Top ten reasons why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful…

I am a bit behind with posting, so for a few Days I’ll be posting extra previous material. This is something I first wrote a few years ago ( when we had a dog) as a bit of humor about a superhero having a lap dog as a pet.

10. Walking the dog is innocent appearing exercise for endurance building for later getting ready to beat up criminals.

9. Superheroes never have to get a dog down from a tree.

8. In all the horror movies the pet does give you some clues as long as you can separate out the red herrings from the real dangers. Cats, not so much.

7. I get points with my wife for taking care of it.

6. Having your Wife’s dog get endangered is much better than having your Wife endangered.

5. Having a pet with Striking Appearance: Really Cute is as good as, if not better than, you having it.

4. You can combine walking the dog with neighborhood crime watch duties and the leash could become an improvised weapon/restraint device.

3. With a creative power skill roll he can become a distraction for use against my enemies.

2. He’s a Dependent NPC Incompetent Normal no Useful skills… that’s worth more points right?


And the number one reason why my Wife’s PITA lap dog could be useful is….

1.       He could cause the accident that causes me to gain (or change) Super Powers.



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