Cyborg Anthropologist POV

I recently heard this
And it is an interesting take on things.  Especially the things that make us Human, yet different from anyone else.  If you have ever struggled with another persons cell phone trying to do what they effortlessly succeed at then you might understand that even with someone who you know pretty well can be quite alien even if you have been with them for a bakers dozen with of years and married for at least a decade.

Take applying this POV to Clothing/Worn items.  We take off our fur to clean it making it last longer and avoiding all that shedding/re-growing business.  we can build armor (like an armadillos plates) to our specifications.

Or how about Buildings, we are cyborgs in built to spec caves.  Caves! man or otherwise…  a Superhero’s base of operations is a cybernetic specialized entity.

Vehicles are our feet/wings/fins…  And arguably Batman is the greatest Cyborg ever.




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