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Map for M Area

Map for M Area

So I left off a detail on the M Area notes embedded in the Data Analysis notes… Minor really.  A Map might have been nice, so here it is.

A map showing the basic area for the rooms to be explored, hopefully a better idea of the layout for the encounter.  Just keep in mind I am not really a cartographer, this is more along the lines of a visual aid rather than something you might find Benoist Poire at GP productions but still only so many skills I can master at a time.

2d8-1 Examples of Vehicle Powers (With Extras!) You Have Never Seen Before…

2d8-1 Examples of Vehicle Powers (With Extras!) You Have Never Seen Before…

Unless you read my Blog!! This post is an experiment in a listicle style post incorporating Photos (Which is of Excel data) and short lists to see if this is an interesting Data presentation.  It also shows the answers to the Quiz I suggested in Vehicles Part One and Part Two.  And here is the video: 


Name +

Sprinkled in among the matching items are a few new ones also, just to keep things interesting, like this one.


-Bank Tank: This powerful item enables a child themed or capering crazy character the ultimate in whimsical war machines.  It is painted a hyper pink as a sign it is a combination of Dangerous, Deranged and Creepy.  

Bank Tank

-Cyclopian craft is a design for a passive defensive device for when a ranger might need to scare off an animal to buy some time.


-Damaged Spacecraft (example of a Level growth Vehicle): as the character repairs the vehicle/has it upgraded/successfully experiments on the vehicle the vehicle becomes more powerful this is assumed to be subsumed by the down time for the character (much like handling it as if one was training for other level based abilities).

Damaged Spacecraft

-Decoded Remote Ignition System: this small key fob looking item actually has a very sensitive remote ignition decoder that enables the user to steal any technological vehicle with Remote Ignition Systems simply by decoding and responding to the system correctly.  Should the vehicle be unoccupied the vehicle that is decoded can be stolen otherwise the vehicle may be deactivated or otherwise mess with the user until they can disable the system (d20 Int vs. Int contest.) Unlike other versions of the Vehicle power in order for this power to be effective there should be vehicles that can be acquired by this system though the character might have personal vehicles for use.  

Random Generation

-Eye-Max, the Storm-chasers vehicle:  Designed to have a reasonable chance to stand up to a Class 4 Tornado it combines sloping technologies and resilient impact resistant materials and to try and stand up to everything the weather can throw at it as well as pitons to anchor the vehicle to nearly any surface because it is not designed for flight or landing.


-Flying Carpet: Appearing to be a beautiful if slightly worn and aged Persian rug, this vehicle carries up to five at the command of the owner typically flying in the habitable zone for people. Though with powerful enough magic’s this limitation may be only superficial.

Flying Carpet

-Jet Powered Vehicle: This could be any one of many vehicles capable of flight at supersonic speed perhaps even lending international ability to the Character and their fellows.  Despite appearances it isn’t limited to Runway strips and aircraft.

Build Your Own

-Missile Command: Instead of a standard ‘vehicle’ The character has several missiles like items at their command, though not necessary these could be part of a part of a larger vehicle.  Generally restricted to where they are incapable of targeting a single target of man sized or smaller they do massive damage to any vehicle struck.  They also can be used to transport a single individual, as long as they are not Claustrophobic.  This tactic is used to insert powerful/dangerous individuals in otherwise difficult to access places or to enable their most valued persona to escape.

Missile Command

-Need Your War Machines: Unlike some of the other uses of vehicle powers the character has access to a nearly unending series of combat effective vehicles.  These also increase in ability on a per level basis.  Usually denoted as coming from a major portion of the characters off screen or down time.  The character may have a concealed base to house the fleet and the equipment needed for maintaining operations if necessary.

Build Your Own

-Nuclear Steam Powered Tramper: Combining the fantastic and the antiquated the character has a Steam powered ship by a Nuclear core.  Some caution should be used as the nuclear core could cause issues if care is not used.

Nuclear Powered

-Plex-steel war craft: These are alien designed multi-Purpose-and-use craft enabling a pilot to conform their vehicle to whatever the battle needs from front line tank like fighting craft to warships to troop transport these missile proof plastic and steel faceted vehicles use outer shell attachments in order to move and handle many combat tasks. 

Plex Steel War Craft

-Psion throne: Appearing to be a large throne of bone not all of which is humanoid or even earth like.  In addition to automatically hovering to where the operators head is a foot above the head of the nearest sentient being unless otherwise desired it also has several powers designed to aid the ‘operator’.  The first multiple attack and any area of effect mental attack is for half price by a person seated on this throne usable just once per 24 hours. 

