3 Sites I found really interesting for Gamers.

The internet is filled with goodies for Gamers.

First off, I don’t recommend trying everything you find on the internet for your own use.  A lot of what you see could have hidden problems ranging from safety tips and testing protocols they don’t share to assuming it is as safe as presented.  Believing everything you read/see on the internet?  That could get someone in the real world in a lot of danger.

For Gaming characters though is an entirely different matter.  First off may of them have skills and talents that the people playing them don’t and secondly even if you blow up the planet through a miscalculation?  Well, oops,  new character generation time.

That said the picture that starts this post off shows some of the links I keep just in case I want to do something in a modern era campaign but here are a few sites that really make that list what it is today.



Just because I’m a nice guy I’ll put in the links I have to Cracked.   Note that some of these are political, so even if you strip out the political ones out of the list you end up with at least 13 out of 21.  Not bad for a Listicle!  Or for a single website.










































This Group of neer do wells has had several very interesting little threads woven throughout their website,  many of which involve historical figures just in case your Players ever runs across them in say WWII.  Or you need some badass princesses for building your homebrew campaign world.

Anyone who has over ten links from the same source in my bookmarks should be proud of themselves.  They are weird enough for me.



Youtube has some issues like too much of a good thing, there are a lot of rabbit holes you can go down and YouTube has them all that can lead you into a never ending death spiral of “just one more”.  Part of the reason why I don’t have more YouTube links is because I would never get anything done, and I need to get things done.

That said I think Colin Furze is secretly a Ghoul for a vampire in V:TM because anytime I want to make my Vampire more badass by using real world tech I generally find myself looking in that direction at one point or another.   Not always, (I’m not that predictable) just quite often.




Sure Facebook is kind of not cool.  Unless you choose cool friends, and while Gamers may not be ‘the coolest’ of friends in some categories the information they can point you to that they are willing to show from their own private collections of “hey that is neat” significantly raises their utility.

And the person who liked their post from a year ago enough to share it again?

My wife.

Yeah she brings a lot to the table, not just her cooking skills which are part of the awesome reason behind me being fat…

(has food coma, wakes up)

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  FB is last and best because most of the links that fill my bookmarks? Came from there.  Find awesome people who will share the best from the internet and repay them with your own brand of weirdness = making FB (or really any social media) the best for gamers.

So if you have the chance post some of your best links and tell me what YOU think is some of the best sites to goldmine for your best links.


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