Boosting the Signal for Jolly…

and Company.

For those of you who like western themed RPG’s try hooking into this on Kickstarter: Aces and Eights. By Jolly Blackburn and his posse of pardners, if it lives up to its name and history it should be a darn fine game, and won’t leave ya feeling like ya endered up wit a belly full o’ lead.

O’course ah kin lather up me some lingo since Dallas Texas (where I was born n’ bred) is where the East ends and Fort Worth is where the West begins accordin’ ta the lore.  Heck we have a mite bit o’ suspicions that a few sticks in mah woodpile wer either outlaws in the East who used a GTT note afore achanging their name upon getting the other side of the mighty Mississip.

Th’other bit O’ family lore which we aren’t certain of is that my Great grandfather was Judge Roy Bean, through his Daughter Ruby L Bean, being my Paternal grandmother.  Fun bit ta tell when yer bellied up ta the table n’ rattlin’ them thar bones reliving days worth tellin’.

Iron trooper-1

O’ course till them thar rules show up I can’t reckon whether r’ not I kin play Iron Trooper who I built for a Savage Worlds Deadlands character.  He coulda been a hoot.  But I figger that’ll have ta wait till I get a copy in mah grubby hands.

In the meantime, Happy trails to ya whether you are cowpoke, lawman, gambler or gunslinger, I may have been them all n’ more and got them all in my blood but there are still plenty of tales to tell.





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