Psion Throne

-River Rising: the character can declare a normally unresponsive common object or force as a vehicle for the transport of himself and possibly other people or items.    In most cases this is a basic concept like Gravity, or electro-magnetic forces though instead of generating the forces the character harnesses them.  In other cases the “vehicle” is a normally inanimate object: Water/Oceans/Rivers, Concrete or even the land itself as in the Irish Blessing “May the road rise up to meet you”.

Build Your Own

-ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) though there is some difference between ROV versus allies, there can be multiple ways to use ROV’s in the campaign similar to but not identically to Allies.  Concepts such as Upgrades to combat, Flexibility in hero design and utility, Scouting opportunities and delivery of messages or small items all enable ROV”S to be commanded but not independent utilities.  The trick with these is to remember the Driver does not have to be in the vehicle.

Build Your Own

-SALUDE is a supposedly European designed vehicle for fun.


-Sepparo Car: this car is able to divide itself into a set of individual traveling compartments that at the least are capable of independent movement if not separate combat facility.  The reverse is a gestalt vehicle in which individual vehicles are combined as a whole into a greater vehicle to deal with significantly more powerful issues. The example given here may be too powerful for one character to run all by themselves.


-Snow vehicles: Designed for operating in the Artic Circle in the worst of conditions there are three types of artic ready vehicles: the snow cam the blizzard cam and the beach ball cam.


-Souped up Four wheel Drive:  the character possesses a vehicle that has extreme outdoors capacity.  Perhaps even suffering on well maintained roads, seemingly only to prefer to play on or meet the challenges of the roads less well traveled.

Mud Dauber

-Stunt Cycles are a fun idea I had to offer characters looking for used vehicles for a campaign.

Stunt Cycle

-Torn Down Ride is a Variant on the Level growth Vehicle Idea.

Torn Down

-Traveling Base: If the vehicle is large enough it could also be considered a base, some are quite capable of housing and supporting tens or hundreds if not thousands of individuals in some cases up to mobile planets and even vehicles that dwarf or contain galaxies or multiverses.  From Dirigibles to Aircraft Carriers to Ginormous vehicles like Some Anime designed craft, comprehension might be the only limit.

Gorgoths Tower

And finally is a vehicle that is closer to a personal movement power than most other vehicles.


Well I hope these vehicles spark your interest in expanding what a character (or a group) could do with a mode of transportation concept!!

13+1 Examples of: Infinite Cosmic Power…!!!

13+1 Examples of: Infinite Cosmic Power…!!!

A request appeared on the Hero System FB page and I contributed a Few Ideas (see below) but as I decided it might be fun to go more in depth with the power selections this also started a deep think about what if anything Cosmically powered characters should and could do.

Although I chose the picture of The Monkey of Abstracts, Cosmic power isn’t limited to godlike beings. Who knows? one day a character might appear called the Brown Lounger or Clicker.

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 0: Multipower 101-point reserve 101/101

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 01) Flight: FTl travel (500,000 ly/yr or 1 LY/ minute) 48/48

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 02) Weapon: 16d6 EB 80/80

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 03) Flight 40” x32 non-combat 100/100

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 04) Atmospheric Cosmic Manipulation: telekinesis 27 Str, affects porous, AOE (7” radius, +1)

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 05) Cosmic Shield: Force Field (22 RPD/22RED/11 Pow Defense) Hardened (+1/4), 0 End (+1/2) 96/96

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 06) Deadly Blast: RKA 2d6 BOECV (mental Defense Applies, +1), Does Body (+1) 90/90

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 07) Cosmic Destructor Beam: 9d6 Energy Blast, AOE (56” line, +1 ¼), No range (-1/2), 101/67

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 08) Cosmic manipulation: telekinesis 60 Str, affects porous 100/100

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 09) Lethal Cosmic Blast: 5d6 RKA 75/75

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 10) Cosmic wall: Force wall 13 RPD/13 RED 6” long 2” high, Hardened (+1/4).

Cosmic Flyer and Weapon part 11) True Cosmic Transmutation: 3d6 Major transformation (anything to anything) improved result group (anything, +1), 90/90


Golden Glider 002.png

And if you want the character to be even more ommphy.  Like my OC Golden Glider then add the following power(s):

True Cosmic Power: VPP 90-base, +45 Control Cost No Skill roll (+1), Zero phase Change (+1), 90+135=225

Cosmic Awareness: Clairsentience (Hearing And Sight Groups), x16 Range (7,760″), +8 to PER Roll, Discriminatory, Mobile Perception Point (can move up to 24″ per Phase), Rapid: x10, Telescopic: +8, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4)

Cosmic Form: life support Total (including Longevity & Immortality) Inherent(+1/4) 62/62.

