Vehicles Part 2

This post is less about the theories behind vehicle design and more about the potential mechanics one could use to describe the V&V vehicle options.  These are not set up for any particular campaign but my own and are not particularly balanced nor based upon any stats but general ballpark figures.

Feel free to modify to suit as desired/needed for your own use.

As a final note before the hard stats most of these run on dramatic fuels rather than realistic ones.  Stopping in the middle of a battle to refuel could be hilarious once but annoying much more than that.  Thus the vehicles are not given fuel ranges or other long haul data typically found and arguably many super vehicles are designed for cross country (or international , or interplanetary) trips, they don’t necessarily last either.  If the text mentions a reasonable operation span assume that the vehicle has fuel-like resources for at least that long.

Name and Description Weight Passengers Cargo Capacity (In Lbs.) Speed Disable Demolish Special abilities
Amazon, the: Not to be viewed as a lady in distress this vehicle is a dangerous beauty.  Sporting missile launch capacity this is the ultimate in combat vehicle luxury. 6,000 1+1 100 29″ 25 100 This vehicle has 100 points of armor, and is considered “fireproof”  (it utilizes the Flame powers defense table)  the vehicle has five separate missile stations: three capable of firing in the front arc, two in a universal turret.  Four of these are 10 shot options firing linked in sets of two )one set in the turret, one set in the front of the vehicle) or all the attacks can be set to go off when the vehicle rams an opponent.  The fifth system fires its entire payload of six missiles as a single action attacking independently of each other.   Each missile that hits does 2d6+1 damage the single firing systems hit on HTH+3, while the multi-firing system hits on a HTH +1.     Needless to say, in most cases owning The Amazon is a highly illegal enterprise.
Bank Tank: This powerful item enables a child themed or capering crazy character the ultimate in whimsical war machines.  It is painted a hyper pink as a sign it is a combination of Dangerous, Deranged and Creepy. 15,600 4+8 1,000 12″ 150 300 Armed with Piggy Wiggy Gel Guns delivering up to 4 shots per round from a 20 capacity ammo trunk out to Ax2″ range at HTH +3 accuracy dealing 1d6 normal and 1d12 to struck opponents power scores with a Pork N Beans Battering Ram (does 6d6 damage to targets of rams and applies the disintigration rule to all ramming damage dealt) and the Wee Wee Wee Homing system (guiding 4 Piglet missiles HTH+6 8″ explosion dealing 3d10 damage) halving range penalties within 200″.  Pork Barrel Body armor grants 120 points of armor.
Cyclopean Car was initially designed as a Search and Rescue aid for park ranger types.  Eventually the design project for this series of vehicles was scrapped when the aesthetics of the project offended one of the upper directors.  Fortunately one of these vehicles was built as a prototype by that point and was sold years later as part of a cleaning house. 5,000 1+4 1,400 25 25 100  In addition to it’s off road strength, the vehicle sports a powerful winch, as well as having the capacity to control not only the focus, but the direction and size of the headlight including the option to create a blinding and disorienting flash for use against either misbehaving animals or humans (up to four Blinding attacks, use the Light Control Power, attacking on the Light Control collumn within a cone of 3″ terminus and a length of A/2″, 5 if the operator wishes the car to be inoperable until it can get a charge from another electrical source).
Damaged Spacecraft: A part of what brought this character to this time or place (and perhaps the source for his origin) as the character repairs the vehicle (or has it upgraded or successfully experiments on the vehicle) the vehicle becomes more powerful this is assumed to be subsumed by the down time for the character (much like training for other level based abilities). 26,400 1+7 5,000 18″ Flight 26 110 Initially the vehicle only has limited local tansport (of some sort) but after the character reaches 4th level they can travel from planet to planet and later on perhaps even further (including other dimensions) per.  Typically there are safeguards to the opening of the apetures preventing hazards from despoiling or worse the innards of the vehicle.
