Earthdawn Rules 3 Comic Panels

Part 1.

back in early 2000’s I was playing Earthdawn with my gaming friends and since that was in the time before everyone had portable digital devices we would on occasion write or draw while we patiently waited for someone else’s turn during major events.


I would Draw.

I would draw many other things but having fun that doesn’t distract from the table is a good thing, so keeping the Earthdawn vibe for the session going I would work on some of the more funny Quotes of the Week as comic strips.  Thus various odd characters would be born becoming the Earthdawn Rules Comic strip which I’ll present here for entertainment while I wait to get things going with the Show, Heroic Tourney because Yeah I do have quite a few systems under my belt and I love them Warts and all.


Allyhambra is the name of the windling thief, the short guy is a Dwarf warrior called Gebbhold Lum Tolz, and there are two humans: the one in robes is Philenion Jargus a spellcaster and the one with a helm is Allharam Chard.  What can I say?  I like unpronounceable-from-reading-gibberish for character names 9/10 times in Earthdawn.

here is the complete Comic strip for today.

A1 Complete

Remember, have fun while you are gaming, even if you aren’t in the spotlight!

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