And fortunately even though Golden Glider Does have infinite Cosmic Power, She doesn’t have an itty bitty living space.

Data Analysis is a good thing

Data Analysis is a good thing

So I changed some settings on WordPress over a month ago and have now switched them back because the data was not good.  Longer month, fewer views = fast way to get in trouble. (Comparing Feb to March)


I also need to start posting on my Deviant Art account  some relevant things so that I might pick up more attention there.

So as a way to be relevant to my interests, especially in Gaming I have a few ideas for a few things.  At one point everyone needs to learn from someone who is a master of the genre so like in a writing class you take apart something someone else built to see how it works then build your own and see how it stacks up to others works.

I looked at some modules and built a few different things for a 1E campaign, so here is some ideas for encounter/locations.

Cave entrance.jpg

                M. THE LAIR OF THE STATUARY: There is what appears to be a statue of female Dwarf running away while looking over her shoulder at a presumed pursuer at spot Mg.  It leaves nothing to the imagination to determine that it must be coming from THE STATUARY CAVE.  If the character is freed she is an evil Dwarf (AC 5, hp 7, #AT 1, D 1d8, ML 8) who will babble about seeing an evil face before she was awakened by being returned to flesh. She will be bewildered as to what happened to her compatriots. She also will not be dragged in by the Madar/Medusa until s/he needs to replace a used statue.  The she dwarf is a fully kitted out adventuress who is aware of the Dwarf at DD because she was headed there to meet up with him in order to found a little group to attempt to turn the Valley to their benefit.  This area belongs to a Madar/Medusa (male medusa are Madar, The medusa is Tufa the madar goes by the name of Stor), is the mate of the one captured by the evil priests. He wishes to avenge her against her sacrifice/death or gain her freedom.  If the players have not killed her and negotiate with Stor he will offer a similar deal: unstoning for her release (then betray them at his opportunity). 

                M1. STATUARY CAVE: there is a 10% chance per character that if they are approaching cautiously they may spot one of the following creatures that have been turned to stone: a quail, a Stirge, a Fly or a rat.  If that roll is failed, then there is a 20 % chance per character that as they pass towards to the cave entrance they will accidentally crush the potential treasure. By looking closely at the base of the trees there are dozens of trees with one or more shattered stone birds at the base. The characters once they are within 10 feet of the cave will notice that someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to create a pool of smooth reflective water and to polish several large patches of hematite that seems to show the image of a large vine like plant that must be spread throughout an entire room.

                M2. VINES EVERYWHERE: the short bent hall opens to a room that has vines from a central plant twining all over the room climbing up the walls part way.  There are several ledges, short holes and empty niches decorated by the vines that climb up all four of the walls with some of the vines in this exceptional growth having run across the floor and room. It feels beautiful and green in this room.  The plant is of an unusual variety and is unlikely to have ever been seen by anyone before for it is a variant on the kudzu plant carefully tended and likely new since the fires burned.

                Three of the niches are really 1 foot by 1 foot holes in the wall (to allow some actions to be taken through) covered with dirty grey cloths to appear as the back side of the ‘niche’ and have 30’ ropes made of the kudzu plant disguised as vines with 200 to 400 lb. Stone statues (petrified victims) tied onto the other end.  By kicking off a statue into the pit in M3 the well concealed rope and noose is tightened yanking on the character’s leg and attempting to drag the character into a pit.  Any person in the trap if it succeeds gets pulled toward, then into the niche, but of course gets stuck rather than being dragged into the pit unless the target is smaller than 1-foot diameter.  The Madar on the other side then can either begin beating on the trapped character or trigger the next statue.  Anyone who has 200 lbs. of carrying capacity free can get their leg out far enough in a round to cut a rope (which drops a petrified victim).  Burdened or weak characters will need to either drop enough stuff to enable them to haul enough to cut a rope or get assistance from their allies to use teamwork in order to get themselves free.

                M3. BEHIND THE WALL: this is where the Madar waits for potential prey.  He is likely to have been alerted by player characters blocking the ambient light or tromping though the shallow pool at the entrance if they enter at any time from 9:00 Am to 4:00 Pm unless they are quite careful to avoid doing both.   He will observe quietly, wait until the second person steps into a likely place to get ensnared and kick off the first statue.  It has a 90% chance of working as planned and dragging the character to the middle hole.  That should cause two characters to run over to that niche in order to help him.  Then the Madar can trigger the other two traps one after another (one for people on each side of the character trapped first).  At this point he has a choice he can either try to negotiate for information about his girl through the wall, or just head around the wall to attack the characters, if they appear very dangerous he may just attack the captured foes through the wall with a spear.   If the party agrees to parlay, he will stay on the other side of the wall keeping his identity and powers secret and ask for one member to stay for assurances the party will return.

