Strangest Dream

I had a Dream that involved Heroic Tourney.  I was walking in a big department store like a Gordmans or Target (I can see the floors, but not the merchandise) talking on a cellphone to a guy who was talking about a couple of friends of his who used to be on gameshows fairly frequently.  We were discussing their various merits….

But neither of them were gamers.  I think it was a doomed conversation from the start, interesting from the standpoint of how I see the business (which isn’t based in reality, and probably how one would present it gamers wise).  I also think it is a good sign of I am thinking about the show a lot while waiting for other events to arise.

This also brings up the real merits, I appreciate my friends who showed up and helped me get to this point (Pictured above from L to R Scott Field, Mythica, Wendelyn Reischl, James Kaiser) Among the missing from this group of ne’er do wells is Friends and family Wayne Vinson (due to family concerns), Alison Enright, Kasey Davis, Adrian Romero and Dominic Sandoval.  And of course my biggest and bestest person Sarafina Chavez.

Thanks you all because without you I might have a real nightmare on my hands if that dream was any indication.


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