Inspiration by Art

Arguably Role Playing Games and players are inspired by art.  Both the written word (Tolkien, Vance, and anyone else in Appendix N or the equivalents thereof) and the Art (Easley, Otis, Dee, Elmore etc…)  as well as Movies, plays, and yes even cheap plastic monsters from Japan.  Here is a piece of art I wish I would have thought of.

This particular piece I have seen before at a previous art show but I didn’t have the technology to capture it and the space to describe what I liked about it. Now I have a cell phone of reasonable quality and a blog so I have no excuse except not sitting down and writing.

When I first saw this I was struck by how this was so much the way I see supernatural territories.  Especially those of Dragons, but most supernatural creatures can fly so it ends up  as: Rings of territory with some rising and falling as their power and whims and reputation are altered by perception of power and the flows of time or information.

It could also be a diagram of Superheroes territories of influence and protection.  Or a map of the areas of malevolence governed by mobsters or gangs.  Perhaps post Apocalyptic warlords scavenging for survival?  A Divinities worshipped Display?

In the end though it doesn’t matter what I currently think it could be.  As long as it makes people think and feel differently about our own maps and how to use them then that is what truly matters.  If you think of a new way to use the map listed let me know in the comments I would love to see it.

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