Thinking about the Show in a different way.

Filming Today.
 Trying to stay calm.  But it can be difficult.

So I am thinking about the different experiences people might have in gaming that could be a point to show off.  I know there used to be groups who did actively pursue winning gaming Tournaments.  That memory gets me to thinking about the vast differences between a group vs. an individual

Groups vs. Individuals could also be defined as Home vs. Convention.

Convention goers who game have a different experience than people who stay at home.  Nothing wrong with that but can it be captured?

Some Existing or home based groups are a little more complicated than those meeting at a Convention. They may have introverts of be uncomfortable with outsiders coming into or approaching their comfort zones quite possibly others viewing them play

So there may be adjustments made for existing groups to be observed.  Some solutions may involve allowing a ghost participant (one who is on set but not directly being filmed).   Or struggling with less than optimal filming conditions

In some ways I might joke I feel a little like Steve Irwin might have with less Aussie accent and more gamers.  I am going to be showing a world that I love and value in all its glory.

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