduces the saves by -1. All of these impacts are cumulative so a well-equipped and crowded unit or team could be at significant penalties. 


The material component is a simple hand crank with teeth suitable for driving all sorts of minor motive actions which must be driven throughout the spells duration and is not consumed by the magics plus a small ring or sphere of flash paper that is consumed by the spell.




Forceball (Evocation)


Level: 3


Range: 16″ +1″/level


Duration: 1 segment


Area of Effect: as fireball


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 1 round


Saving Throw: first for half damage and second negates knocking prone as well as letting the DM select the final square.


This spell is an expulsive form of energy that corresponds to a forceful concussive blast pushing all mobile nouns in all directions (including both the down and up axis).  It deals 1d4 damage and moves all caught in the blast away from the center point 1d2 feet unless saved for half effect.  Both effects are multiplied by the level of the caster (At 5th level it is 5d4 and 5d2, at 6th it is 6d4 and 6d2, 7th it is 7d4 and 7d2, etc…).   Affected creatures are pushed directly away from the epicenter (this may include upwards or downwards forces) and may end up in dangerous locations (at risk of falling off cliffs, in fire pits, pools of various liquids or worse).  Characters may attempt to make saves to avoid further hazards if they succeeded their first save.


Note that this spell does set off many traps (most notably those with a pressure related triggering component), has a chance of damaging or destroying items suspect to being crushed (Save vs crushing blow) and knocks or scatters things away from the center of the force.


Underwater it creates a space in the water that then is refilled causing 1d4 per level of the caster to all caught in the area a second time (save for half) but it moves the creatures back toward the epicenter by the same amount typically placing the targets back in their original positions if they have not moved in the 5 segments following the spell detonating.  If so adjust for the direction the individual(s) moved.  Collisions are possible for 1d6 additional damage.


The material components for this spell is a pinch of sand or ground glass and a binding agent of some sort to form a sphere with during the casting. This is done while inhaling as much air as possible all of which is consumed.




Addition to the Dancing Lights Spell (Alteration)


Level: 1


Range: 4″+1″ per level


Duration: 2 rounds /level


Area of Effect: Special


Components: V, S, M


Casting Time: 1 segment


Saving Throw: None


Operating completely the same as the original Dancing Lights spell this version offers a few more options apparently researched by a mage to make the spell more useful to their needs.


This incarnation offers the following two options: d) Creates 1d4 glowing bug like creatures that seem to skitter around and hide in shadowy places.  Perhaps some sort of glow bug, Pyre Beetles, or never before seen insectoid. e) This version generates hundreds of tiny firebug or tiny fairy lights most often illuminating special items of interest such as pretty but almost hidden bouquets of naturally growing flowers in a garden, intricacies of art, exceptional appearing fruit, and other beautiful things (which depends upon the mind of the caster) that otherwise might be overlooked.


It should be noted that creatures and items who can cast Dancing Lights innately or were enchanted prior to their caster learning this spell are still limited to the original version short of a singular case receiving the benefit of at least a limited wish cast exclusively to provide these additional options.


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