The First Chaos God Displayed

A while back I decided to build really chaotic gods when I was looking at revising TKA in order to Convert him to HERO System.  Review of the system is pretty important when you are doing characters and building something new can be a way to refresh the long rusted skills before you try to mesh two sets of game rules.

And sometimes you just have fun with bending the rules.  So here is the least of the Chaotic Gods I built.




MOVE: 18”



DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2d8/2d4/2d4




SIZE: M (6’)

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic (neutral)

WORSHIPER’S ALIGN: All humanoids are allowed and encouraged except Dopplegangers

SYMBOL: perfect humanoid

PLANE: Prime Material Plane

CLERIC Group: 7th level Shaman

FIGHTER Group: 19th level Bushi, 18th level oriental Barbarian

MAGIC-USER Group: 12th level Wu Jen

THIEF group: 18th Yakuza

OTHER group: None


S: 18/00 (+3/+6) I: 16 W: 16 D: 2C: 16 CH: 25

Manypeople is the representation in charge of those who are people-ish things according to this branch’s doctrine (that was the last thing to come into being thus the youngest and ‘weakest’ god is in charge of those who are the last to come forth). He has a very round bulbously defined head giving others the impression he has a very thin neck while appearing to be a broad bodied stumpy limbed creature in his true form. He may assume the innate powers and appearance of the most powerful members of any of the races at a time without regard to gender so long as they are true bipeds (includes undead, excludes that which is in The Things of Things sphere or the powers that duplicate the Worm of Places powers). In his true form he smells like the unwashed masses at a distance.

During combat he generally attacks by casting spells to aid himself and his allies before charging in and laying about himself with a high degree of carelessness to himself and his allies. When rolling for possibility of hitting, a natural result of 20 on any die roll for the ‘to hit’ enables him to roll to strike again with the same attack.   When rolling for damage upon any maximum result from any die (4’s from each die of damage for his fists, and 8’s from each d8 for his kick) roll that die again and add to the damage dealt.  Both of these abilities are ad infinitivium and are in addition to other class and skill based abilities as well as campaign norms (such as allowing for critical successes in combat). These advantages do not count while using weapons.

He may steal any one class ability from anyone targeting him in combat with one per target per round. He gains those benefits while denying them to others; this does not apply to hit points.  He may cancel any telepathic/ESP/mind reading or mental influence abilities within 100’ by sacrificing one of his lesser damaging attacks in order to gesture in a way that damages the reception.  By chanting random sounds he may force all of his opponents to re-roll any attack roll of 20 on the die and take the lesser roll, and any damage die that deals max damage against him likewise must be rerolled and  the lesser result taken.

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