Building an OC only Slightly homaged

So here is the character notes for an OC only slightly a homage: however I’m not giving out who is being Homaged.  So if you can: Guess Who?

I work on building characters as a break from my ‘regular job’.  It is the sort of fun & creative thing I like to do.  You can build random power sets in any Randomized game system but that frequently feels like you have to end up backfilling certain details for the character.

When you construct a character you can pick a few salient points and build upwards and outwards.  Something like a spiral vs a rocky outcropping.  Both ways of building a character are supported by the comics medium.  A super suit built by someone vs. random lab accident and you have choices vs random, on the surface.

So here is the basics to begin with.

Super Heroine for some NYC Heroes, wannabe Model and Clothing designer of Latin Descent Genetically modified and given items by another hero she had a mentor relationship with. She uses Shrinking Powers and has insect powers but they are “icky”.

Aerobatic Defense

Combat Luck 

Shrunken defenses

Winged Flight

Shrinking Travel

Beam travel

Iridescent Armor: Armor + force Field

Sexy Strut

Trend Setter

+CV related to costuming.

Option have half the powers divided into Shrinking based and the other half into clothing and always available.

Have multiple Multipowers? Multiforms?




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