Adapting to the Changes

Adaptation: This power grants the ability to survive or even thrive in hostile environments, often those that would cause significant difficulty, injury or even death to unprotected humans.  This power does provide some combat worthy effects since handling the heat of the sun while walking on it would probably make a flamethrower by comparison seem mild.  This power does not provide immunity to attacks though; part of the reason is in most encounters the power has no damaging environment to react to leaving the power somewhat idling but still capable of providing the defense chart element should the character have access to that ability and perhaps other defensive concepts.  

A: Though generally not thought as an attack, having a great defense against an inherently dangerous environment then forcing another character into that environment without defenses is one way to defeat an opponent.  Fighting in a burning building where one is immune to the smoke and flames would grant a huge advantage to the protected individual over another.

B: Defensively considered a Resistance this power grants the ultimate form of survival the ability to not only gain the resistance chart but in addition the character could have the ability to survive in hostile environments like space, the sun or the depths of the sea, Volcanic or Ice Planets among many other locations. 

C: Movement is generally not granted by this power concept since it is an arguably defensive ability unless it is absolutely vital to being adapted to the environment.  An example would be if the character was on an alien plane requiring mental projection for movement the character might be able to move from adapting to the environment.  If the shorter distance between two points is through a hazardous substance (such as a Lake of Fire, Ice Seven fields, dancing on the surface of Jupiter, or sledding across methane flows) the power can allow speedier transport than expected of those without this power.

D: Adaptation does not typically grant sensory abilities however some variants could have a precognitive component wherein the character knows what kinds of environments they will encounter and thus are able to generate appropriate defenses before they are needed. Or for a different example the character could be thoughtful enough to plan for ‘this’ contingency so they would be considered to have the necessary equipment on hand ‘just in case’ it might be needed.


Examples of Adaptation Powers (1d10)

-Adapt or Die: When faced with impossible situations the character can perform death defying combat feats by making a d20 End save at -2 for every multiple of the characters basic Hits they take in damage if it would kill them (if a character has 4 basic hits and takes damage from an attack equal to 14 damage the character must make a d20 End save at -6 (-0 for the first 4 damage, -2 for the 4-8 range, another  -2 for the 9-12 and a final -2 for taking damage in the 13-16 range) if the character fails, the damage the attack did is taken as if the power did not exist otherwise the character ignores the damage and many possible combat effects ( typically knock out results and critical effects for example) excepting knock back in some cases (where the force is still transferred). 

-As pure as the driven slush: though considered by some to be cursed the character can ignore an awful lot of things that would otherwise disgust others at a minimum and quickly kill otherwise whether it comes from a lack of self-awareness, sense of smell and gag reflexes, or having come from somewhere equal to many of the vilest places in the campaign.  This adaptability allows the character to go where others could (or would) not go. The character tastes bad gaining a -4 to be hit by most bite attacks and if devoured (say by large creatures or if shrunk) the character deals his or her HTH value each between turns with +1 for each round past their basic hits as their composition begins to irritate the digestive system of the being.  Unless the devourer tries to attack the devouree, the swallowed character is typically ‘safe’ because of this power.  In ‘normal’ environments the character may be easier to track until the character confuses the trail by going somewhere the tracker finds repulsive (typically someplace worse than sewers).

-Hansel and Gretel: The Character can pick up commonly found items & make them useful for a variety of non-combat situations.  Usually the power user must expend some effort in order to secure the item in question and the plan is considered likely to succeed in most cases unless the GM has a good and dramatic reason (originally Hansel would take rocks that could be seen by moonlight, the wicked mother prevented that idea on the third night and they tried to make do with breadcrumbs, which failed).  This power is different from using inventing points, in that the character has an unlimited supply of reasonable success options rather than expending Inventing points and attempting Inventing Rolls.  This power neither supersedes common sense, reasonable accommodations, denies that this power/concept can be made better by actual role-playing, nor does it make having inventing points worthless.

-Never been afraid of Any Radiation: the characters’ exterior (typically a suit, though it could be anything from a mystic stone to a psionic field) is made of defensive materials though like armor isn’t necessarily of true combat quality instead the character can ignore many kinds radioactive materials negative effects.

-Omnisuit 2000: this piece of space age tech enables the wearer to survive anywhere, from the depths of Jupiter’s gravity well to the surface of the sun however without a way to escape the immense gravity the character may be stuck there for a long while or until the power systems in the suit give away.  Better find a solar flare that might launch the character off that immense gravity well pretty soon….

-Power of Prophecy: Power for potential can be a gift, it can also form the basis of a curse.  This power represents the direct impact of mystic forces that ensure the continuation of the bearer of the one most likely to fulfill a prophecy.  Because of the power behind the impetus for either good or ill the bearer finds themselves at the center of the action in the conflict between two (or more) ideologies whether as simple as Good Vs. Evil or a Battalion of competing divinities.

-Sea master: The half-blooded subsea warrior can deal with any environment found under or above the seas he calls home.  Operating in environments like deserts and other dry areas, or by spending too much time on dry land the powers possessor can become dehydrated but anywhere else and he is in very good shape.  Mechanically this should be represented by recovering power without standard rest every minute in watery environments but in dry conditions the character loses power at half the rate (by subtracting his recovery rate every two minutes from his power score or working out an equitable system). Other versions of this power could relate to different sorts of mixed mythical or theoretical races  

-Sleep Like a Rock:  The character has a certain advantage, in that they are capable of getting sleep (while still being alert) rather than the standard adaption power. 

-The Virtues between two Vices: this adaption enables the character to find the balance point between two extremes.  The zone where the character operates is so small though that only one can operate there, thus the characters’ fellows if any, cannot share in the ability.


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