Dry Run AAR (After action Report)

The Dry Run for Heroic Tourney was yesterday,  fun was had, bagels were consumed, Foxbat’s “nefarious plot” was foiled and much technical work proceeded apace.

I even was able to step in for Wayne Vinson when he had to leave.

Some of the fun notes I as ‘judge/host’ noted:

Wayne Vinson was very effective at Problem Solving (Resource Management), and his character was well weighted towards that arena.

Kasey Davis probably gets the QOTW (Quote of the Week) award for “Merry Christmas FOXBAT!!!” when her character was launched into the Supervillian after the team entered the airport claimed to be delivering a “Late emergency delivery of Toys-for-Tots”.

Alison Enright: effectively used her characters powers to draw the other players into the fight frequently, she showed Style influencing the characters to go right along with what she was doing.

James pretty much nailed Force Majere,  showing Minds Eye (Imagination and story support) by recognizing how the danger room session could be playfully tastefully done.

Wendy Reischl showed Teamwork all throughout the session.

Shown above are James Kaiser on the left with Kasey Davis on the right,

Power Photo credit: Wendy Reischl



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