Doom-drones (1) are a quintet of vehicles designed to work as a team.  Each of the Doom-drones is in essence a unique vehicle piloted by its own pilot.  In those cases requiring more than the combined powers of the group of vehicles as individuals the Doom-drones may assemble into a gigantic robot for truly immense combats.  Each vehicle requires a separate piloting skill and in addition each position in the Doom-drone Robot also requires a separate piloting skill for the successful operation of the vehicle as a unit.  The transformation process heals half of any damage done previously to the vehicles as well, but cannot occur if all the vehicles are not in the same location
Doom-drones (2) Air-bolt 10, 000 1 100 13 100 500 Supplimentally the Air-bolt may use 12 Sonic style (which are air based) attacks or energize a Sonic defense for one minute 12 times.
Doom-drones (3) Aquarian 10, 000 1 100 13 100 500 Additionally the Aquarian may use 5 reserve hydro bursts that attack as Ice (but deal no continuing damage except to machines that may be affected by water attacks) or energize an Ice style defense for one minute five times. While in sufficient water Aquarian can easily replenish his reserves.
Doom-drones (4) Earth-shaker 10, 000 1 100 13 100 500 The Earth-shaker may energize a Magnetic Defense for four one hour periods.
Doom-drones (5) Shadow-blend 10, 000 1 100 13 100 500 In addition the Shadow-blend may create an invisibility field for up to five hours total time before its separate power source runs out.
Doom-drones (6) Spitfire 10, 000 1 100 13 100 500 In addition the Spitfire may use 12 Flame attacks or energize a flame defense for one minute 12 times.
Doom-drones (7) Mega-Robot: 50, 000 5 500 26* 500 2500 Earth-shaker and Aquarian become the robots legs, with Air-bolt and Spitfire becoming the arms and Shadow-blend becoming the chest and head.  *This version of the Doom Drone recieves a x2 Multiplier for all attack ranges and Movement (pre calculated for movement) due to relative size, all attacks against the giant robot divide the range by 2 to reflect the influence of size on  range penalties.  In combat it deals 3d10 damage per blow unless it draws its energy blade, a massive energy sword capable of dealing 4d10 HTH +2d8 Electricity damage striking as an Electricity Attack. While in this form the Doom-Drone Mega-Robot can utilize all the defenses and  attacks for each separate vehicle, but is still linited to the original vehicles charges.
Name and Description Weight Passengers Cargo Capacity (In Lbs.) Speed Disable Demolish Special abilities
Eye-Max, the Storm-chasers vehicle: Designed to have a reasonable chance to stand up to a Class 4 Tornado it combines sloping technologies and resilient impact resistant materials and to try and stand up to everything the weather can throw at it as well as pitons to anchor the vehicle to nearly any surface because it is not designed for flight or landing. 14,000 1+2 500 10 50 150 All of the exterior portions of the vehicle are designed with two points in mind: reducing the chances something will sideswipe/broadside the vehicle and preventing the wind from lifting the vehicle.  To these ends it is quite sloped, dramatically lowering its profile.  While being driven less than 80 MPH winds won’t even shift the vehicle while driving.  The combination of sloping and resiliency means any physical attack less than 3d10 takes a -2 to hit as does Vibratory/wind based powers, telekinisis, and explosives.  the interior is designed to support but not comfort for at least a day.
Flying Carpet: Appearing to be a beautiful if slightly worn and aged Persian rug, this vehicle carries up to five at the command of the owner typically flying in the habitable zone though with powerful enough magic’s this limitation may be only superficial. 100 1+4 900 12 30 60 This beautiful carpet is typically of a fine though antiquidated design.  Some have been seen with signs of heavy use while others are nearly pristine, much like any classic vehicles that can be found.  The unusual aspect of this vehicle is that it provides few, if any, safeties for the passengers as well as being so lightweight many individuals could easily mishandle this typically enchated item.
Gorgoths Tower: This Enchanted tower, though not really seen as a vehicle, it is far too maneuverable to be considered a base either. 500, 000 (or 1, see description) 0+30 100, 000 As Carrier (See text) 500 1,000 This round stone tower is approximately 4 stories tall with ground floor and roof access, arrow slits, fireplaces and many comfortable furnishings.  The tower though immobile with but a single word transforms into a palm sized cube of stone.  A part of this process is that it will safely kick out every living creature in the process.  The cube of stone may then be moved and when tossed to the ground again and the command word is uttered it will become the tower in a new location if there is enough room.  Composed of magically reinforced stone walls, shutters and doors, this treatment gives the vehicle the equivalent structural strength to tungsten steel (12 SS).  Even more incredible to most is the fact that the tower will not sink or fall over in water or swamplands though it can not move under its own power (including the action of winds or waves).