                If the trap is not sprung, the characters will be able to easily ‘rescue’ two kobolds clinging to each other in fright (they compromise statue #1) an Orc with a broken off spear, carrying 1d6 lions and a small mountain lion ready to pounce. 

                On the back side of the pit he has collected the following creatures he has turned to stone on a wall nearly totally composed of shelves, of course transporting the delicate ‘prisoners’ will be very challenging: 200 flies (each is worth 5 Silver Boars 1000 SPV total), 15 mosquitoes (6 Silver each, 300 total SPV), 20 Katydids (8 Boars each, 160 Silver worth), 30 Cicadas (9 Boars each 270 total Silver worth) there are 10 rats with broken tails (5 silver each, 50 Boars total) and 10 with whole tails (9 Silver each, 90 silver total) there are 6 broken nosed Stirges (5 Silvers each) and 10 with whole noses (9 Silver each, 90 silver total).

                M4. STORE ROOM: This room holds things the Madar and the Medusa has found that are interesting and has built this collection of the following items from those he has faced against.  Holding open the door are 3 bags with 200 Lions inside, perhaps bribes for some powerful mercenaries like the Ogre or Minotaur.  A matched pair of Wolfhide cloaks complete with their heads worth 200 GPV each are hung upon pegs beside the door, which can be used by the Madar or Medusa to travel in some comfort and as disguises.

                Stone carver tools: these fine carving tools will easily bring in 100 GPV for the complete set, they may be used of course, but they are composed of a finely crafted belt with sheaths holding two kinds of hammers, an empty sheath for the rockhammer, 8 sizes of diamond tipped chisels and a pouch that has several strips of cloth with various grades of sand plus vials with varied grades of sand in them as well as a bottle of weak yet flexible glue for sealing sand to the cloths.

                10 Centipedes, giant: if the characters arrange them in an artistic fashion on a display board in an interesting pattern they could command up to 500 Gold lions value otherwise they will only bring in 10 Gold each.  A litter of 6 piglets that is intact and are worth 200 gold for the set, 15 gold apiece if they are sold separately.  There appears to have been some efforts at coloring the stone to increase their value.

                He has two tuns of wine (worth 100 GP each) one on top of the other at a little cloth covered crate (it has bolts of cloth, all told this 600 Cn weight of cloth in the crate is worth 1000 Lions total) acting as a table set for two with a pair of goblets, chairs and plates as if it is ready for a fine dining experience.

                A second crate with likely 50 Geodes (52 exactly, but two if not handled carefully will shatter), which though not Gems they are interesting and each can command 100 Gold though only if taken to the Capital.  The Players may be able to go for halfers with a merchant, but if they go with a merchant they have rescued they will only demand 10-25% (1d4x5% +5%) for a profit.

                There are also 8 statues which are obviously a very creepy troupe of entertainers (three maniacally looking jesters, a dangerous appearing sword swallower, two deranged looking dwarves doing something with a large ball, a masked woman of some sort and a knife thrower) arranged like servants around the table for two.  Should the players free one or two they will try to cunningly free the rest or find out how the de stoning occurs while keeping their evil natures secret until they think they have the upper hand against their rescuers. Note that if desired these could be the troupe mentioned above in the adventure hooks for outside the Ormegarten area or friends with the female dwarf from Mg either way caught perhaps at area U.  At the Dm’s option they may not be truly evil merely suffering the after effects of overindulgance or perhaps practicing a tragedy.

                Stats for the odd troupe and the names they will give: three jesters, Dervin, Lindor and Kervin (AC 6 [leathers and dex], T 2, hp 5 each,  #AT 1, D 1-4, MV (60′), ML 8) sword swallower Steffan (AC 4 [concealed partial armor plates to make him tougher and look bulkier], F 1, hp 4,  #AT 1 or 1/2 for crossbows, D 1-6, MV (40′), ML 9), two dwarves Mani and Bel (AC 7, F 1, hp 6,  #AT 1 or 1/2 for crossbows, D 1-6 (+1 for strength), Save as Fighter 3, MV (40′), ML 12), a masked woman called Seline (AC 8 [dex] M2, hp 4,  #AT 1 D 1-4, MV (120′), ML 8) and a knife thrower Tom Barker (AC 7, F 2, hp 7,  #AT 2 with daggers, D 1-3, MV (90′), ML 10)

                M5. THE BOUDOIUR: Here is where the Medusa and the Madar would spend much of their time relaxing.  In one corner there is the small rock hammer from the belt in the storeroom next to the remains of 10 nightingales. A short examination will show that the hammer was used to dig out the pearly hearts of these blessed songbirds.  Each heart is a lustrous pearl worth 100 Lions and has been placed in the carved out eye sockets of two stirges, 1 bat hanging upside down and, two rats.  Removing their eyes destroyed their value leaving the statues only valued for holding the pearls.  

