Bowling Night with miniature flat sided Bowling Balls.

So when I was invited by a post on FB to describe my hobby, badly, the title for this post was what I came up with.  Of course it is referencing the RPG hobby and perhaps the focus of the game for outsiders but not the true genesis of an RPG: the Dice.

Dice, is a source of many superstitions as well as powerful feelings (ask the people at Critical Castle about why they have a Sledgehammer)  Personally I have seen people ‘train’ their dice or set them on the maximum result in order to succeed (I do the reverse thinking that the dice get tired of being on any particular facing) or ‘Pre-roll’  (which I also do but to get the minimum results then leave them up on the ‘worst’ result).

Fame rubs or having someone blow on the dice ‘for luck’ also can occur at the table for play benefit (neither of which I subscribe to) and I have seen some pretty darn impressive probability manipulation at the table.  Like 50/50 chances of success on thirty throws resulting in a 5% success ratio.

I do have a special house rule: There is a benefit to a  kinked die or one that did not land on the table or in the playing area is a sort of rule I like to call “The Marble rule”.  Until all the dice have ‘stopped’ rolling if they hit other dice they can change the results.  So if someone rolls  6d and 2d6 fall off the table they can reroll and hit a one or two to get a hopefully better result.  With larger dice there is a larger risk though so let the roller beware.

So if I missed a particular superstition for your own “bowling with flattened spheres”  please let me know in the comments.

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