Ideas I have to say No to.

The sad part of being a businessman is you have to say no to good ideas.  Even those you think of in your own brain.  Because you have to stay focused on the things that are in motion.  It is a part of being disciplined.

Here are a few ideas I have had to say no to because it dilutes the focus. Originally when I started the list it was with intent to work on these ideas at a later date.  In fact I named the section of the file The Dream Merchant.  I thought most of these had some merchantability.

Digitally Printed marvelous Wearable miniature figurines in Majestic metals.  Basically pewter figures made out of prettier metals to be worn and perhaps taken off to play a game session with before wearing it again.

A Dirty jobs Game show: various tradesmen compete in their fields like welding etc.. to show off the art/science value of their trades.

Here is a selection from 2011 (when I listened to NPR a lot) they are not of course fully developed but…  I’m not going to go any further with these for a long while.

-Looking for practice art using perhaps facial recognition software at the production sites or chemical scanning for the pigments.

-Prison reform

There is no reward built into the system for reduction in recidivism in fact there is a reward for increasing recidivism through bed need growth

The answer then is to use incentives to recognize the positive effects the prisons system could take with a sliding reward scale recognizing variable with rewards for good behavior of former inmates post parole.  The groups involved would then have a future stake in making certain the criminals released were reformed not just having spent their time in purgatory wastefully.

Though this might sound expensive the cost Should be set far less than re- trying and imprisoning the former offender by a good factor.


-Using the energy conversion bacteria found in deep mines in order to provide an anti-radiation barrier.

-Cloth and metal Soap bottle hangers for getting the last bit of soap out of a container by hanging it upside down.

-Tippin for drippins panholders For when you want the last bit of gravy where you can easily get it or the Juice for au jus.  Soup pans to cookie sheets all of the taste is in the sauce.

-Grounds and More: Ground and sweetened espresso and coffee beans, Filtered Presweetened (and Salted) coffee.

-Recyclable/reusable bottle cleaning idea w/ 100% recoverable anti-biotic cleaning agitator clean looking item captured in mesh bag and used again.

-Less lidded water bottles: a reseal able label with tamper evident color changing properties (making the bottles nigh 100% recyclable)

-For box design with recipes have the pull strip on the long edge and the bottom of the cooking instructions so a person can prop them up in order to read the instructions easier.


-Toe cooler: an Athletes foot reduction sock: pump like a dogs chew toy connects to webbing inside top of sock that blows air from the outside of the shoe on top of the foot and around the toes through a webbing that will also help pull out heat and moisture perhaps an additional place to place foot powder to blow from the vents?   Should be machine washable.


-Master sign (4 facing 5 panel sign that enables safer traffic direction for construction individuals.

-Top Desk Sliders & Rollers attach to monitor allow to maneuver laptops and keyboards w/out having to p/u every time….

-Walking in straight lines: Renewal sensory results if Eyes are top And ears are secondary the audio inserting sound could lead to the directional changes of attempting to walk in a straight line.

-Camoflage “texture” suit inflates micro sections in geometric patterns (taking advantage of natural light sources for redirecting visuals thereby adding a realism factor to the suit building). If you then added on an active scan system to adjust the fractal choices the suit could be personalized to the local area without changing the colors

From an NPR-camo discussion 7/28/2011.


-d0 the ^^4+h

challenge reading and summation simultaneously.


-Fire zone coverage via weather balloon satellites as a concept for high danger areas.

Additional form of communication for possible emergency rescues.

Faster reaction time?

Safer for the individuals themselves since they can be called back easier by the Incident Commander.

Allows homeowners in earlier in order to secure and determine damage to properties.

And A few Questions Like :

-Can radar be cancelled like sound with reverse amplitude?

-Is there a way to use the car audio system to drive away bugs inaudibly to most other creatures in nature?


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