                Above their sleeping depression in the stone worn down by their scales where they curl up there is a Sword +1, -2 vs. creatures made of stone or able to turn others into stone, +0 vs. creatures from the plane of Earth (but will hit any such creature no matter the bonus needed). It is called Passcutter and it can cast Passwall once per day.  For travelling enthusiasts, the sword automatically recharges the passwall when maintained by the hands of those trained in the working of Stone (Most Dwarves and any Skilled Stonecutter). Otherwise needs to be recharged by having the spell cast within 10″ of the blade (the blade diverts it to itself, owner willing or no, which may be a surprise, though likely beneficial to the wielder).

                M6. DEPTHS OF THE PIT: this pit slopes slightly towards the edge then there is an abrupt cut off.  There is a vast quantity of mud 50 Feet down from the lip and the characters can easily see several of the vine ropes and hunks of statuary sticking up from the mud. Not all of the statues survive the fall intact because they are made out of stone and being dropped on each other.  There appears to be no safe or easy way down without using a rope to lower the investigating character as the sides of the pit are magically smooth. It is notable that the lack of sunlight to this room allows none of the fragments of the hardy plant to grow in the mud.

                If the characters dig up and piece together all of the statues it will take possibly over 300 de-stoning’s. It takes two hours of exhausting work to find all of the pieces of and haul up a single statue.  It then takes an hour of binding any broken pieces together (99% of the statues have plenty of visible damage).  Unstoning a broken statue might garner the property of the stoned individual but has disastrous effects upon the flesh of the former statue and is often considered an evil act (as well as killing them).  There are dozens of possibly good people to save, and hundreds of monstrous beings.

                Hauling on ropes disguised as vines visible on top of the mud will pull up several statues from the muck which could save 9 Merchants and 5 family members of same, 18 guards, 3 dwarves, 4 Halflings, 2 Elves, and 5 Asian Humans, 1 Korobuku, and 1 Spirit folk, (1in 6 will be of a chaotic/evil alignment).  It will also garner much more loot than listed previously as each merchant and their family members have 2d6 Lions on their person. The others have 2d10 Boars and 2d10 baboons plus reasonable arms, armor, and equipment (Some of these may be made available as replacement PCs) 1 of the Asiatic humans has a scroll of interest to Mao in a bamboo case.

                All of the guards (AC 5 [Chainmail], F 1, hp 4 each, MV (40′), ML 7) will take service with rescuers for 1 year if an offer is made, for room and board only, if resupplied with repairs or replacements of their armor and weapons. One of the guards however is Chaotic and he has the Domesday book in his backpack when he was stoned, dragged away and used as a dead weight.

                If the merchants and their families are rescued and returned to the Guild KEEP, the Guild will pay a 100 gold piece reward for each rescue, hold a Fete’ (Celebratory Banquet) with lord Dunwin, grant the rescuers honorary Guild status, and exempt them for one year from any fees, dues, taxes, and the like which the Guild would normally collect (note these exemptions from taxation for rescues are cumulative, thus the characters could be immune to taxes for 15 or more years).

                Upon further investigation there are signs of many more statues than can be easily rescued.  If the character’s reform these monsters they will have to fight them for Xp, otherwise they will not gain any experience benefit from this exercise.  The DM should select what order the beings are recovered using % dice to determine which ones are next recovered, 40% of these have their legs stuck out as if they were trapped in the niche, 40% appear to have been reveling or sick (indicating possibly they were poached from the U area, see below) and 20% were travelling. 

