The Third Chaos God

(As a side note it is pretty odd that the Day I remember to post this is also the day I have a very vivid dream about making weapons including a blued steel sword that could be altered like some sort of awesome tool with measurements like a yardstick. But on with the real show….)

Keeping in line with previous Chaos Gods Here and here I present:


Lesser god


MOVE: 14″ # 24”







SIZE: L (8’)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: All who advance the causes of technology and things over life and the living. Warriors who venerate weapons are especially favored.

SYMBOL: Forge (Atomic)

PLANE: Ethereal

CLERIC Group: 10th level in each Sohei and Druid

FIGHTER Group: 10th level Samurai

MAGIC-USER Group: 12th level in Alchemist and Necromancer

THIEF group: 14th level Thief

OTHER group: 8th level Bard


S: 25(+ 7, +14) I: 2W: 1D: 18 C: 2CH: 12

The Thing of Things is an ‘it’ who disdains life as being less than the things. The Thing appears as an 8 foot tall hybrid of flesh/metal/undefined compound golem with a glassteel appearing apetureless helm and the characteristic flowing facial features of these Lords of Chaos. (Those who have seen the Powered battle armor from Gamma world would recognize it as such).  It seems to be aggressive in combat able to fire bolts of energy from rods attached to his arms (laser rifles).  It has the powers and/or abilities of any Magical item up to six a round (including Artifacts, though he will not try to permanently improve himself using this power) in addition to using those bolts. (Some of his favorite choices are firing off six wands of Wonder/A wonder, or using five Spheres of Annihilation and a Talisman of the sphere, 6 sets of maximized Darts of the Hornet, etc…) and he may Command any Golems, or other constructs (up to, including and beyond the Mighty Servant of Leum-Ko) within 200” ‘telepathically’ as if they were loyal servants of his so long as they do not have souls bound to them.

He also may sacrifice his two energy attacks to activate a power that sets off one charge from all technological and/or magic items in a 20 foot radius once per round and continuing to do so for one turn.  This may somewhat benefit the targets (as the items can affect the nearest target especially In the case of potions) but make certain to check for things like potion miscibility. Wild mages cannot influence this ability even on wild items in their possession.

This Thing is worshipped as a source for all things (which predates places and people according to the doctrine of this branch of Chaos).  The only known way to attract this things attention is to eliminate an entire tribe/family the venerator is a part of using a single device and then asking for The Thing of Things to give the character that did this a better device.  This is a part of The Thing of Things conflict with aware creators, ignoring them as outside of his sphere while recognizing that they do contribute to his sphere.

He smells of graphite out of combat, after a thunderstorm (ions) in combat, and unless he is being silent he sounds as if all of the gears in the world are humming along together.


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