What makes Players Great Part V

This is the last of the initial discussion about the five aspects the Players are to be judged upon for Heroic Tourney.  In some ways as long as the show goes on and even much after it ends I and perhaps others will be thinking about these and other elements

Perhaps some should think of this show as a sort of Metagame for the players and observers.  Who is making what decisions and why. And how, How does it all play out is a key repeatable question.  To be slightly recursive this could also apply to the show, after all there is a lot of problems to be solved in the creation and maintenance of the show.

Problem Solving (Resource Management) This category more so than supply mastery, this incorporates tactical utility and puzzle solving.  A great deal of this can be prompted by the pre-generated character design.

In some ways this may be the weakest of the five for the Show.  Still Key though.  Originally and at the base level there is one thing that players have to manage in most RPG’s: their health.  Whether health levels or hit points or conditions the difference between life and effective and dead or less effective is something that has to be monitored by both players and GM’s.

Impacting upon the sustainability of the health of a character to a lengthier extent is equipment such as Armor, food and water, Rope to get up and down or safely bypass obstructions etc…

Arms and transport options also give more choices to deal with issues and obstructions.  Fleeing encounters on horseback may mean the difference between life and death for many a situation. killing an opponent before they can reach you (with Arrows for instance) or killing them faster by using a morning star rather than a dagger also acts to preserve health.

And if you can answer the Riddle of Sphinx then you won’t get eaten. How about a mirror for medusa or Vampires or… just looking around that corner.  Just to tie it into problem solving more directly.


For some weird reason writing all of this made me think of three hobbits armoring up a Clydesdale and turning him into a mobile weapons platform for them to operate from.  Hunh, could be an interesting encounter.


And the illustration that accompanies this particular Blog post is some of my Abstract work, though it could be a maze or a hundred other things.


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