Fun with Lyrics!

Filking is the official name of what buskers do when the modify the lyrics (sometimes only slightly) of a more commonly known song in order to fit a subject or audience or just their own taste.  Technically it isn’t theft since parodies are covered under freedom of speech but you get the idea.  It isn’t really mine but hopefully you will appreciate the humor behind….

Vampire-Man, Vampire-Man,

Does whatever a Vampire can.

Drinks your blood, any time,

maybe wishes you had eaten a lime.

Lookout! Here comes the Vampire-Man…

Is he strong? Listen, bub

He just finished drinking your blood.

Can he swing?  Like the undead!

Take a look, just turn your head.

Hey there! There goes the Vampire-man!

In the thrill of the night,

just wants to take a bite….
His teeth flash in the night,

He makes it look like it isn’t a crime.
Vampire-Man, Vampire-Man,

Friendly neighbourhood Vampire-Man!
Wealth and Action? His reward.
Fame is so untoward!

To him, life is a great big mash-up.
Wherever there’s a hang-up,
You’ll find the Vampire-Man!

Which was formed on a reply to a Vampire thread on FB.

The image was shamelessly swiped from…

If that isn’t so meta it makes your teeth hurt I guess I need to try harder.






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