What makes Players great Part IV

Part IV: a New hop… wait that has been done.

So I probably should continue with more writings and musings upon the 5 qualities that I think are What makes a player great.  This time I am thinking about Style as one of the great qualities.  Just like adventurers are different so are gamers in not only deed but thought. Some have a nearly palpable and versatile presence perhaps most like the great actors of stage and screen.

Style (presentation and humor) Different than needless drama, other phrases include panache and delivery.  Making the game more exciting by using dramatic skills as well as influencing fellow players responsibly.

When playing or judging others as players that skill could be considered a valued tool for it is useful for the base level of convincing others you can Role Play, but has a wide variety of in game usages.  The player can use this skill in game for many types of missions such as subterfuge, in game entertainments (such as composing songs off the cuff while portraying a bard)  drawing out information from NPC’s etc…

Unlike other skills listed this ability does have a note that is markedly different from all the rest.  It mentions needless drama, specifically in the realm of game disrupting efforts.  This, to be elaborated upon is different than a Monty Python Quote or a Star Wars Reference situations even if outside of the game.  That is understandable and a part of the community/social dynamic needless Drama is where the game itself is significantly disrupted to no purpose except perhaps of the disruptor being the center of attention.

The Image above is Called: Bolchack the Sufferer. It was for a series of Magic the Gathering Cards I toyed with but never was brave enough to send in to various CCG magazines.  Bolchack was developed while sitting on the jump seat in the back of an extended cab truck while heading back and forth to and from work.


But enough from me; what do you think Makes a Great player Great?




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