I have to admit…

I’m not certain the streamlining Steven S. Long was going for in HERO 6E was quite as effective as intended.

Here is the Problem: during the Shadow Angelius game at the charity event I had an Autofire weapon.  I had no clue how many shots I could/would/should fire.  In 5E HERO I would look for the max # and work down from there.  Typically for my own characters I buy 3-5 Autofire max and don’t worry about it, but another may view and deal with things from a different style.

But with a pregen I’d like to know the numbers of Charges and Autofire rate because yes I have seen weapons with a Autofire and charges rate that does not support sustained rates of fire.  While it was not likely the case I like to be certain while playing a character who sensibly is not going to blow through all of their ammo but in dire situations could.

Thus putting this consternation on me worrying about acting without the information I like to have.  And these are the sort of things I think a character would know and a Player should know.   It also stops the flow of the game because I should be thinking on this while others are acting/resolving instead of using my spotlight time to ask questions.


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