Building along.

Building the character I am currently working on proceeds apace.

When it comes to powers in HERO I have a large laundry list of power builds to draw from.  Often they only get modified with a few tweaks to fit better a new character.

It also makes points balancing the character frequently much easier.

But what made her really click for me was the word shimmer, or shimmering

Because Shimmer-Ring was what pounced on me.  And I have to work on that idea now.

Identity: Scintilator                     Character Name: Seline Velma Brazos     Sex:        f             

Age and Appearance:     19           Seline appears without her powers to be a 4’11” Angry Latino beauty blessed with classic beauty, exceptional confidence, a quick mind and firey temper from the tips of her brown hair (often dyed various colors for attracting attention) to the ends of her garishly manicured and pedicured digits.  She finds few rewards operating as a superheroine, wanting to be a world class model and internationally renowned fashion designer. At any size out of the human norm she gains Attenae sprouting from her forehead.                                      

Character Quotes:  “Learn to tell me and Muddaber apart or face the consequences!!”  “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” 


Seline has Shrunken Powers, Flight Powers, and Costume based abilities as well as some insect powers but no growth powers.  Occasionally Seline uses Adelina’s (Muddauber) trick of turning her size alteration abilities into projective debilitators generating temporary, but challenging, statuses intended to put opponents at a disadvantage.                                   

Being an aspiring  world class model as well as clothes designer she follows her mentor in using the opportunity to include defensive or communications gear (and sometimes even offensive capacity) into many of the outfits she designs and wears. Citing her mentors opinion that women need to be capable of defending themselves at any moment Scintilator often attempts to be on the forefront of where defense technology meets fashion.                  

The Iridescent Armor currently worn Provides a variable field of iridescent reflections that can be used to disorient and debilitate opponents unprepared for her tactics as well as arms and armor for her combat encounters.                          

Scintilator has had many cells implanted in her forehead that when she is shrunk become antennae for her to aid and receive aid from the insect world. Even while fully grown she still maintains the ability if not desire to use these powers. The powers are quite flexible they may have any of the following disadvantages: Restrainable (chemically (botox for example), electrical interference or surgically removing the cells/antennae utility -1/4)

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