A few Super powered categories…

…people might not have heard of.

While some are tried and true but new names reskinning older ideas, some of these are concepts I haven’t seen in publications as a group.  This could be useful in order to demonstrate how different another area is (including a newly discovered dimension) or to flavor a campaign the uses are nearly endless.


Chemovore: This is a character who can sense and interact with materials on a molecular level while still generating operational level effects.  Basically the name translates as “one who eats chemicals” it is a bit more complex than that though because gaining nourishment from chemical compounds is what most organic being really do.  This character concept/design revolves around a much broader spectrum of abilities such as transforming .

Datavore: Similar to the Chemovore this character possesses incredible abilities to interact with data on both a large and small scale.  Some versions of this character concept do deal with eating thoughts (devouring data in an almost literal way),

Gearheart: A character that became a Cyborg by surviving an accident, rather than one built by choice.

Inukshuk- from the Inuit language and translated as “Image of man” this is a descriptor for concepts such as cybernetic full body conversions or aliens or robots who have a human form like andro & Gyno ids.  Perhaps made of strange materials compared to most lifeforms. 






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