1d6+1 Spells to wonder about…

Here are a some spells of my own development for First Edition AD&D for your perusal at your leisure.  They are designed to be interesting as well as somewhat in the vein of proof of arcane understanding of the system itself.


Deadhides (Necromancy)

Level: 3

Range: 1

Duration: Permanent

Area of Effect: 2 creatures per level

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 turn plus 1 round per hit die of the original creatures

Saving Throw: None

This version of the Animate Dead spell allows the creation of certain alternate versions of undead to be created that are specific to the region. This spell unlike the variant of the Animate Dead spell (see elsewhere) is instead its own spell of animatory force with vastly different requirements effects and powers.

This spell animates the hides and skins of beasts and creatures whether preserved, tanned or not.  It will not affect the natural discarding of skin, flesh or scales (such as shed snakeskin) even if large enough amounts could be found or gathered.  The flesh and bone must be removed from the hide of the animal for it will not work

Each casting of the spell delivers undead servant(s) to serve the caster typically as guardians as their ability to perform is limited to their original hit dice -1 pip to A minimum of 1/2 a hit die per creature which are limited for four animal-like tricks.

In addition to the hides or skins that form the basis of the spell the material components must include salt, honey, and ground glass.

Tunnel Transcender  (Alteration)

Level: 1

Range: party

Duration: 1 Hour per level plus 1d4 Turns

Area of Effect: Special

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 round

Saving Throw: None

Upon casting this spell varies the height of the party of adventurers in proportion to the ceiling leaving three finger widths of headroom including even bizarre headgear no matter where the ceiling is in relation to their normal height  A character who has at least that much room between their normal standing height and the ceiling remains at their normal vertical maximum.  This magical ability typically does not interfere with the functionality of any trap.

This spell is appreciated by many tall individuals who have noticeable issues with bumping their head or other annoyances but it truly comes into its own when party members need to chase down small creatures for whatever reason.

The characters return to normal size when the spell runs out, which could leave them in a more difficult situation than when they started.

Material requirements for the spell include a three inch length of string and a hair from each target to be subject to this spell as well as a chant that must be swallowed along with gestures encouraging the reduction of those to accompany the mage.


Jaspers Cantrip (Evocation)

Level: Cantrip

Range: 1″

Duration: 1 segment

Area of Effect: Special

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 segment

Saving Throw: None/Spell

For a brief moment any humanoid subject of the spell feels as if a friendly dog has wormed their way under their arm, settled on their lap and sighed in contentment before fading away leaving only a slight warm fuzzy memory. In a few cases the subject may swear that their face also received a friendly lick.

Canines that are subject to the spell must make a save vs. spells modified by the training they have received or else play with an errant breeze as if it was a friendly dog before returning to their previous state of activity.

The components are a small whimper, a bit of dog hair and pat upon the casters head



Treestone (Alteration) Druid

Level: 7

Range: 100 yards

Duration: 1 week

Area of Effect: 1 to 100 Acres

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: Concentration, time spent walking the acreage.

Saving Throw: None

This spell enchants a stretch of forest into something more unhospitable than most enchanted areas, turning the vegetation into nocturnally mobile ambushing forces to harm those who perform such misdeeds as carelessly using fire, clear cutting forests, or raising other forms of havoc with the natural order.

After casting the spell then each night for up to a week (once activated) the spell turns the animated wood of up to a hundred acres into stone hurling opponents capable of feats of accuracy as much as a Shortbow wielding Elves.  but only capable of one stone per tree per night.  Said stones hurled depend upon their Size of both stone and tree for determining dealing appropriate damage ranging from a single 1d4 up to 1d10 per target maximizing up to a point of structural damage per tree in the case of truly ancient trees.

The trees may move up to 100 yards in a night to hurl their stones and return to their places of rest.  They may march half that distance in a night to move closer to targets but may not then hurl stones that night (retuning themselves with the land)  and create intractable stretches of forest also nocturnally recharging their strength during the day.

The material components are 1,000 GPV of gemstone dust per acre to be sown with the magic.  These woods cam be prepared for a long time (Several Elvish generations so long as there is no turning of the soil.)  This shows a slight enchantment as having been lain upon forest granting a +1 to a single saving throw usable once per year by the forest.

characters tbs

Addition to the Symbol Spell (Conjuration/summoning)

Level: 8

Range: touch

Duration: special

Area of Effect: Special

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time:8 segments.

Saving Throw: Special


This is a lesser known addendum to the Symbol spell that must follow all the rules and requirements for casting that spell in its original form. It should be noted that creatures and items who can cast Symbol innately or were enchanted prior to their caster learning this spell variant are still limited to the original version short of a singular case receiving the benefit of at least a limited wish cast exclusively to provide these additional options.

Chanting Call- Each individual who fails their saving throw stands still and composed as if rooted to the spot and begins resist all other actions but singing the chosen chants or hymns, often a singular paen declared at casting.  The Symbol affects the chorusing characters for 3d12 turns before they may relinquish their role in the cacophany.


Activation Utterance (Alteration)

Level: 4

Range: touch

Duration: 1 activation

Area of Effect: Enchanted object or item

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 round

Saving Throw: None

This spell enables a caster to activate one power in a command word activated enchanted item, even if the word(s) need only be thought.  The character may select which power is activated, make any other reasonable determinations about the use of the item and if there are penalties to be suffered from using the item this spell does not divert them including the use of charges, loss of attributes etc…  Casting this magic does not enable the caster to learn the word(s) needed and no one hears the words of power even if it would normally be necessary though the caster is obviously stating them. The Caster must still be fully capable of otherwise fulfilling the requirements (ie they must not be gagged or bound) and if there is a need of spoken directives that must be given they must still be spoken (and if needed must be heard).

the Somatic components involve arcane passes defining the enchanted object as the target of the spell as well as applying the material components of butter or a bit of grease, two small wheels plus two cones of some sort attached by a length of string.


Doll (Divination)

Level: 4

Range: 18″

Duration: 1 turn per level of caster

Area of Effect: 1 doll

Components: V, S, M

Casting Time: 1 turn

Saving Throw: None

This spell activates a small figurine and sends it forth to scout ahead sending back dim images of the area ahead.  Typically, the images of the area seen are not clear or powerful enough to detect most traps and relies upon ambient light sources, but do allow mapping efforts and reporting of that which can be easily seen to their fellows so the entire party may comprehend some of the obvious challenges ahead.

If willing the mage may build a figurine from found or raw materials this may modify the spell by doubling the casting time adding,1d6 to the range and subtracting 1d6 from the duration and the mage suffers -2 to all saves from effects generated by any creature who destroys the doll until the spell duration would normally end.


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