Missile Command: instead of a standard ‘vehicle’ The character has several missiles at his command, though not necessary these could be part of a part of a larger. vehicle.  Generally their accuracy is restricted to where they are incapable of targeting a single target of man sized or smaller 1,000 0+1 500 18″ 50 110 They also can be used to transport a single individual, as long as they are not Claustrophobic.  This tactic is used to insert powerful/dangerous individuals in otherwise difficult to access places or to enable their most valued persona to escape.  As a weapon the Device deals 3d10 damage if it strikes (use HTH +4 without level mods) the target directly otherwise the main explosives detonate attacking as HTH +12 for 6d10 in a 12″ explosive radius.  Ramming with a person inside deals 4d10 to the passenger.
Mud-Dauber: Though built upon a classic Pickup frame its unique attributes are hidden, often under mud. 4,930 1+3 3200 23″ 55 160 This vehicle is well suited to off road manuvering (+3 to off road driving related checks) but dislikes more mundane pavement (-1 to driving related checks on paved roads) it also is just lucky (5% benefit in random probability based checks).
Nuclear Steam Powered Tramper: combining the fantastic and the antiquated the character has a Steam powered ship by a Nuclear core.  Some caution should be used as the nuclear core could cause issues if care is not used. 1,200,000 10+200 575,000 6″ 200 2,000 This multi ton-or-man transport system is a wonder for bringing forth several units or back specimines of nearly any size around distant areas.  It doesn’t race but will chug along if properly provisioned for up to six months with nary a problem unless it encounters combat.
Plex-steel war craft: These are alien designed multi-Purpose-and-use craft enabling a pilot to conform their vehicle to whatever the battle needs from front line tank like fighting craft to warships to troop transport these missile proof plastic and steel faceted vehicles use outer shell attachments in order to move and handle many combat tasks. 7,500 2+2 2,200 12+1d10″ 100 250 The Character starts with a vehicle granted -1 to be hit, 40 points of armor, and one form of movement with the base movement as listed.  For each level the character gains, they have chances for an increased benefit as the vehicles are developed.  An automatic gain of 1d4 points of armor.  10% chance to gain +1 to certain attack, 1″ of movement or driving rolls.  10% chance to gain a defensive benefit (typically among the first benefits are up to -3 to be hit).   10% chance to gain a second craft which 50% of the time can manuver differently.  And finally check the 10% chance to gain an offensive benefit. Most improvements should be limited to less than full powers and may be further improved by the invention process.
Psion throne: Appearing to be a large throne of bone not all of which is humanoid or even earth like.  In addition to automatically hovering to where the operators head is a foot above the head of the nearest sentient being unless otherwise desired it also has several powers designed to aid the ‘operator’. 1,000 1 500 As Owners base movement in Game inches +Charisma 100 150  As the premire mental amplification and transportation accomodation built of nearly a half ton of bone this item is rather unusal and grants unusual benefits. The first multiple attack and any area of effect mental attack is for half price by a person seated on a this throne usable just once per 24 hours.  Any D20 Charisma roll needed while sitting on the throne gains a +1 for the master of this throne.
SALUDE (Sea, Air, Land & Underground Diagnostic Engineer) Previously owned by a European research group, this vehicle can traverse a great many of the earths environments. 6,000 1+5 2200 See Special Abilities 45 200 Sea: 19″ Swimming, Air: 13″ Flight, Land: 25″ ground, Underground: 25″ tunneling/ one quarter of the defense of material being tunneled through, up to 15 defense.  (25/(defense/4) being drilled through = movement in inches)  SALUDE also carries enough fuel and supplies (including air) for eight days.
