What makes a Judge?

This is the first part of writing down what I feel makes these three groups somewhat distinct. Judges I would like to pull from those who have not only a great deal of playing experience but also have made significant contributions to the gaming experience and who seek to make gaming a business because they love it.  Game shop owners, Game product writers, designers and artists, Convention runners and staff and more.

Here is why: these people have successfully spent a great deal of time and thought on gamers as a target audience and more. The basis of good judgement is understanding, empathy and sympathy.  But refining that judgement is the result of deliberate practice.

Also keep in mind that though they are called judges, they are more likely peer reviewing.  I need someone to point out who is doing what well/good/better give places and if possible constructive ways to do better then look for those improvements. That person should not be playing so they can

If you have an interest in GMing, Judging or Playing on my upcoming show just send a line to Doigain at hotmail.com,  BUT Reply here with the start of your Email address so I can search my Spam filter for your email.  Otherwise it will be destroyed in 10 days.

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