                This Chart has a few special rules and may be used as a random encounter generation system for the results of the Cave AF.  If a number indicates two or more possible results the most unique result should be used first, then removed (thus preventing multiple unique results).  These unique results may be replaced with the WANDERER random generation (as seen in K15 above) if desired.   If used as a Cave AF result do not mark off from this list but only one creature is generated [so if a 01 is rolled for a statue pulled from the muck at M6 then only 1 Anhkheg would appear]

1              2 Anhkhegs (AC 2, 4 underside, 3 HD, 1 Attack, 3-18+1-4, Special: Detect and Acid attack [8-32 save for half], MV 120″(60″), ML 9, Large Sized)

2_4         6 Ants, giant (AC 3, 2 HD, MV (180′), ML 10 Small Sized)

5_6         7 Apes, Carnivorous, (AC 6, 5 HD, 3 Attacks, 1-4/1-4/1-8, Special:  MV 120″, ML 9, Large Sized)

7              1 Axe beak (AC 6, 3 HD, 3 Attacks, 1-3/1-3/2-8, Special:  MV 120″, ML 9, Large Sized)

8_9         8 Baboons (AC 7, 1+1 HD, 1 Attack, 1-4, Special:  MV 120″, ML 6, S Sized)

10           5 Badgers (AC 4, 1+2 HD, 3 Attacks, 1-2/1-2/1-3, Special:  MV 60″(30″), ML 9, Large Sized)

11           1 Bear (AC 7, 3+3 HD, 3 Attacks, 1-3/1-3/1-6, Special: hug for 2-8 MV 120″, ML 9, Large Sized)

12_13    4 wild Boars (AC 7, 3+3 Boar, three 3 HD Sows, 1 Attacks, 3-12, Special: boar will fight on for 2-5 rounds after reaching 0-(-6), dying immediately at -7, MV 150″, ML 10)

14-17     6 Bugbears: two are armed with hand axes and whip, three with battle axes and daggers and one with sword and shield.  They will be willing to battle against any other monsters in the area except for fellow bugbears for as long as the party stays there. However, should the party have the rebel bugbear with them they will eventually fight each other until one group or the other is dead.  (AC 5, HD 3 + 1, hp 10 each, #AT 1, D 2-8, MV 120″, Save F 3, ML 9) surprise 50% of the time.

17           This Bugbear Chieftain is dressed in heavy furs (AC 4) and has a pouch with 1d10 gems worth 5d4x10 GPV _____, ______, ______, _____,______,_____,______,_____,____,_____

18           1 Centaur (AC 5, 4 HD, # attacks 3, 1d8 (oaken club) plus 1d6/1d6 two hooves, MV 180″, Save F4, ML 8)

19           1 Crocodile (AC 5, 3 HD, # attacks 2, 2d4/1d12, conceal self to surprise others 50% of the time, half move in cold, MV 60″//120″ Save F3, ML 8)

19           1 ‘Deamon’ if the characters look closely after digging him up they will discover that the character is only dressed up as a deamon in order to scare/prank someone. The being inside of the costume is a man.  If the characters, ask this must be the person who was holding the sword Passcutter. Upon unstoning him it becomes obvious he is a frothing madman who will attack anyone by ramming them with his unwieldy ‘demonic’ horns upon being freed continually demanding his sword be given back to him. (AC 5, C2, hp 9, 2 Attacks at +1 1d4 +1/1d4 +1 MV (60′), ML 12)

19-22     3 Dogs, wild (AC 7, HD 1+1, hp 5 each, #AT 1, D 1-4, MV 15′, ML 6)

23-24     12 Dogs, war all have spiked collars, one the spikes are plated with silver (10 Lions value) and one has diamond studs (100 Gold lions value) there is an 80% chance they belong to either Merchants or guards who should also be set free. (AC 6, HD 3, hp 12, 11, #AT 1, D 1-6, MV 12, Save F 2, ML 9)

25           2 dogs, pet: each one is worth 100 GPV if returned to the Wolfqueens, they technically were gifts to people at the Guild Keep but no one knows quite whom they belong to. They were too small to make traps out of so were tossed into the pit without the vine ropes.

26           2 Flightless birds, 1 large 1 small (AC 7, HD 3 or 1, #AT 1, D 1-4 or 2-8, MV (18′), ML 6)

27-31     12 Frogs, giant: 6 large, 2 medium, 4 small (AC 7, HD 3, 2 or 1, #AT 1, D 1-3, leap 18′ -2′ per hit die to attack, Tongue attack special rules, Swallow S sized opponents whole on a 20, fear fire, MV (3’//9′), ML 6)

31           1 Gnome, he has been painted like a lawn gnome, pity him and his reaction. (AC 5, HD 2, #AT 1, D 1-6, MV 6′, ML 11)

32-35     10 Giant Goats (AC 7, HD 3+1, #att 1, D 2-16, MV 18′, ML 9)

35           1 Harpy she clutches a bone or stick, perhaps some sort of wand in her claws. (AC 7, HD 3, #att 3, D 1-3/1-3/1-6, MV 6/15′, ML 9) It is a simple club.

36-38     12 Sheep (Herd Animals)

38           1 cow (Herd Animals)

39           1 Homunculus: his master is dead but who knows who he may attach to and what secrets he knows: spells, information about the valley area and even the inside of ORMEGARTEN.

