Expanded power descriptions V&V House Rules Part III

Continuing upon the previous explorations of V&V House rules with more “Simple Statements”  Sometimes with ‘simple’ things the basic presentation can be easy to say but difficult to explain and follow.  Again requiring discipline to execute properly.  This is the last section for the Expansion of House Rules portions, and perhaps the most important,  to see the previous portions check out Part I and Part II.

The Last Simple Statement: Have fun, this is a game intended to provide a good value for your hard-earned resources and important time. These are rules for a basis of mutual agreement and fun rather than a strait jacket. The rules are also mutable because every time a different writer takes over a comic book or even some of what many would consider minor changes to the production staff the abilities, direction, and utility of many of the characters can change, and this event is probably handled easiest by allowing mutually agreeable flexibility and moderation to the rules.  The rules are also mutable to fit a particular group’s playing styles and level of comfort so they should be altered in order to let everyone enjoy themselves.  

The Artwork is hand drawn counters for my own V&V campaign (messy I know, but still my own ugly beloved children).  Also these comments refer to V&V 2nd edition, inspired by little tidbits from talking to various players in Jeff Dee and Jack Herman’s Campaign as well as Jeff’s own blog from years ago crossbred with some Hero System inspired concepts.  The result is of course just some house rules and commentary and is not intended to do harm.

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