Snow Vehicle Beach Ball Cam: Designed as a forward observer for deep artic blizzards 100 0+1 10 12″ 15 25 Due to its design, when functional there is little in the natural world that can really easily end up restraining the beach ball shaped (and designed) Observation vehicle.  Even with an intelligence behind the attempts to restrain the vehicle directly those attemtps often fail most times unless the character succeeds an Inventing % roll.  The same rule applies to dealing damage to the vehicle.  It can record and transmit information in 360 degrees up to 100 miles nearly instantaniously as well as record and store up to 100 hours of data in a black box.
Snow Vehicle Blizzard Cam: Designed as an anciliary support vehicle this artic transport and navigation portage system is very versatile. 100 0+1 10 10″ 12 50 This vehicle is notable for its propensity of automatically escaping from ice because of it’s ability to use the flame defense inherently for up to 12 hours per day between refulings.  It also is immune to 12 points of ice effects per turn, and can record and transmit information (including rebroadcasting)with two 90 degree arcs up to 120 miles nearly instantaniously as well as record and store up to 100 hours of data in a black box.
Snow Vehicle Snow Cam the main operations center for Artic blizzard analysis this is the top notch in safety and 100 1+1 10 8″ 10 75 Slowest of the three it can support its driver and a passenger for up to  a week in relative comfort with everything from a waste disposal system to nutrient and air supplies.  Typically it has the same ranges of reception and broadcast as the Blizzard cam and the passenger and the operator can review and analyze the data with a +3 to their rolls.
Stunt Cycles: Built for more than speed these are some of best designed stunt cycles on the planet.  Modified by stunt performers these Cycles are possibly the best of the best. 500 1+1 50 30″ Ground 10 30 In addition to the capacity of incredible speed the vehicles are light and very maneuverable (+1 to all driving rolls, +3 to Stunts), capable of Nitrous Oxide injection (4 charges of +20″ speed bonus to ground movement for 5 phases), the Stunt Tires enable driving on any surface (well practically, only while moving at 50″+) In combat the Cycle is definitely built to only take attacks from the front for any real duration since the 30 points of armor is centered there.  Though these models are extensively used, they are still quite serviceable, even though they have been replaced by newer models for the cross country trip by the team who had them designed.
Torn Down Ride: Initially this vehicle starts off as little better than a standard Compact Car but responds to the opportunities availible to powered individuals by expanding and developing capacity, growing along side the character. 2000 1+3 825 20″ 10 40 Each level the character gains, results in the following chances for an increased benefit as the vehicle is restored or improved: All chances are cumulativley increasing with the odds resetting after an ability is gained.  Beginning with an automatic gain of 1d4 divided among points to demolish and disable.  10% chance to gain 25# of cargo capacity, though this may eventually include additonal passengers.  10% chance to gain a mnor defensive benefit.  And lastly there is a 5% chance to gain an offensive benefit. Most improvements should be limited to locally sourced or found technologies and may be further improved by use of the invention process.
Unlinked Experimental Copter Pack: Designed with individual flight performance in mind, this vehicle trasports one (and really only one) character for up to 6 hours between refuling and maintenance checks. 50 1 0 15″ Air 10 10 As a heli pack the vehicle is light at the price of fragility offering personal flight while retaining standard vehicular utility, but keep in mind it can be used (pretty much once only) to deal a 4 shot automatic 2d8 damage attack to anything that encounters the whirring blades attacking on the HTH table at +2 if attempting to use it as an attack.  Linked Copter Packs are less vehicles and more the Flight power using the characters abilities rather than the devices capacity as a separate vehicle.

The artwork is again (the probably) poorly executed design the less said about that the better. 🙂  Again using Excel does not display this set of data to its fullest in WordPress.

Credit is due to my brother, Bentley Davis, for creating The Amazon for our Car Wars.

And as a final note: this and the Previous post about vehicles do not quite match up name to name.  So if someone can figure out which vehicles are which vehicles matching each kind of vehicle with its generic description I will see about some sort of reward. Nothing much but it will be something the respondent will like.


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