39-42     10 Horses, these have tack and barding, they belong to the merchants and will be appropriately ransomed by paying full value if restored.  If randomly generated from the mists they have no tack.

43-45     5 Hyenas

46-48     6 Jackals

48           A Jackalwere in Jackal form seeking to develop the Gnolls into his personal forces.

49-55     56 Kobolds, their curiosity is not paying off. (AC 7, HD 1/2, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-4, MV (40′), Save NM, ML 6). Each carries d8 Silver Boars.

56           1 Giant leech (AC: 9, 4 Hd 19 hp, #AT 1, D 1d4, SA: subtle attack only 50% likely attacks will be noted until character is down to 1/2 hit points, Mv 30”) [Random Leeches have 1d4 hit dice]

57           1 Leopard

57-60     5 Subterranean Lizards: (AC 5, HD 6, hp 25, 23, 27, 12, 29, #AT 1, D 2-12, MV (12′), ML 8). O, P, Qx5

60           2 Lizard men: if restored they will fight alongside the players for 1d6 days get bored and head downstream towards the mouth of the waterways.  If the evil shrine of Lizard men is not destroyed they may fight those to the death of the evil ones in order to try to take it over and make a tribe of Neutral or Good Lizard men). Half of those from the mists are evil.

61           1 Lynx, giant

62           1 Leprechaun he has a little ‘pot of gold’ painted on his left pocket, seems to have been caught trying to swim and is in excellent shape.

62-64     12 Mules these are loaded with 100 GPV each of various goods of charcoal, Coke, Iron, Steel, and hides these belong to the merchants and will be appropriately ransomed by paying full value if restored.  If randomly generated, they have no tack or goods.

64           1 Octopus, extra time must be taken to restore these due to the number of breaks the legs suffer

65           1 Ogre he uses a staff +2 as a club. At the Referees option it may be a Sleeping Stave of Rulership. (AC 5, HD 4 +1, hp 25, D 5-10, MV (30′), Save F 4, ML 10) T

65-70     14 Orcs, appropriately armed and equipped with shields and swords (AC 6, HD 1, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-6, MV (40′), Save F 1, ML 8)

71           2 Owlbears (AC 5, HD 5, hp 30, #AT 3, D 1-8/1-8/1-8, MV (40′), Save F 3, ML 9)

72           2 Rams

73-77     15 Rats, giant (AC 7, HD 1/2, #AT 1, D 1-3 plus disease, MV (40′), Save F 1, ML 8)

78           1 Rust monster

78-79     3 Scorpions, giant extra time must be taken to restore these due to the number of breaks the legs suffer (AC 3, HD 5+5, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-3, MV (60′), ML 9)

80-81     1 Snake, giant

82           4 Spiders giant, extra time must be taken to restore these due to the number of breaks the legs suffer

83           1 Stag

84           1 Su-monster

84-86     14 Giant Ticks (AC 3, HD 2, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-4, then drain blood for 1d6 per round until = max hp, MV (60′), ML 9)   20% chance of a fatal disease which will kill in 1d8+8 days unless a cure disease is used.

87-89     1 Toad, giant

89           1 Troll

90- 93    6 Wasps, giant, no wings (shattered beyond recovery, much less repair) (AC 7, HD 1, hp 3 each, #AT 1, D 1-3, MV (60′), ML 9) (randomly generated ones will be winged, which gives them 21″ flight)

94-96     4 Wolves

97-99     6 Wolverines

100         Determine a random TRAVELLER as seen in K15 above.

                DM Notes: This couple has no means of replacement.  However, should the encounter feel unchallenging the Madar may have some traps such as jugs of acid, fireworks. rolling tar covered flaming wicker balls, and more inspired by the alchemist at BA though duplicating those traps should be avoided.

This is a little much for more than one section to post at once. So later on I’ll expand on the adventuring area of ORMEGARTEN!!

Buffyverse notes

Buffyverse notes

A while back I posted about the links between Buffy and Roseanne which did not have much to do with Gaming.  Criminal I know.  In exchange here are a few notes that I had lying around for Buffyverse in V&V.  This post also celebrates their 2017 Reunion (And thanks to Entertainment weekly for the Picture).

This group of Champions represents the a few notes about various heroes of the Buffyverse.  Each one is presented is modeled upon information gleaned from the 12 television seasons and movie, it currently does not include the various illustrated information (Fray, Buffy Season 8 & the Angel graphic novels).  Many of the listed characters begin humble and slowly expand (especially Buffy) finally reaching levels of power rarely seen.  Some of the characters change dramatically going from powerless (or nearly so) to nigh omnipotent, in the case of Willow, while Zander Harris never really even touches the supernatural metapowers range except for temporary (single episode) alterations.


