Movement on Scintilator

Well she has had a great deal of improvement on the V&V characteristics front. So here you go:Her V&V powers are better linked up with her Hero stats.



Identity: Scintilator
Sex: f
Age and Appearance: 19 Seline appears without her powers to be a 4’11” Angry Latino beauty blessed with classic beauty, exceptional confidence, a quick mind and firey temper from the tips of her brown hair (often dyed various colors for attracting attention) to the ends of her garishly manicured and pedicured digits.  She finds few rewards operating as a superheroine, wanting to be a world class model and internationally renowned fashion designer. At any size out of the human norm she gains Attenae sprouting from her forehead.
Alternate Identities: The Squealing Shrinker, Violent Vixen
Weight: 122 Basic hits: 4
Agility mod:
Strength: 12 Endurance: 15
Agility: 20 Intelligence: 18
Char: 23 Reaction: 4
Hit point modifier:         ( 1.2 ) ( 1.9 ) ( 1.8 )  ( 1.3 ) = 5.3352 Healing Rate:
Hit Points (  21  ): Power (  65  ):
Movement Rates: 12″ ground
220″ wing speed
C. Cap: 197 Basic HTH Damage:
Detect Hidden: Detect Danger:
Inventing Points: 1.8
Inventing %: 56%
Security Clearance: n/a
Powers: Entomophobia:  Although not frightened witless by insects (and any creepy crawly things) still for someone who can control bugs she is exceptionally scared of the insects.
The Iridescent Armor currently worn Provides 80 points of Armor as well as arms and armor for her combat encounters large or small.   Seline may have up to 4 garments at any one time in the ‘testing stage of the inventing process’ granting her the ability to have a slot of inventive ability (which occupies an inventing point) as equipment that may grant interesting though not heavy combat benefits. The items should be limited to worn items that might be scientifically possible Imaginary grace (Wings): In addition to the base +3 Agility and winged flight of 220″ Seline has a few additional advantages using her flight including: She’s everywhere!: She can use her Aerobatics skill to force targets in the same combat as her to fire at her rather than other targets. By expending an action, 3 PR and at least half of her flight movement she can force anyone failing a Charisma vs. Charisma d20 contested roll to attack her with a -4 (her reaction adjustment) in addition to other combat modifiers.  She also has the technique called Going For A Spin? Scintilator either tricks or imparts momentum to the target, turning them often enough they become disoriented or unbalanced draining 1d10 Power and Intiative.  If the resulting intiative is 0 or less they act between turns but roll for intiative with everyone else for the next round.
Scintilators Shimmering (Light Control Ring Device) a flexible field of of energies marked by iridescent visual properties that can be used to disorient and debilitate opponents unprepared for her tactics.  As a weapon it emits an intense beam of photons, lasers or whatever dealing 2d8 damage for 1 power point per attack up to Ax2” range.  There are other offensive capabilities available to the wielder of the energies from her size shifting like using a Blinding burst emitted directed at a single target in the range of (Ax2) requiring a special roll on the Light Control column to hit, One Pr per use and if successful the target behaves as if encircled in darkness.  If both rolls were a 1 the character may be permanently blinded.  Scintilator may use the Autofire rules and the special attack may be added to her normal energy attack for one more PR. Bug you? Bug me! (Insect control):Scintilator has had many cells implanted in her forehead that when she is shrunk become antennae for her to aid and receive aid from the insect world. Even while fully grown she still maintains the ability if not desire to use these powers. As an additional benefit when the Attenae are present she only loses half the power normally lost when rolling with a punch.
Shrinking Feeling (Size Control: Shrinking). Seline can shrink down to insect sized and possibly smaller though she is easily frightened by being this size.  While she is shrunk she can use Scintilator’s Propriectic Punch (HTH+3/+0 but x5 multiplier to determine KO chances) but she also may shrink others which with her insect control abilities can result in the opposition suddenly finding themselves in the middle of an army lead by her.

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