Learning from other players

Wendy Reischl is at it again, this time though I am just going to point out a few good ideas she utilized during the game.  The easiest to point out is her utilization of the name tent for her character: on the side facing other players she has the character names on the side facing her telling her to call the gentleman across the table from her Illuminatus and next to her is Force Majure.

Part of the reason why I like to show this from our filming of the promo material is because this is a tip from a good player that can really help other players. Because it doesn’t matter if  the person playing the other characters match the descriptions or actions (though as Roleplayers we would hope so in the latter case) the player using the tent this was has a way to easily and accurately get the information fast.  And that is a good thing during a game.

Photo Credit goes to Wendy Reischl.

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