Identity:               The Slayer

Name:  Buffy (Ann) Summers

Side: G

Sex: F

Experience: Var.

Level: 1-20

Age and Appearance:13-20



Slayer Body: Increased Healing rate, Gains Xp. from slaying supernatural creatures, Bonus HTH damage, +1 STR, End and Agi per level.

Watcher Training: +4 With all HTH attacks, medieval weaponry and slayer weapons.

Slayer Senses: Detect Vampires & Other Demonic Creatures, Heightened Deductive abilities.

Heightened Defense: Gymnastics: -4 to be hit


Legal Status: occasional hunted criminal, generally flies under the radar.


(Security Clearance= 0-13, usually 0)

Other information


Identity:               The Slayer(s)

Name:  Kendra, Faith, various others     

Side: G (typically)

Sex: F

Experience: Var.

Level: 1-16

Age and Appearance:13+



Slayer Body: Increased Healing rate, Gains Xp. from slaying supernatural creatures, Bonus HTH damage, +1 STR, End and Agi per level.

Slayer Senses: Detect Vampires & Other Demonic Creatures, Heightened Deductive abilities.

Those that train under a Watcher may gain: Watcher Training: +4 With all HTH attacks, medieval weaponry and slayer weapons.

Other Character notes

Willow: Ht. Int A, Magical Spells


Tara: Magical Spells, Spl. Weapon: Magical talismans


Buffybot : Robot Body


Zander Harris: Ht Expertise: Soldier Skills, Empathy with forced transformation creatures.

Cordeila: ?


Gru, Grushalak: Ht Expertise: Skills of the Champion, Ht. Chr A


Oz: Heightened Sense; Sense of smell:

Transformation: more powerful form Werewolf, + Low self control


Agent Reiley Finn: Spl weapon: Military Equipment, Ht Expertise: Military Training, Ht Str A, Security Clearance of at least 10+.


Spike: Vampire Body, perhaps some skill in poetry


Jonathan: Magic Spells: Augmentation Spell, Various Curses and Illusions


Angel:  Vampire Body, Special Weapon: Prophecy (note in season 5 of Angel this may have been given up [potentially transferred to Spike], which corresponds to season 8 of Buffy time wise) ht. Chr A


Loren: Empathic “Futuresense”, may be countered by emotional modifications


Giles Rupert: Ht Expertise: Research, Special Weapon: Research Materials, Transmutation: Watchers from their training have the ability to take the basics of a Chosen One and bring out the most of their charge, giving them the tools to defeat almost any target.


Wesley Wyndham-Pryce: Ht Expertise: Research, Special Weapon: Research Materials, Transmutation: Watchers from their training have the ability to take the basics of a Chosen One and bring out the most of their charge, giving them the tools to defeat almost any target.

Special Weapon: Various weapons and tools, his hidden rapier and spike shooter as well as twin pistols as well as keen mind make him a worthy adversary.


Gunn: Season 5 Lawyer and Language Skills, previously Vehicle, Allies & Special Weapon.


Anya: Ht Expertise Demonic lore.


Dawn:  Watcher Training


Sunnydale Schooling:  because of the nature of being on the Hellmouth the Sunnydale Academia have stepped up to the challenge as much as they are able and anyone completing more than one year of Schooling in Sunnydale automatically receives +4 (the equivalent of Ht. Expertise) with all paramedic style rolls, this is defensible from the standpoint of multiple of the graduates (and Dawn) have saved lives as well as given detailed medical information (Specifically notable when Cordie’ notes various items to the Paramedics in season one of Angel).



Alternate Notes and Characters

I was thinking about how it could be fun to play a character who inherited the bulk of the Watchers legacy (whatever survived the explosions and killings in Season 6 plus their work related insurance policies) and a campaign built around attempts to keep him in one piece long enough to grow into a leader for the New Watchers Council, as well as a few lines I might see/use in such a situation.

”There is a girl around the deaths of several supernatural creatures.  I am looking for her yet she is well hidden.”

“Well what about the insurance policies you said were out about the dead guys I profited from?”

“You think that the insurance company knows where to find her mentor?”

“Well Why Not?

“I… Don’t Know, I never thought of that.”


“Heh, we are lucky to have a few supernatural’s, some groups are only a few learned mortals trying to stem the tide of darkness with little chance.  I always swore I would never join such a lost cause.”


A Vampire Slayer in the Buffyverse that uses toothpicks and a blowgun to kill vampires.